Then…The Winchesters have the spell, now they need the ingredients. Pretty simple, right?  Not on Supernatural…nothing ever is. When the guys asked their friend and prophet Donatello (Keith Szarabajka) to find a spell, even that was like pulling teeth.  The spell was Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) only way of getting to the Apocalypse world to save Mary (Samantha Smith) and Jack (Alexander Calvert). Instead, Donatello succumb to the evil of the tablet, not to mention Asmodeus’ (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) spell  and withheld the ingredients. Castiel (Misha Collins) used his divine power to extract the spell and also fried Donatello’s brain.

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Now…they have the ingredient list and it’s time to get to work.  Of course, this ingredient list is not a conventional list. Cas is in Syria to get fruit from the Tree of Life. So Sam and Dean focus on the blood of “A Most Holy Man.”

Skull Candy

A man named Antonio Miele (Dino Dinicolo) goes to Malta to steal a rare religious artifact.  Miele is able to get the skull and has to knock out a nun to get away. He apologizes, but come on!

At the bunker, Sam and Dean contemplate about where they can get the blood of a most holy man. Sam has been doing research on the black market. There are several religious relics on sale, but he only finds one seller that seems legit.   Margaret Astor (Leanne Lapp).

The boys meet up with Margaret, who immediately warms up to Sam. Sam turns on the charm to get the information they need. They ask her for the blood of a saint.  She only knows of one person who might have it. Richard Greenstreet (Dominic Burgess).

Greenstreet agrees to meet with the Winchesters.  He says he has the blood, but they can’t afford it.  It cost him too much to obtain it. The guys accept his answer and attempt to leave, but Greenstreet stops them.  He wants them to help him acquire an artifact that was stolen from a nunnery in Malta. Greenstreet tells them, the Seattle mob boss, Santino Scarpati (Al Sapienza) is trying to buy it.   He will give them blood if they can recover the artifact for him.

Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam – Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

Is This A Sting?

Sam doesn’t like it, but they have to agree to the deal to get the blood.  Sam does the research and finds flight information for Miele’s fight from Malta to Seattle. He even finds the hotel that Miele has checked into.  Off to Seattle! When they get to the hotel, Sam bumps into a menacing looking man at the elevator. They head up to Miele’s room and find him dead.

A police officer (Fulvio Cerere) comes in the room and handcuffs the boys to the radiator.  He starts looking around the room. Sam and Dean start asking him questions, but the officer won’t answer.  He leaves and the boys uncuff themselves. They know the guy wasn’t really a cop.

The Winchesters review what they know.  The thief, Miele is dead, but who killed him? Maybe it was the copy, but who does he work for?  Greenstreet? Scarpati? Well, they’re about to find out. Mr. Scarpati sent his guys to bring Sam and Dean in.  The menacing man from the elevator watches them leave.

Mr. Scarpati knows their names and that they are working for Greenstreet.  He goes off on Greenstreet, saying he has no respect for the artifacts. Scarpati says he gives the relics a home…relics that he stole, as Dean reminds him.  

Scarpati wants to know their deal with Greenstreet.  Sam tells him that Greenstreet has something they need. Scarpati offers a counter deal.  He tells them that the skull belongs to him because he paid for half the deal to bring it to the states. Greenstreet was supposed to pay the other half.  He tells them to find the skull and he’ll pay them enough to get what they need from Greenstreet.

The Chase Is On!

Dean agrees to the deal, despite Sam’s objections. They return to the hotel and find the cops all over the place.  Dean pulls the fire alarms and watches for the cops to clear the lobby. Sam waits for Miele’s room to be clear and runs in.  He searches through everything for any clue about the skull. He finds a piece of paper with numbers on it, but the menacing man shows up and hits him with the phone.

The chase begins with the menacing man taking the piece of paper that Sam found. He leaves the hotel and the fake cop follows him. Sam and Dean leave the hotel, and hear someone being attacked. They find the menacing man on the ground.  He wakes up and they take him back inside the hotel.

