Well, we’re back to where we started on Supernatural, except this time, there is an army of werewolves and vampires involved.  In “Nihilism” the Winchester Clan fought hard to bring Dean (Jensen Ackles) back, but they made one mistake. Underestimating Michael.

Michael left the door to Dean’s head open in case he ever needed to return to the vessel. Now Sam (Jared Padalecki) and the gang have to find a way to get rid of Michael for good.  And fight off Michael’s newly formed army. This is going to get messy.

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Rocky’s Bar

Pamela Barnes (Traci Dinwiddle) walks into a bar. Pamela is a psychic who used to work with the boys. She was blinded when she looked at Castiel (Misha Collins) in his true form.  She also died. Dean is behind the bar and she asks him about Sam and Cas. He says they are on a case in Wichita. Another lady shows up with paperwork for Dean. He tells her that he won’t sell the bar. She gets angry and leaves.  Dean only has one customer and he’s passed out on the bar.

Dean sits in his office to go over paperwork and Pam brings him a shot.  She asks why he won’t sell the bar. Dean says it’s his dream. Next, Dean goes into the cooler to get more beer.  Pamela calls for him to come back to the bar. They have trouble coming.

A werewolf comes in, ready to get revenge. The drunk guy at the bar jumps up and attacks Dean.  Dean throws a shotgun to Pamela and grabs a sword. He easily kills the werewolves with the sword.  They go back to tending the bar.

Real World Kansas City
Jack, Sam and Cas Discuss How to Get Dean Back in Supernatural, Nihilism

Supernatural — “Nihilism” — Alexander Calvert as Jack, Jared Padalecki as Sam and Misha Collins as Castiel — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Michael is still in control of Dean’s vessel.  He uses his powers to incapacitate Sam, Jack (Alexander Calvert) and Cas.  Michael says he always knew their plans. Keeping that door open in Dean gave him the ability to see all of their conversations.  Cas is able to lunge at Michael, distracting him enough for Sam to set Michael on fire. Cas puts angel cuffs on Michael and his powers are stopped.

Maggie (Katherine Evans) calls Sam to find out what her team needs to be doing. The monsters are all over Kansas City, but they aren’t killing people. They are turning people into monsters. Sam tells her to save as many people as she can and get out of the city.

Sam decides to take Michael back to the bunker, but the monster army arrives, cutting off their escape route.  Cas holds the door, but the monsters are strong. Sam starts yelling for Jessica the Reaper. A different reaper shows up instead.  She explains that the reapers have to work in shifts because Sam and Dean mess up a lot of stuff. She says she can’t help because reapers can’t interfere.  Michael tries to threaten the reaper and she remains silent. She says okay and transports the guys to the bunker. Sam thanks her for helping, but she says it wasn’t her.

Mind Control

They chain Michael to a chair. He’s still not powerful enough to break away, even though he keeps saying they can’t hold him for long.  Sam wants to try and get into Dean’s head. He says when Lucifer took over his vessel, he was stuck in a dream world. Crowley was able to get in and help Sam break out to take over control.  

Maggie calls again. The monsters stopped attacking people. They are headed for the bunker instead. Michael has some kind of psychic connection with the monsters.  It won’t be long until the monster army is there to break down the bunker door.

Deja Vu
Sam Worries About Dean in Supernatural, Nihilism

Supernatural — “Nihilism” — Jared Padalecki as Sam — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Dean sees Pamela walk in and she asks about Cas and Sam.  They play out the same scene over and over. Talk about Sam and Cas. Rejecting the woman who wants to buy the bar. Taking shots in the office. Killing the werewolves. Dean finally mentions that he’s having deja vu.

While Sam sets up the machine they need to go into Dean’s head, Jack talks to Michael.  Michael says Sam is in over his head and he’s got Dean under control. Jack tries to say that Dean is stronger than Michael thinks. That prompts Michael to tell Jack that Dean doesn’t care about him. Deep down he thinks Jack is a burden. Cas pulls Jack away and tells him not to believe anything Michael says.

Maggie and her group set up a roadblock to stop the monster army. They see a van approach and prepare to start shooting.  The van stops and they go in to check it out. One of Maggie’s guys opens the back of the van and it’s empty. He goes into the woods, despite Maggie’s warning.   The guy comes back saying he found tracks in the woods. The monster army went through the woods to get around the roadblock.


Michael tries to taunt Cas next, calling him a babysitter.  Cas just blows him off. Michael asks why Cas care so much about this world.  Cas asks why Michael wants to burn it up. Michael says on his world, he and his brothers waited for God to return to tell them what to do.  He never showed up and nothing happened. Now that he’s in this world, he knows why. God is just a writer who changes his story every time he fails.  Michael says God doesn’t care about this world. Michael used to think that he could take over and be a better god than God. Now he wants to burn up every one of God’s worlds until he catches up with him. Cas asks what will happen then. Michael answers, “even God can die.”

