Being possessed by a demon on Supernatural is an everyday occurrence. But if you survive, you’re pretty much “Damaged Goods.”  Take Nick (Mark Pellegrino) for example.  Nick’s family was killed the night he was possessed by Lucifer.  Nick survived Lucifer’s death, but he had a lot of questions. The first being, what really happened to his family.

Dean (Jensen Ackles) is also possessed…sort of. Michael is living in a locked cooler in Dean’s head.  Although a clever solution to his possession problem, Dean knows he’s living on borrowed time.  Last week Death, aka Billie (Lisa Berry), told Dean how the world was going to end.  When Michael gets out of Dean’s head, he will scorch the earth, killing everyone but Dean.  She ended by letting Dean decide what to do with that information. 

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Nick has been piecing together the night his family died.  He started with his neighbor, that led him to a priest, that led him to two cops and then finally to a demon named Abraxas. So now he has to find demons that will lead him to this one. And he’s killing everyone he questions. The latest victim tells Nick to find a hunter in Hibbing, Montana

Farewell Tour

Dean has decided to visit Mary (Samantha Smith) in Montana. Mary and Bobby (Jim Beaver) have been living there, saying in Donna Hanscum’s (Briana Buckmaster) cabin.  He takes a lot of books with him and tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) that he needs this time alone with their mom.  Dean does the strangest thing before he leaves.  He hugs Sam. 

Mary Winchester is happy to have a guest

Supernatural — “Damaged Goods” — Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam calls Mary to let her know that Dean is coming and he’s acting strangely. Mary is happy to have the company because Bobby needed time alone too.  So she’s all alone at the cabin.  While they are on the phone, Sam checks the bunker library and sees that there are books missing.  

Dean stops to meet Donna along the way and she takes him to lunch.  He asks a bunch of questions about her, Jody (Kim Rhodes), the girls, and Donna’s ex-boyfriend. Donna knows he distracting her because she really wants to ask how he’s doing.  She knows all about Michael from Sam.  Dean says he’s okay and decides to leave. He gives Donna a big hug before leaving. 

Stranger Danger

When Dean gets to the cabin, he finds Mary practicing her aim on pumpkins. Mary thinks their reunion would be better if Sam was there, but Dean says he wants his mom all to himself.  He asks her to cook her special Winchester Surprise for dinner. She has to go to the store to get food first. While she is gone, Dean sets up shop in Donna’s shed.  

Mary gets her groceries and a young man named Joe (Dion Riley) helps her.  She thanks him and leaves.  Joe starts gathering carts and Nick pulls up beside him. He asks Joe if he knows Mary Winchester. Joe says he doesn’t, suspicious of Nick.  Nick says Mary told him to meet her in Hibbing, but Joe repeats that he doesn’t know anyone by that name.  As Nick drives away, Joe calls someone.

Nick attempts to escape the police

Supernatural — “Damaged Goods” — Mark Pellegrino as Nick — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Later that night, Nick is pulled over by the cops.  Donna is the officer and she is suspicious of Nick’s van.  She says she ran the plates and the vehicle was reported stolen two weeks ago.  She also mentions that she knows he is looking for Mary. Donna asks for his name, but he doesn’t want to give it to her. Donna has a portable fingerprint reader. Once she gets his true identity, he attacks her, taking her taser gun and knocking her out. 


Mary returns to the cabin and sees Dean leaving the shed. She asks what he’s doing and he plays it off like he’s just walking around.  He helps bring in the groceries and surprises Mary with a set table.  Mary gets a weird feeling but plays it off like she’s so happy he’s there. She calls Sam to tell him he was right about Dean acting weird.  She thinks she can handle it and get some answers from Dean.  Sam says okay, but jumps in the car anyway. 

Dean tells his mom about his attempt to make the Winchester Surprise.  Mary realizes how much she missed, but Dean tells her that they are just happy she is alive.  She finally asks Dean what’s going on.  Dean says everyone keeps asking him that question. His answer is that he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

Hey There

After Dean goes to sleep, Mary sneaks into the shed.  She finds a metal box sitting on a platform.  Mary looks at the books and notes on the workbench. When she realizes what Dean is up to, she gets worried and leaves the shed. Nick stops her, saying ‘hey there.’

Dean is waking up to the sound of a phone ringing. Donna is calling Mary, but Mary isn’t in bed.  She tells Dean that Nick is looking for Mary. Dean goes outside to look for Mary and pulls his gun on Sam. He tells Sam that Mary is missing. 