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Jared Padalecki as Sam, Massi Furlan as Luca Camilleri, and Jensen Ackles as Dean – Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

This menacing man is actually a priest. Father Luca Camilleri (Massi Furlan) is from Malta and he’s looking for the skull of St. Peter.  He brought money to buy it back. He followed Miele to the states, but Miele was already dead when Father Luca found him. Father Luca tells the boys,  the skull is cherished by his community. He had to try to get it back, but now he feels like a failure.  The world isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop trying to do good things to make it better.

Father Luca says he wants to go home, even without the skull. Sam offers to get it back for him.  Dean pulls him aside to remind him that they need the skull to get the blood. Sam wants to double cross Greenstreet because Father Luca is a better guy.  He has to appeal to Dean by asking what he’d do if someone stole Baby. That changes Dean’s mind about helping Father Luca.

The Big Reveal

They ask Father Luca if he knows anything about the guy who jumped him.  He knows nothing, but he remembers the number on the paper. It’s a tracking number for a package sent from Malta. The fake cop is already at the shipping center to pick up the package. Sam, Dean and Luca see him leave with a box and follow him to an abandoned warehouse.

So, here’s what really happened.  Margaret sent her man, Cromarty…aka the fake cop…to obtain the skull.  He killed Miele. She needed him out of the way so she could make the sale. He didn’t anticipate Sam, Dean, or Father Luca to get in his way. He asks for a raise for his trouble.  

Margaret and Cromarty meet with Scarpati with the skull in hand.  Scarpati says he already made a deal with Miele. He wants her to honor Miele’s price.  Margaret indicates that she won’t, and let Scarpati know there is another buyer. Greenstreet.  And surprise! There’s one more buyer…Sam Winchester. At first Scarpati and Greenstreet don’t what him there.  He’s supposed to be working for both of them after all. Margaret likes Sam. So she lets him in on the deal. She gives each of them a piece of paper to write down their bid.

While Sam is dealing with the bid, Father Luca and Dean have a heart to heart about God.  Father Luca says that God will see them through this situation. Dean says he knows for a fact that God doesn’t care about them. Father Luca tells Dean that all good things are God’s things.  And what Sam is doing is a good thing. They head to the warehouse to help Sam. They start by knocking out the guards.

Leanne Lapp as Margaret Astor and Jared Padalecki as Sam – Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

Let’s Make A Deal

Cromarty reads all of the bid and finds that Greenstreet bid nothing.  He says he will pay Cromarty a million dollars to kill Margaret and give him the skull. Cromarty shoots her and says it’s because she wouldn’t give him a raise.  It’s a fire fight! Sam and Dean against Scarpati, Greenstreet, and their men. Father Luca prays outside while the gun fire goes off.

Scarpati and his men go down.  Greenstreet hides and his men are shot.  Father Luca runs in to stop Cromarty from killing Dean.  Cromarty turns and shoots Father Luca. Sam shoots Cromarty.  Father Luca is okay though, just a flesh wound. It’s a miracle.

Greenstreet is the only one left and he pleads for his life.  They ask him for the blood, but it doesn’t exist. He only told them he had it so they would get the skull for him.  So Dean hits him.

The police show up and arrest Greenstreet.  Sam returns the skull and money to Father Luca. Sam asks him about a title he received.  Father Luca says it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a title the Pope gave to him, meaning, “a most Holy man.”  Eureka!

Sam and Dean return to the bunker with a vial of Father Luca’s blood.  Of course, Sam is brooding. He says he feels like no matter how many monsters they defeat, there’s always another one around the corner.  He asks Dean if he thinks things will ever change. Dean says it would be nice. Sam asks if he thinks the blood will work. Dean has faith.

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It’s always fun to see Supernatural do genre pieces.  We just need a bit of a break from the normal supernatural/ghost story/horror story. I kind of found this episode funny.  The Supernatural mob episode. If only Sam could have gotten into the act. But it was funny see him flirt. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him do that.  I think it would have been better had Dean been wearing a fedora.

Guys! I’m so excited for ScoobyNatural. I seriously thought this was the night, but then I remembered, we still have a couple of weeks.


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