And we’re off to the Apocalypse World on Supernatural. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) gathered all of the ingredients they needed to complete the spell to open the rift. Dean is wasting no time to get to Mary (Samantha Smith) and Jack (Alexander Calvert).  Arthur Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) provided the final piece, the blood of an Archangel. That Archangel is Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.). Ketch rescued Gabriel from Asmodeus’ (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) dungeon and took him to the bunker. He needs somewhere to hide from Asmodeus, so Ketch goes through the rift with Dean.

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Pictured (L-R): David Haydn-Jones as Mr. Ketch and Jensen Ackles as Dean — Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW Read more at SUPERNATURAL 13×18 “Bring ‘Em Back Alive” Photos | ScreenSpy

Dean and Ketch arrive in the Apocalypse World, but not in any location that Dean recognizes.  Dean dismisses Ketch, but Ketch insists on tagging along. They see a group of angels with prisoners and hide. Dean wants to fight off the angels and save the prisoners, but Ketch stops him.  One of the prisoners is Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day). The angels recognize her as a leader in the resistance and take her away for further questioning.

Dean is determined to save Charlie and starts searching for any sign of life.  They encounter a guy in the woods who shoots Dean in the shoulder. It’s two against one, so they are able to over power him. The guy tells them about a POW silo nearby.  They take his angel killing bullets and leave him knocked out in the forest.

Dean is hurt pretty bad.  His wound indicates that he’s been poisoned. That’s a tactic that Ketch’s group would use to capture someone for questioning.  Luckily, Ketch knows of an anecdote. Once administered, Dean is ready to go again.

They get pretty far, but Dean needs some serious rest.  Ketch assumes his urgency has everything to do with Charlie and he’s right. Dean tells him about the Charlie in their world. She was like a sister to him and Sam. He says he failed her because he was too late to save her.  He won’t let that happen again.

Dean is curious about Ketch as well. Why is Ketch sticking around?  Ketch says he’s had many friends who died, but he didn’t try to save them because of duty.  He thinks rescuing Charlie will wash away some of the stains on his hands. They get up and head for the silo.

At the Silo, the angels are interrogating Charlie about the locations of the resistance. Charlie won’t give in.  The commander is fed up with Charlie and decides to kill her. Dean and Ketch reach the silo at dawn and see the angels gather their prisoners.  They bring Charlie out to execute her in front of everyone. Dean and Ketch move in and start the killing angels. The commander gets away. Dean unties Charlie and they escape.

Dean tells Apocalypse Charlie about the other Charlie from his world.  He says they don’t have much time. Their 24 hours is almost up. He still needs to find Jack and Mary.  Charlie heard that they were in Dayton, OH. She‘s not sure she believes Dean’s story, but he shows her the rift as proof.

Pictured (L-R): Misha Collins as Castiel and Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel — Photo: Robert Falconer /The CW Read more at SUPERNATURAL 13×18 “Bring ‘Em Back Alive” Photos | ScreenSpy

Cas (Misha Collins)  comes back to the bunker and asks Sam a lot of questions about Dean going to the Apocalypse World alone.  Sam says they need to concentrate on healing Gabriel. Sam takes Cas to Gabriel and he’s in bad shape. Gabriel sits on the floor, quietly.  He won’t acknowledge them until they try to feed him and he fights back. Sam is afraid that Gabriel may have lost his mind for good.

Later, Cas goes to check on Gabriel and finds a bunch of script written on the walls.  It’s Gabriel’s story of what happened after he supposedly died. Gabriel put in a decoy of himself to face Lucifer.  Lucifer killed the decoy and that freed Gabriel from any obligations. So he went to Monte Carlo and hooked up with porn stars. Cas says Gabriel’s mind is okay, but why isn’t he talking?

Sam sits with Gabriel and finally tells him to just snap out of it. He’s been where Gabriel is now. He relates to him with his own story of getting out of the hunting business.  Sam got out, he turned it off, but his family needed him. So he came back and it’s the only place he can do any good in the world. Sam says hanging out with hookers all day in Monte Carlo sounds awesome, but his family and the world needs him.  Sam says he needs Gabriel. Gabriel finally speaks up, correcting Sam, saying it was porn stars, not hookers. Cas feeds Gabriel his angel’s grace to help him heal.