Jack asks Sam if his machine will work.  Sam says it should. Jack says he may be able to help if it doesn’t.  Sam knows he’s talking about using his powers. He tells Jack not to burn up his soul trying to save Dean. It’s not what Dean would want.  Jack asks how he knows. Sam tells him that Dean felt like he was drowning the last time Michael took over. This time is probably worse.

Dream in a Dream
Sam and Castiel Enter Dean's Mind in Supernatural, Nihilism

Supernatural — “Nihilism” — Jared Padalecki as Sam, Misha Collins as Castiel, Alexander Calvert as Jack and Jensen Ackles as Dean/Michael — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and Cas go into Dean’s mind and find nothing.  Cas searches for Dean through his memories and only finds the bad stuff.  He says if he knew what to look for, they could find Dean easier. Sam starts to think…Dean knew what was going on last time and fought back. Michael had to give up the vessel.  So this time, he would want to make Dean content so he doesn’t know there’s something wrong.

Cas searches through Dean’s good memories and Sam hears something different. He says the conversation Dean is having never happened. That’s where Dean will be.  They appear in the bar. Dean is happy to see them and pours them a beer. Sam starts to ask what’s going on when Pamela comes in. She says she was worried about them.  They remember that Pamela is supposed to be blind and dead.

Sam and Cas try to convince Dean that his reality isn’t real.  They try to remind him what really happened with Michael, but their scenario plays through the same sequence as before.  Dean is trapped in a loop. Sam and Cas try again to tell Dean that Michael is controlling him, but Dean and Pamela are having a hard time believing them. Cas tells Dean what really happened to Pamela. Dean starts to remember when he looks at Pamela. Sam reminds him that Pamela is dead and she disappears.  

Dean still doesn’t believe them. He says it’s his life and he is living his dream.  Cas pleads with him to come back. Sam says the word “Poughkeepsie” and that triggers Dean’s memories.  He remembers everything that happened. That’s when Michael walks into the bar as Dean.

Face Off

Dean faces off with Michael, who insists that he’s still in control.  Michael says he knows the real Dean. The Dean that hates Cas and Sam for being a responsibility.  Dean tells him to shut up. That’s when Cas realizes that Michael is stalling.

Maggie and her group arrive in the bunker looking for Sam. She sees the setup and asks Jack how they can help.  The monster squad arrives at the door and the group prepares to fight.

Cas remembers that Michael’s army is coming to the bunker.  Michael says he doesn’t need the monster army to save him. But they are in Dean’s head…in Dean’s dream.  Dean has all of the control. So that means Michael has no power. They attack the Archangel, but he’s too strong for them.  

The monsters bang on the bunker door.  Jack reassures everyone that they can’t get in.  One of Maggie’s guys disagrees. His eyes flash, indicating that he has turned.  The monsters break through the bunker door and attack the hunters. Jack gets overwhelmed by all of the chaos and uses his power to disintegrate the monsters.

The Cage
Michael Takes Over Dean in Supernatural, Nihilism

Supernatural — “Nihilism” — Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean/Michael — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Dean continues to fight back against Michael, but he’s still stronger.  Michael says they can’t force him out of Dean. If they do, he will leave nothing but mush behind.  So Dean says he will trap Michael inside. Team Winchester work together to push Michael into the cooler and lock him in.  He bangs on the door and screams, but as far as Dean is concerned, it’s over. It’s Dean’s mind, Dean’s rules. Dean is the cage.

Sam and Cas leave Dean’s mind and the bunker is a mess.  Maggie says she will have her guys clean up. Sam thanks her for everything she did, but she gives credit to Jack. She wasn’t aware that he had angel powers.  As for the monsters, they fled Kansas City and went their separate ways.

Cas tells Jack that by using his powers, he’s burning his soul. And there’s nothing worse than losing your soul.  Jack says if he didn’t, then the monsters would have killed everyone. Cas says this isn’t about Jack staying alive; it’s about Jack staying who he is.  Jack promises to not use his powers again.

Dean stands in front of the mirror, saying to himself that it’s just him inside.  But he can hear Michael screaming and banging on the cooler door. Death herself, Billie (Lisa Berry) appears to Dean with a warning.  She says all of the books in her reading room have been rewritten. They all end the same way. Michael will escape Dean’s mind and burn the world, killing all but one person.  She hands a book to Dean and he looks at it. He asks what he’s supposed to do with it. Billie says it’s up to him and disappears.

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OMG!  Dean was about to cry. Who is the one person who survives?  Is it Sam? Jack? Mary? Ugh1 I can’t believe we have to wait a week to find out!   At least they have a heads up about the end of the world.




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