The gang’s all here on Supernatural!  The Winchesters captured Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) to use his grace to not only open the rift to the Apocalypse world, but to also keep it open.  While Rowena (Ruth Connell) was left behind to babysit Luci. Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins), and Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.) went through the rift.  Was Rowena really the best person to leave behind with Lucifer? Obviously not because Lucifer escaped his binds and Rowena pushed him into the rift.

Believe it or not, that was the best thing that could have happened.  Team Winchester ran into some trouble on their way to the resistance camp. A group of vampires took Sam and killed him! Luckily with Lucifer right behind them, he found Sam, brought him back to life and made a deal.  Sam has to help Lucifer make a connection with his son.

Dean found Mary (Samantha Smith) and told her about Sam.  Jack (Alexander Calvert) was very upset by the news, but then Sam walked in to the camp…with Lucifer. Now Sam is reunited with Dean and Mary. And Lucifer meets his son Jack for the first time.  In “Exodus,” Team Winchester has a hard time trusting Lucifer.

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The first question that Dean asks is how is Sam alive. It’s kind of hard to believe that Lucifer saved Sam out of the kindness of his heart. Lucifer says he wants to help Team Winchester, but everyone knows he real motive is to get close to Jack. Cas and Dean are not having it.  Dean tells Gabriel to kill Lucifer. Dean upsets Jack and he disappears.


Alexander Calvert as Jack and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural “Exodus.” Photo Credit: CW TV

With Jack gone, Lucifer now has to convince the team that he’s there to help. Technically, he’s the only one who has fought against Michael (Christian Keyes) and won.  Gabriel isn’t at full power. And of course, he brought Sam back to life. That should be reason enough to let him on the team. Cas put handcuffs on him, assuming Lucifer is not at full power.  Lucifer does let them know that the rift is still open, but only for about a day. Lucifer says he left enough grace for about 30 hours. But! Rowena is getting tired.

Sam apologizes to Dean for bringing Lucifer with him.  Dean says he has nothing to apologize for as long as he’s good.  Dean hugs his little brother saying he thought he lost him. Sam promises to handle Lucifer.  Cas takes Lucifer somewhere out of the way.  Lucifer tries to say hi to Mary and she punches him.  Sam and Dean commend her on the punch. Sam tells her they need to get home, but Mary wants to stay. She is invested in the people and their cause. She says she will not abandon them.  Dean is still not having it! He tells her that they need her too. Sam offers a compromise. Sam’s solution is take everyone back to their world. That will give them time to come up with a plan to defeat Michael, then they can come back and fight. So how many people is she trying to save? Around 25!  Can they get that many people through the rift?

Meanwhile Jack sits alone thinking about his mother’s words.  Kelly told him to not let anyone tell him who he is. He can make up his own mind about who he wants to to be.  Jack returns to camp to face Lucifer, despite Cas’ warning. Jack wants to know things, like why does everyone hate Lucifer? Lucifer says all the stories about him aren’t entirely true.  He has done some bad things in the past, but that’s because humans are so messed up.  Humans are hardwired to fall and when they do, they need someone to blame. So everyone blames Lucifer. But he was locked cage for centuries, so how could he do all of this evil?   Lucifer explains that he told God the truth that humans were flawed. God got mad because Luci was personally attacking God’s perfect creation so he kicked him out of Heaven and locked him in a cage. He wants the opportunity to be better.  Cas leaves to tell Dean what’s going on.  Dean and Sam go back with Cas to stop Jack. Jack says he needs to talk to Lucifer to find out who he is, he’s family.  Cas reminds Jack that he, Sam, Dean and Mary are his family. They have been protecting him and carrying out his mother wishes.  But Jack reminds them all…Lucifer is his father.

The group leaves for base camp.  Along the way, Dean sends Sam to listen in on what Lucifer is telling Jack.  Mary tells Dean to take it easy on Jack. Lucifer is his father and Jack will be curious about him. He will see Lucifer’s true nature, through his own eyes; not through Dean’s.  Jack and Lucifer were talking about the war and how they can defeat Michael now that Luci is there. Sam says that’s not their plan.  Cas walks up to the group saying he can’t find Gabriel. Gabriel runs into the group with angels behind him. Everyone stops to face the angels, but they vanish.  Lucifer is at full power. He just let them believe he wasn’t.

Base camp is the Singer Auto Salvage! Bobby (Jim Beaver) greets Dean and Sam to the base.  They ask about Charlie (Felicia Day) and Ketch (David Haydn-Jones). He says they heard news of angel kill squad and left to stop them.  Bobby questions them about taking everyone back to their earth. He thinks it’s a dumb idea.

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Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel, Alexander Calvert as Jack, and Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural “Exodus.” Photo Credit: CW TV

Lucifer continues to tell Jack his side of everything. They run into Gabriel who really doesn’t want to talk to Lucifer.  Lucifer says he is explaining their family tree to Jack. He calls Gabriel the class clown.  Lucifer mentions Asmodeus, but Gabriel tries to talk about how Lucifer tortured him isntead.  Lucifer cuts him off and tries to say that God was the bad guy. Gabriel hears enough of Lucifer’s side of the story and tells Lucifer that he was never the victim, but the cause of everything that went wrong.  

