Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) made up his mind and there’s no going back on Supernatural. He has weighed the pros and cons…the “Prophet and Loss,” and he believes the only way to stop the end of the world is to lock himself up.  Dean has Archangel Michael locked in his head. If Michael gets out, he will destroy the world. Sam (Jared Padalecki) has promised to help him complete his last mission, but you know he’s going to try and stop him.

Dean has a dream that he’s in his box, under the sea and he’s freaking out.  He tries to use his phone to call Sam, but it dies. Dean starts banging on the box, calling for Sam.  He wakes up in a hotel room and sees scratches on the wall. Sam is awake and tells Dean it’s okay that he’s scared. Dean insists that he’s okay and he’s fine with his decision. Sam says there has to be another way.  

On the road home, Dean asks Sam if he will see this through with him.  He doesn’t want Sam and their mom coming up with some way to stop him. Mary (Samantha Smith) and Sam hate the idea, and they know Castiel (Misha Collins) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) will hate it too.  Dean hasn’t told them because he doesn’t want them to try and stop him. They all know how it will end if he doesn’t do something now. What he doesn’t know is that Sam already told them.  Rowena knows too. They are all researching ways to stop Michael, but coming up with nothing.

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The Devil You Know
Nick returns to his former home

Mark Pellegrino as Nick in Supernatural — “Prophet and Loss” — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nick (Mark Pellegrino)is in the hospital after getting shot in the leg. He asks when he’s getting out. There are four jurisdictions that want to prosecute him. Nick insists that he didn’t do anything wrong. He was possessed by Satan. No one believes him though. It doesn’t take long for him to escape his guard though.

Nick makes his way back to his old house and finds his wife, Sarah (Jaycie Dotin) waiting for him. He thinks she is Lucifer at first. He is happy to see her when he realizes it’s really Sarah. She is dead, but her spirit is lingering because she has unfinished business.

Sarah saw Nick allow Lucifer to occupy his body. She says he chose Lucifer over their family. Her unfinished business is getting Nick to denounce Lucifer. Sarah asks Nick to chose her and reject Lucifer so she can find peace. Nick hesitates though. He won’t reject Lucifer for her. She says he doomed them both. He says he’s sorry and leaves. He’s going to wherever Lucifer is.

The Prophet

Along the way, Sam finds a case for them to investigate. A couple of murders have occurred and the police found some kind of graffiti on the bodies. The graffiti is actually an ancient language called Enochian. They visit the brother of one of the victim’s. He tells them about his brother’s weird friend, Tony Alvarez (Nick Hunnings) who has a tattoo of the same graffiti.

Dean calls Castiel to ask if he knows the name Tony Alvarez, but he’s acting funny. Dean realizes that he knows what Dean is up to. Of course, Sam told Castiel. He goes on to tell Dean that Antonio Alvarez is next in line to be the prophet. The last prophet, Donatello is still alive. He’s a vegetable, but as long as he lives, another prophet cannot ascend. Dean calls the hospital where Donatello is staying and there is no change in his condition. The boys think Alvarez may have gotten called up because of Donatello’s vegetative state.

They go to Tony’s house and find Enochian written all over the way. He’s killing people according to the word of God. They find a picture with the name of a local garage. The guys go to the garage and find Tony in the process of killing his next victim. They stop him and release his victim before he can complete the murder. Tony believes that God told him to kill those people.  They tell him its God talking to him, so he has to be psychotic. Tony attacks them and gets Dean’s gun. He turns the gun on himself and pulls the trigger.

Wake the Dead
Castiel checks on Donatello's condition

Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural — “Prophet and Loss” — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The guys ask Castiel what happens next. As long as Donatello is in his coma, the next prophet called to duty could be just as messed up as Tony. The guys go to see Donatello.  Castiel is there waiting for them. Donatello’s doctor tells them that he’s been babbling. He takes Sam into Donatello’s room to discuss.

Castiel tells Dean that he regrets what he did to Donatello. He wishes there was another way. Dean says he understands. Castiel gets angry, saying their situations are different. Dean says Castiel knows he has to do this and there is no other way. Castiel asks if this is goodbye, but Dean doesn’t answer.

The Word of God

The doctor recorded Donatello’s babbling and shows Sam. Sam plays the video for Dean and Castiel. Donatello is speaking Enochian, saying how he will execute judgment. Donatello’s mind is trying to rebuild and organize his memories of the Word of God. Tony must have picked up on Donatello’s babbling thinking it was God talking to him.

Castiel says he can fix Donatello. Dean thought there was nothing they could do.  Castiel says Dean taught him that if there is a spark of hope, then he has to try.  Sam and Dean wait outside the room, wondering if Castiel can help Donatello. Otherwise, the prophet is trapped. Sam says it’s hard to think about him being trapped. Dean tells him not to think about it. This situation won’t change his mind.

Castiel finds what he’s looking for and fixes it. They turn off Donatello’s life support and wait to see what happens. At first, Donatello opens his eyes, then starts to fade away. He finally wakes up, fully aware of who the Winchesters are. Castiel says he will be okay, but he doesn’t have a soul anymore.

Sam is concerned about Dean's choices

Jared Padalecki as Sam in Supernatural — “Prophet and Loss” — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and Dean sit and drink a beer while they wait for Castiel to finish with Donatello. Dean says he’s going out on a high note, then apologizes for making light of his situation. Sam asks if he’s really sorry that everything they’ve been through means nothing. He says he has to throw away everything they stand for. They are the guys who save the world and Dean can’t just check out. He calls Dean a quitter. Sam doesn’t know what to do, but what Dean is doing is wrong. He uses Donatello as an example.  Donatello never stopped fighting; he never gave up.

Sam says he still believes in them and punches Dean out of anger.  He asks why Dean won’t believe in them too. Dean hugs Sam and says it’s time to go home. He says maybe Billie is wrong. Castiel joins them and Dean says he does believe in all of them. He will believe until he can’t anymore. And when that day comes, Sam has to accept its the end. He makes Sam and Castiel promises to let him go when that day comes. They both agree. They all get in the car and head home.

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There were so many signs that Dean needs to find another way to deal with Michael.  I knew he wouldn’t just give up.  He wouldn’t let Sam give up so why would he.  Dean has so many people fighting for him. He has to at least try for them; because they won’t stop trying to save Dean.  Talk about real love. 



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