Life in the Midwest can look really quiet on Supernatural.  But we all know it’s not. Take for example, McCook, Nebraska.  A young librarian Harper (Maddie Phillips) goes into work. She is startled by a young man named Winston (Amitai Marmorstein). Another young man, Miles (Eanna O’Dowd) checks on Harper. She politely tells him to mind his own business and Miles leaves them alone.  Harper says Miles is sad because no one comes to the library anymore. Winston asks if they are still on for their date and Harper says yes. Winston leaves the library, happy that he has a date with Harper. Someone or something grabs him and kills him.  

Back at the bunker, Jack (Alexander Calvert) informs Dean (Jensen Ackles) that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Charlie (Felicia Day) are on a hunt and Cas (Misha Collins) left to give a message to Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Mary (Samantha Smith).  He is bored and still has his cough. Jack asks Dean to take him hunting. He found a case in Nebraska where young men have been disappearing.  At first Dean says no, but Jack says he can’t sit in the bunker all day thinking about how he could have killed Michael. Dean understands his anxiety and agrees to take Jack on a hunt.

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Not Your Charlie

Meanwhile, Sam and Charlie are watching a bus stop in Memphis. They aren’t talking, in fact, Charlie admits to hating hunting.  She reads to pass the time. As they sit and watch the bus stop, Charlie shows Sam a jar of goo that was found as some of the disappearances.  She says they are looking for a giant fly monster from a bad egg.

Sam gets Charlie to talk about her life in the alternate world.  Before the war, Charlie had a normal life with a girlfriend and she was happy.  When the angels did strike, no one helped them. People got mean when the food ran out and a lot of people died, including her girlfriend.  She says life just falls apart. Sam tries to restore her optimism, but she reminds him that she is not his Charlie.

Charlie tells Sam this is her last case.  She told Bobby she would wait until everyone was settled and then she wanted to go far away from monsters, demons and angels. Somewhere with good wifi. They see two ladies sit at the bus stop and a person dressed in black with a cover over his head sits next to them.  The two ladies are bothered by this person so they get up and leave. The cloaked person leaves too. Strange.

McCook, Nebraska


Maddie Phillips as Harper Sayles — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Dean and Jack get to Nebraska and question people at a diner about Winston.  The waitress tells them that he was courting Harper. That brings up a lot of uncomfortable questions from Jack about sex.  Dean avoids ‘the talk’ and tells him to concentrate on the case.

Dean goes to the library to talk to Harper, but Harper doesn’t want to talk about Winston.  She’s not upset though. Jack interrupts them and tells Dean to back off. He’s pretending not to know Dean to get close to Harper.  Harper is impressed by how Jack handled Dean. He say he’s looking for a book and she offers him one from her personal collection. They leave for her apartment.  

Miles stops her and is concerned about Harper taking a stranger home with her. Harper says she’s fine and tells him to let it go. Miles takes out the trash and Dean follows him.  Something grabs Miles and tears out his throat. Dean investigates while someone or something watches him.

Love at First Sight


Alexander Calvert as Jack — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Harper and Jack get to her place and while she grabs a book, he does a quick check to see if Harper is a demon.  She passes the demon test. Jack finds a picture of Harper in high school with a boy. She tells him about her high school boyfriend Vance (Sam Robert Muik).  Vance went away for college, but Harper really didn’t want him to. She says since then she’s had a string of bad luck, but she tries to stay optimistic.

Harper has been smiling and making eyes at Jack all day. It makes him a little nervous, so he asks to use the bathroom so he can call Dean.  Jack says Harper is in love with him and he needs to know everything about sex. Dean says she is not in love with him and tells Jack about Miles’ murder. Jack mentions Harper’s bad luck, thinking she’s cursed.  Dean start to tell him what to do next, but that something jumps out and hits Dean.

Jack comes out of the bathroom and Harper asks him to get coffee. Dean bursts into the apartment. He tells Harper that they are working together to save her life.  From what? A zombie. Harper’s high school boyfriend is a zombie. Jack runs away with Harper to save her while Dean fights off the zombie. Their method of getting rid of zombies is to bury them back in their graves and driving a silver stake through the heart.  Better than stabbing them in the head right?