Elsewhere, Charlie and Ketch catch up with the angel kill squad, but it’s a trap.  They are taken back to an office building. The angels interrogate Ketch about the resistance back.  Ketch gives directions with Monopoly properties. The angel says they’ve called in an expert to make them talk…Evil Castiel.  Evil Castiel, speaking with a…German accent (?)…. taunts Charlie saying she is strong, like steel, but he knows how to break her.  He uses the angel mind scramble to find the resistance base.

Later that night, Sam and Dean try to convince the resistance leaders to go back through the rift with them.  Dean says they are losing. They are outmanned and outgunned. Sam says they have lore and weapons from their world that could help even the odds.  Dean says once they come up with a plan, they will come back to this world and win. The resistance says they will talk to everyone and take a vote. After the meeting, Bobby tells the Winchesters that Charlie and Ketch were captured.  They ask who told Charlie about the kill squad.  Bobby delivers one of his men to the Winchesters.  He admits to telling Charlie about the angle kill squad, but not to setting them up to be captured. Cas uses his angel power to joggle the guys’ memory.

Lucifer and Gabriel are on watch.  Gabriel says Jack will never be like Lucifer and he will see who and what Lucifer really is.  Lucifer says he changed, but Gabriel says he can’t. Lucifer lives to be worshiped, feared and both.  The real story, according to Gabriel is that God thought humans were so beautiful and innocent and Lucifer couldn’t stand that he loved them more.  So he tempted and corrupted humans to prove how flawed they were. God saw Lucifer’s evil. It was like a cancer and that’s why God locked him up. To stop the cancer, but it was too late.

Team Winchester shows up. Jack starts killing angels outside, while the Winchesters break in and fight off the angels inside. Sam unties Charlie and gives her a big hug.  Ketch is grateful to Dean for saving him, saying it’s about time. Evil Castiel tries to escape, but Cas stops him. Evil Cas wonders why Cas would side with the humans. Cas says he prefers humans to the angels. Though they may look alike, they are very different…or are they?  Cas kills the evil doppelganger.


Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer in Supernatural “Exodus.” Photo Credit: CW TV

Back at the base, Bobby says he’s proud of the Winchesters for bringing back Charlie and Ketch.  And he says that everyone is ready to with them to the other world. Bobby says he has a good feeling about Sam and Dean.  

The next morning, they load everyone up on a bus.  Dean wants Lucifer to drive the bus so they know exactly where he is…plus Cas will be watching him.  Jack takes off walking. Sam stops him. Jack says he’s going after Michael. Lucifer joins the conversation.  They both tell him not to go after Michael right now. They need to get everyone through the rift and they are running out of time.  Lucifer says if Jack gets captured, then they will have to rescue him and that puts everyone in danger. Sometimes doing the right thing can be wrong.  Jack changes his mind and they leave for the rift.

When they get to the rift, it’s starting to close.  On the other side, Rowena is about to fall asleep. She sees that the rift is closing so she starts chanting again.  Cas lead everyone through the rift, leaving Sam, Dean, Gabriel, and Lucifer behind. Lucifer tries to go through, but Sam says they need him on that side instead something goes wrong. Well…something does go wrong. Michael shows up.   Lucifer steps up to Michael, starting the fight, but Michael knocks Lucifer down. Michael sets his sights on Gabriel next.  Gabriel tells Sam and Dean to go through the rift. He’s through running away and faces Michael. Sam and Dean wait by the rift and watch as Michael kills Gabriel with an Archangel blade.  

Sam pushes Dean through the rift.  Lucifer, all beaten up walks towards him.  Sam tells Lucifer this wasn’t going to end the way he thought it would.  He pushes Lucifer down and goes through the rift. The rift closes as Michael runs towards it.   After the rift closes, Sam thanks Rowena for keeping the rift open. Dean tells Cas what happened to Gabriel and says Sam took care of Lucifer.  They look at Jack and he is very sad. Bobby addresses the crowd and says thanks Sam and Dean for helping them.

Back in the Apocalypse World, Lucifer makes a deal with Michael.  He says he knows how to open the rift. Once they cross, Lucifer only wants Jack. Michael can have everything else.

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RIP Gabriel. I’m so sad! This Gabriel was so much more attractive…lol.  I mean, you were invested him and wanted him to do well in his growth. Yeah, trickster Gabriel was fun, but this grown up Gabriel was everything I need an Archangel to be right now.  So sad.

Wow! I did not expect Sam to betrayal Lucifer like that.  I know, I know…it’s Lucifer. Honestly, I was expecting Lucifer to double cross the Winchesters, but not the other way around.  The plan was always to exile Lucifer in the Apocalypse World. I guess Sam carried that plan through. But Lucifer is smart. There hasn’t been much that has ever been able to stop Lucifer.

I’m worried about Jack though.  There is a need for him to find out who Lucifer is for himself, but Sam has taken that away from him. Sam!




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