The Winchesters are back on track on Supernatural.  Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) had to help out some friends with a few supernatural problems. They even help Rowena (Ruth Connell), but we all know she was helping herself.  During their time with Rowena, we found out that Sam is in despair. He doesn’t think they will find Jack (Alexander Calvert) and Mary (Samantha Smith). And even if they do, nothing changes. Is there ever a time when a Winchester is not brooding?

And they don’t even know about what happened to Castiel (Misha Collins). Cas was taken by Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Parise). A nice little fix that Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) got them into.  They escaped, but are on the run.  Last week, Lucifer tried to take Castiel’s grace and Castiel stabbed him.  Did Lucifer die?

Recap the Latest Episode of  Supernatural, “Various and Sundry Villains”

Misha Collins as Castiel, Supernatural, “Devil’s Bargain,

You see…what happened was…

Lucifer took a swing at Cas with an angel blade.  Cas is actually injured.  He stabbed Lucifer and walked way, into the woods where he collapsed. When he wakes up, Cas returns to where he left Lucifer. At the entrance of Asmodeus’ lair. And guess what…Lucifer is gone.

Cas makes it back to the bunker and tells the brothers about being kidnapped. The biggest question they have is, how did Lucifer get back to this world.  Cas explains Lucifer’s story.  Apocalypse World Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) has a angel tablet and found a spell that would open a rift to this world. The spell uses angel grace.  Apocalypse World Archangel Michael (Christian Keyes) used Lucifer’s grace. The rift opened and Lucifer ran through. Now he’s weak and in need of more grace.  Oh and Mary is alive.

The boys make a plan to grab Lucifer and use his grace to open a rift to the Apocalypse World.  They enlist help from prophet Donatello Redfield (Keith Szarabajka), since he’s the only person in the world can read God’s handwriting. They don’t have an angel tablet, but they have a demon tablet.  There might be a spell there they can use.

Castiel gets a message from the Angel radio. An angel was found mutilated the night before.  Who’s killing angels?

In Hell, Asmodeus is frustrated with his demons. Arthur Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) is with him and asks why he even left Hell.  He tells Ketch that it was an important errand…hmmmm?  Asmodeus says his plan was to keep Lucifer imprisoned. That didn’t’ work, so he instructs Ketch to kill Lucifer before he fills up his grace. Or they are all dead.

Danneel Ackles as Sister Jo/Anael, Supernatural, “Devil’s Bargain,

Angel’s Grace

Lucifer is running amok!  He finds Cupid working his magic in Missouri.  Lucifer takes enough of Cupid grace to make him human.  He asks where the others are. Cupid says there aren’t many angels left. So Lucifer kills him.

He wanders the streets and realizes that he’s cold and hungry. Man, he must be pretty weak! He sees a panhandler getting a lot of money.  Lucifer’s stomach growls as he looks a cheeseburger ad.  He sits next to the panhandler with a cup in hand. He begs for money, but no one is giving.  The other guy tells him that Lucifer’s vibe is off putting.  

The panhandler takes Lucifer to a dumpster to collect food.  Lucifer asks why he doesn’t buy food.  The panhandler says he’s saving money to fix his leg. There is a healer in town and she’s the real deal. Her name is Sister Jo (Danneel Ackles)

Lucifer finds Sister Jo at a church. There are a lot of people watching her heal people for money.  Sister Jo puts her hands on someone. There is a bright light and the person is healed of their ailments.  

Lucifer approaches Sister Jo after everyone has left.  He calls her by her angel name Anael.  She knows who he is and she’s not afraid of him. She tells him, after the fall the angels were a mess.  Jo says she listened  to what the humans wanted the most.  Humans are so desperate for life that they will do almost anything. So she capitalized on their desire.  

Lucifer pulls an angel blade on her.  She tells him it would be more beneficial if he had one angel to feed on all the time.  Take a little grace, let the angel recharge, take more later.  It’s better than leaving a bunch of dead angels behind.