Lord of the Flies


Jared Padalecki as Sam and Felicia Day as Charlie — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Back at the bus stop, Sam says Charlie can’t stop hunting. People need people.  Charlie says it’s her life. She doesn’t’ want to be around anyone. The cloaked man returns and sits to a man at the bus stop.  The bus comes and that’s when the cloaked figure makes his move. Sam sees him dragging the other man away. They jump out of the truck and run after them.  

They walk through an alley and the dark figure has disappeared.  There is a door with goo on it and decide to go through the door.  They walk into a warehouse full of flies. Sam finds a briefcase with a handkerchief reeking of chloroform. Charlie finds a pile of bodies and the man from the bus stop is lying on top. The man is still alive. Charlie calls for Sam and the fly monster grabs her from under the pile.  She pulls so hard she falls backwards and hits her head. Sam runs in and checks on her. The fly monster emerges from the pile and goes after Sam, spraying goo all over him. Charlie wakes up and stabs the monster to get him off of Sam. Sam shoots the fly monster, killing it and spraying goo all over Charlie’s face.

Love Never Dies

Jack and Harper run to the library to hide.  Vance fights Dean, but sees the door is open and goes after them.  When he gets to the library, Harper is locking a second lock on the door that Jack missed.  She looks at Vance and opens the door. He hands her the book that was for Jack and she kisses him.  Jack is confused and asks what’s going on.

Harper is a necromancer.  Vance really did say he was leaving town for college, but Harper didn’t let him. Instead, she killed him then brought him back to life.  He gets a little jealous and that’s why he stalks Harper’s new beaus. Harper lets him because he has to eat flesh to stay fresh. His next target is Jack.


Jensen Ackles as Dean and Alexander Calvert as Jack — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Jack runs and hides.  He tries to come up with a plan while Vance looks for him.  Dean arrives and already has one. Jack steps out of his hiding place and pretends to be in love with Harper. He says they can be together and get married and have kids and never leave town.  Harper is seriously smitten with Jack now. Vance on the other hand is more jealous than ever and attacks Jack. Dean jumps out and shoots Vance in the stomach. The two hunters are able to wrestle the zombie down and handcuff him with silver.  Harper gets away though.

Hope for the Best

The man from the bus stop is okay.  As for the fly monster, his people retrieve his body and take him out of the warehouse.  Sam and Charlie drive home and Sam compares her to the fly monster. Charlie says her situation is different. She’s not looking for love and she doesn’t kill people. Sam says people do bad things when they are desperate or scared.  All people aren’t good, but if they help others, maybe those people while help others too. And that’s makes what they do worth it. Charlie says she will think about staying.

Harper is in a diner writing a letter to Jack.  She is crazy. Her plan is to find him and kill him so they can be together forever. Because she believes in love at first sight.  Jack is back at the bunker, proud of their successful case. He tells Dean that he’s ready to start hunting. Dean expresses his concerns, saying Jack will make mistakes, but he has to learn from them. Jack adds on that he can’t beat himself up about them though.  Smart kid. Dean says he will talk to Sam about letting Jack go on some more runs. Jack starts coughing again, but this time it’s harsh. Dean asks if he’s okay and Jack says he’s fine. Dean sees blood in Jack’s hand. Jack’s nose is bleeding. He collapses and Dean rushes to his side, trying to revive him.

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Ugh! Jack is dying! I’m so distraught about this.  Just when he is vulnerable and actually learning how to be human, they take him away from us.  Well, I assume that is what’s going to happen.

I like these episodes that give characters growth.  Alternate Charlie, alternate Bobby, and Jack have made quite an impact on the Winchesters.  I just hate how they put these people in our hearts and then rip it apart! What is this going to do to Cas?  

But there is hope.  Maybe Harper will find Jack and bring him back to life.  But will he be a zombie? Or will his angelic ancestry help him to ascend to another form?

We’ll find out in two weeks!

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