Supernatural has lost a lot of beloved characters in the past, but there’s something about losing Jack (Alexander Calvert) that is really heart wrenching.  Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) took Jack’s grace at the end of last season, making him human.  So when Jack developed a cough, he just thought it was part of being human.  He didn’t know that coughing up blood was bad.  

Speaking of Lucifer, through Dean (Jensen Ackles), Michael killed his Archangel brother, releasing his vessel, Nick.  Nick was very upset to learn that the family he left behind his dead.  So he left the Winchester camp to find the killer.  That road started with Nick’s neighbor, who he killed first. Then to a priest, who Nick also killed.  He’s basically tracking down everyone who was at his house the night his family was killed.  That list also include a reporter. Nick remembers meeting her and asks where her story led to.  The killer was never found and the story went cold.  Nick asks if she got the name of the police officer who patrolled his neighborhood.  She remembers his name was Frank Keller. He moved away shortly after the murders. 

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At the bunker, Cas (Misha Collins) tries to heal Jack with his angel powers, but it makes Jack worse. They have to take Jack to the emergency room. At first they have trouble checking him in, but when Jack collapses at the desk, the medical staff rush him in.  The doctors do several tests, but can’t find what’s wrong with him. They tell the boys that they need to do more tests to find out why his body is shutting down. 

The boys take Jack back to the bunker, despite the doctor’s protests.  Sam (Jared Padalecki) calls Rowena (Ruth Connell) to help. At first Rowena is happy to help because she thinks Dean is sick. Sam corrects her and she doesn’t remember who Jack is.  Sam reminds her that Jack is the son of Lucifer, but he’s trying not to be like his father. Rowena doesn’t care and starts to leave.  Jack comes in and introduces himself. He flatters her by thanking her for saving them in the apocalypse world.  Rowena can’t resist and stays to help the boy. 


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Rowena conjures a spell to figure out what is wrong with Jack.  When she finishes, she informs the boys that Jack is dying because he’s a nephalim.  His grace is what was holding him together. Without the grace, he’s body is falling apart at a cellular level. Cas offers his grace, but only an Archangel grace will work and even then, there’s no guarantee.  If they don’t find help soon, Jack maybe has two weeks to live.

While she is talking, Dean gets dizzy and his vision is blurry.  He can hear Rowena talking, but it’s muffled and echoy.  Is Michael still a part of Dean?  Dean doesn’t say anything and tries to focus on Jack. He takes food to Jack’s room and finds him packing his bags.  Jack has decided that he wants to live as much as he can while he can.  He wants to see new places and experiences new things.  Dean understands. 

Meanwhile Sam, Cas and Rowena are looking for alternative solutions for Jack.  Ketch told Sam about a shaman who might be able to help them find the answer.  Cas offers to go.  Jack and Dean inform them that they are leaving too.  Dean reassures them that he and Jack are just taking Baby for a ride. Dean has another spell, but shrugs it off. 


Supernatural — “Unhuman Nature” — Image Number: SN1407B_0113b.jpg — Pictured: Mark Pellegrino as Nick — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

About that same time, Nick is watching an alley outside of a club. He sees a young woman emerge and gets out of his car to approach her.  Nick is kind of creepy, but the young lady take pity on him and invites him inside to hang with her and her friends.  Nick pulls out a knife, ready to kill the girl.  He tries to talk her into going somewhere else but she promises he will have a good time.  He changes his mind and tells the girl to get away from him.  She is confused and runs away.  Nick wanted to kill her, but changed his mind.

Dean lets Jack drive Baby, but Jack doesn’t know how to drive. He doesn’t even know how to start the car.  Jack starts off going really slow at first because he’s scared.  Dean eases his mind and gives him some instruction.  Jack starts to go a little faster and gets comfortable enough to imitate Dean’s driving.  Dean gets comfortable enough to turn on the radio and they ride. 

Sam offers to go with Cas to find the shaman, but it might more dangerous than he can handle. Cas mentions that Dean is taking Jack’s situation pretty hard. Sam says its because Dean treated Jack poorly in the beginning. He still feels bad.  Cas says they’ve lost people before, but this…losing a son…feels different. Cas leaves to meet the shaman.

They stop for burgers and Dean tells Jack that they can go wherever he wants to go.  Jack only wants to go to one place.  They stop at a nearby creek and start fishing.  Dean is surprised that this is where Jack wanted to be. Jack says he remembers Dean telling him about when Papa Winchester would take the boys fishing.  He knows that was Dean’s favorite memory.  Jack says he wouldn’t miss the places he could visit. He would miss the time he could spend with Dean. That’s what’s important…spending time with those you love.  


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Cas finds the shaman, who says he’s a healer.  The shaman knows Jack’s story and says he doesn’t have anything to cure him.  But he does have something that could slow the progression of his condition.  He gives Cas a vile of Gabriel’s grace and a spell that goes with it.  Cas is thankful, but knows there is a price.  The shaman doesn’t know what that is yet.  He says the Winchesters owe him a favor though. 

Nick finds Frank Keller.  He has to refresh Keller’s memory about who he is and where he’s from.  Keller gets really uncomfortable, indicating he knows exactly who Nick and his family are.  Nick burst in, ties up Keller and starts beating him up.  Keller comes clean saying he got a call that night from Nick’s wife about an intruder. Keller searched around the house and ran into a man named Braxis. He blacked out and when he woke up, Keller was covered in blood. Nick says Keller was possessed, so technically he didn’t kill his family.  But even it it wasn’t Keller’s doing, it was his hands. Nick kills Keller anyway.

Everyone returns to the bunker where Rowena has prepared the spell.  Jack inhales the grace and the lights begin to flicker.  He opens his eyes and they are glowing.  He stands up, saying he feels a lot better, but then he stumbles. Jack starts coughing and collapses again.  Cas calls the shama to find out what kind of spell he gave them.  The shaman says it was an experimental spell.  Cas demands that he fix the situation, but the shaman doesn’t care.  

Nick is still at Keller’s house and has drank all of the alcohol in the house.  He starts praying. He says he only wanted to kill the person who killed his family then he would be done with the darkness and rage. But he likes it and he doesn’t want to stop.  Nick is praying to Lucifer, waking him up in the nothingness. Nick says he doesn’t know who he is without Lucifer and he wants him back.

Rowena uses a spell to make Jack rest.  Dean blames himself for taking him out.  Cas says Dean didn’t’ do anything wrong. Instead he made Jack happy. Rowena finishes her spell. She says all they can do now is watch over him and stay by his side until he dies.  

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