Lucifer feeds on Sister Jo.  He tells her it was better than the last angel; he had to kill that one. She asks when that happened and tells him it was all over angel radio. She asks if anyone knows that he’s there.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Supernatural, “Devil’s Bargain,

To Catch the Devil

Cas and the Winchesters investigate the angel death. They know it’s Lucifer.  They walk around Missouri to find information on Lucifer.  Sam find the panhandler, who tells him about Sister Jo.

The Winchesters and Cas go to a church.  Lucifer and Sister Jo are gone, but they find Ketch. Ketch won’t tell them who he’s working for, but proposes that they work together to find Lucifer instead.  Cas knocks Ketch out and they put him in the trunk.   

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Sam finds a video of Sister Jo healing people. Castiel recognizes her as Anael.  There’s no body, so she must still be alive.  

Lucifer and Sister Jo are at a hotel.  He slowly drains some of her grace and they talk about being human.  Lucifer tells her about his experience.  He says he was hungry, cold, and lonely. He didn’t like it.  Jo tells him her job in Heaven was to count souls.  She was nobody in Heaven.  On Earth, she’s somebody. She felt liberated after the fall.  

Lucifer says he always wanted to fit in and please his father. He’s afraid of not being a good father to Jack.  Lucifer stops and says he feels stupid talking like that.  He’s ready to get back to his old evil, non-feeling self.

Meanwhile, Donatello goes out for more food.  He sees Cas and they talk about the demon tablet.  Donatello says it’s a challenge, but there’s definitely some kind of spell to open a rift. The ingredients are complicated.  He just wants to figure it all out before anything happens to Jack or Mary.  Cas transforms to Asmodeus.  He tells Donatello to report anything he finds back to him.  

Sam, Dean and Cas track down Jo at the hotel.  Sam pretends to be the hotel clerk, asking to Jo to bring her credit card to the front desk. Cas sees Jo and the boys ask her about Lucifer. She tells them that Lucifer made her go with him so he could drain on her grace.  She says Lucifer is weak and asks for their help.  Jo takes them back to their hotel room.  Jo tells Lucifer that the Winchesters forced her to tell them how weak he is.   Wink, wink.

Dean attempts to put the angel cuffs on Lucifer.  Jo throws Sam back against the wall.  Lucifer throws Dean and Cas back. He clenches his fists and causes all three to curl up in pain.  Ketch shows up and throws a demon bomb. Lucifer transports himself and Jo away from the room.

The boys aren’t happy that Ketch showed up.  Ketch realizes that Lucifer is stronger than they thought.  Ketch proposes, again, that they work together to catch Lucifer. He comes clean about working for Asmodeus so they will trust him.  Ketch doesn’t want Lucifer roaming free on the earth.  He also wants to avoid Michael coming to this earth.  Ketch asks for them to wait to kill him until after they stop Lucifer.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Supernatural, “Devil’s Bargain,

Deal of the Century

Lucifer and Jo go to see the angels.  He tells them that he can make new angels. He saw how God did it.  Lucifer wants one thing…he wants to be the unquestionable ruler of Heaven.  He promises to give them their wings back as well.  The angels take Lucifer’s deal. He sits on the throne with Jo at his side, while all the angels bow to him.

Cas asks if they can trust Ketch. They all say no, but they need him.  Donatello has made a lot of progress on the demon tablet. He’s a little tired though.  At least they know that they have a spell and a plan.

Ketch reports back to Asmodeus in Hell. Asmodeus gives Ketch the Archangel Blade, the only weapon that can kill an archangel. Ketch reminds him that only an archangel can kill another archangel with the blade. Asmodeus introduces Ketch to the Archangel, Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.).

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Now we’re getting somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love the little side missions that the boys do from time to time.  I just get to where I need to see the overall story move forward

I wonder if Sam will snap out of his funk now that he knows that Mary is alive. And they know where Jack is.  It’s just a matter of finding a way to the Apocalypse World.  

Team Winchester with Team Hell is a disaster waiting to happen.  Obviously something will go wrong.  But now Heaven is on board with Lucifer.  That’s just crazy!

To be honest, I like Lucifer.  Mark Pellegrino is very entertaining.  

Welp! The Winter Olympics have taken over!  So that means Supernatural is taking another break. The who will return March 1 and then we’re counting down to “Scooby-Natural”!






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