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Asmodeus is disappointed that Gabriel and Ketch escaped undetected. He’s even more disappointed that he can’t locate Gabriel.  Asmodeus has Gabriel’s grace inside of him, so he should be able to feel him. He sits and waits for a sign.

It’s when Gabriel finally speaks up to Sam that Asmodeus detects him.  He calls the bunker and asks Sam to bring Gabriel back to him. If they don’t comply, Asmodeus will attack the bunker and take Gabriel.  He gives them ten minutes.

Sam paints wards around the bunker and checks on Gabriel. The lights go out and demons start attacking Sam and Cas. They fight the demons off, but the Asmodeus shows up and casts them aside.  He takes Gabriel, saying he’s going to punish him severely. Asmodeus begins torturing Sam and Cas. Something in Gabriel wakes up and he fights back. His wounds disappear. He shows Asmodeus that he has his wings back.  Asmodeus tries to attack Gabriel, but Gabriel shugs him off. He tells Asmodeus that he hates his suit and burns it, along with the demon. Asmodeus is gone. Gabriel is back to full power.

Sam and Cas fill Gabriel in on everything that’s going on.  Gabriel is happy that they rescued him, but he’s leaving. He’s trusting that Sam can save the world without him.  Cas says he can’t turn his back on his father’s creation. Gabriel says God turned his back on his creation so it runs in the family.  Gabriel flies away.

Pictured (L-R): Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer and Danneel Ackles as Jo — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW Read more at SUPERNATURAL 13×18 “Bring ‘Em Back Alive” Photos | ScreenSpy

Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) is still hanging out in Heaven…playing cards.  When Jo (Danneel Ackles) checks on him, he whines about her absence. Duma (Erica Cerra) reports that her limited amount of angels have not been able to find Jack. Lucifer says finding Jack is a priority and sends her away.  Lucifer then complains that the angels would never treat his father as badly as they treat him. Jo tells him that if he wants to be treated like God, then he needs to start acting like one.

Lucifer changes his clothes and starts listening to prayers. He comes upon two priests performing an exorcism.  Lucifer decides to pop in and see who the demon is. Of course he knows the demon and tells him to get lost. The two priests are shocked.  They are even more frightened when he tells them that he’s Lucifer and he’s running Heaven now.

Lucifer returns to Heaven and starts complaining to Jo.  He’s upset because God made him look really bad in the eyes of humans. He’s going to focus on finding Jack so they can combine their powers and remake the world in his image.  He really just wants people to worship him. Jo gets annoyed. She tells him to make good on his promise to make angels. Lucifer says he lied. He can’t make new angels. Jo gets angry. She says Lucifer is to blame for his failures.  He can’t replace God, he can’t create anything so he might as well go back to the cage. Lucifer gets angry and chokes Jo. He lets her go before killing her and she abandons him.

The rift is closing.  Ketch is staying. They don’t know where Jack and Mary are or what Michael is planning. He can find that out by staying there. He tells Dean to return with Sam, Cas and anyone else who can help defeat Michael.  Charlie is staying too. It’s her home and she needs to stay to help defend it. The angels show up. Ketch and Charlie hold them off while Dean goes back through the rift.

At the bunker, Dean says Jack and Mary aren’t with Michael anymore.  He left Ketch and Charlie behind to find them. He sees the damage from Asmodeus’ attack and asks what happened.  They tell him Gabriel killed Asmodeus and then he left. The really bad part…they used the last of Gabriel’s grace to heal him. They can’t open the rift again. Dean gets angry saying every time they get close, it always falls apart. Cas reassures him that they will find Gabriel.

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Two steps forward, three steps back.  Theses Archangels are something else. Lucifer is a whiny-baby and Gabriel is so….Gabriel.  I’m just as frustrated as Dean is. They need to find a way to get more time in the Apocalypse World to find Mary and Jack.  It’s kind of a good thing that Ketch stayed behind, but can they really trust him?

At least Asmodeus is no longer a problem.  But Lucifer has refocused his attention onto Jack. As funny as Lucifer is, he has been floundering.  I have a feeling he’s about to do something crazy.

It’s great to see Charlie again.  Maybe the Winchesters should just move to the Apocalypse World so they can be with their deceased friends.  At least they want to help. It seems like everyone they love is still alive over there. How long before we see Jo and Ellen Harvelle? Or even John Winchester!? That would be the most awesome comeback, but I’m pretty sure Bobby said something about him being dead in that world.






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