Sam check on Dean and Mary

Supernatural — “Damaged Goods” — Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nick tells Mary about why he tracked her down.  She saved the life of a girl scout that was attacked by the demon Abraxas.  He knows that Abraxas murdered his family and he wants to know where to find him.  Mary tries to tell him that she killed him, but he knows that she actually trapped the demon.  She says Abraxas is contained, but that’s not enough for Nick. He wants to see for himself.  

Save Mom

Donna meets up with the boys when she gets a call that Nick’s van was spotted at a storage facility in Grand Rapids. They all head out to stop Nick.  Nick and Mary pull in to the storage place and go directly to Mary’s unit.  Mary won’t tell him exactly where to find the box she trapped Braxis in. She even has booby traps in the unit.  Nick has to open every locker in her unit to find the box.  He tells her to open it so he can talk to Abraxas.  Mary reminds him that Braxis needs a host to talk to him and it can’t be either of them.  So Nick kidnaps a security guard. 

As Dean drives, he says Nick isn’t a project. Sam says he was trying to be compassionate by letting Nick walk it off.   Sam explains that he let him go because what happened to Nick could have happened to him. He asks when do they stop trying to help people.  Dean says when someone is past the point of saving, that’s when you cut them loose. 

Do What You Have To

Nick has a hard time opening the box.  Mary tries to stop him by attacking Nick. He fights her off saying he can handle a demon.  He grabs a drill and drills a hole in the top of the box.  The demon comes out and goes directly to the security guard. Abraxas recognizes Mary immediately but has no idea who Nick is.  Nick reminds him and Abraxas is surprised he survived Lucifer. Nick asks Abraxas why he killed his family.  The demon says he will tell Nick everything after Nick kills Mary. 

Nick grabs Mary, but a gunshot stops him from hurting her.  Sam shot at him with Dean behind him to rescue Mary.  They ask Nick what he’s going to do now. He says whatever he has to. He takes an angel blade and cuts through the sigil that is holding Abraxas.  Abraxas breaks away and is ready to kill everyone. He tells Nick that he killed his family because Lucifer ordered him to.  Nick was chosen and he needed to be broken for Lucifer to take him over. Nick grabs Abraxas and kills him.  He turns on the Winchesters, but Donna shows up and shoots him in the leg.  Nick falls so Mary punches him and knocks him out. 

Donna arrests Nick

Supernatural — “Damaged Goods” — Mark Pellegrino as Nick and Briana Buckmaster as Donna — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Donna arrests Nick.  Sam wants to talk to him first. He asks why he went looking for his family’s killer.  Nick says he needed the truth and he needed to get revenge.  He says Sam would have done the same. Sam apologizes for not knowing how to help Nick, but Nick says he didn’t want to be fixed.  He was never broken.  Sam says he is broken and he should burn for what he did. 

The Box

Meanwhile, Mary reveals that she saw what Dean was doing in Donna’s shed. And she knows why. She says they will figure it out together, with Sam. If Dean doesn’t tell Sam, she will.  When they get back to Donna’s cabin, Dean shows Sam the metal box that he built. He says no one can get out of it, not even an Archangel.  He wants to be buried alive, taken out to sea and dumped in the Pacific Ocean.  Dean will be trapped with Michael for eternity. 

Sam says he’s insane, but Dean says if Michael gets out, the world ends. He tells Sam about Billie’s visit. Michael will get out because the door is giving in.  Dean says everyone has tried and nothing has worked. Sam says they haven’t tried everything, so they don’t know if there’s nothing that will work. Dean says Billie gave him the recipe for the box and it’s the only thing that will definitely work. 

Sam doesn’t want to believe it. He doesn’t want to give up hope.  He is more upset that Dean wasn’t even going to tell him.  Dean says he didn’t want to tell Sam because Sam is the only person who could talk him out of this.  And he doesn’t want to be talked out of it.  He says Sam can let him do this by himself or he can help him.  Sam agrees to help. 

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I don’t like this. Dean is practically giving up. That’s not the Dean Winchester that I know.  It does seem like there are no other options.  But there has to be someone who knows of an alternative.  Ugh! I’m frustrated with this and just want to get to the 300th episode already.  Considering this is only the 11th episode of the season, Dean should be okay…right?




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