The Winchesters are back on Supernatural and it’s back to business.  The boys were rescued from the Bad Place by Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and her wayward daughters.  They have to get back to finding their mom Mary (Samantha Smith) and Jack (Alexander Calvert).  And the one person who can send them to the Apocalypse World is dead…supposedly.

Recap the Latest Episode of SUPERNATURAL, “Wayward Sisters”

Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) get back to work in “Breakdown.”  Despite their personal mission, the boys are always willing to help an old friend, especially Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster). 

Donna’s niece Wendy (Sarah Dugdale) is missing. She was last seen getting gas at a cafe in Nebraska.  Her car was found on the highway and there were signs of a struggle. Donna needs Sam and Dean to help find her.

Supernatural S13 E11, Breakdown, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester,

Donna’s boyfriend Doug (Brendan Taylor) and an FBI Agent (Chris William Martin) are already on the case. The FBI agent makes Sam nervous.  The Winchesters are still fugitives, even though people think they are dead. Anyway…the FBI agent says he’s been working on a case of a serial abductor called the Butterfly for twelve years.  The abductor takes people who are travelling alone.  There are a lot of missing people in the area, but no bodies have been found.  

Sam tries to talk Dean out of investigating, but Dean reminds them that it’s Donna who asked them.  Dean notices that Sam is brooding more than usual.  He promises that they will get back to finding Jack and Mary after they help Donna.

Wendy is tied up in a room that resembles a slaughterhouse.  A guy dressed like a butcher puts a camera on Wendy and she starts screaming for help.

The FBI agent gives all of his research to Sam. His primary suspect is a preacher. The preacher has a sketchy past, but now mostly preaches to truckers. The police bring the preacher into the station. They found Wendy’s clothes in his van. The preacher won’t talk to the FBI agent, but he talks to Donna. She shows him the clothes and accuses him of hurting Wendy. He starts crying saying he would never hurt anyone. They believe him and come to the conclusion that someone planted the clothes in the van.

Dean meets up with a truck driver (Camille Atebe) who saw Wendy the night she disappeared. She says she saw Wendy at a cafe and then passed her on the road when she broke down. Dean asks Doug about the cafe.  Doug says there have been a few incidents there, but nothing strange.  Doug takes the opportunity to express his concern for Donna. He thinks she is hiding something from him. Dean tells him that Donna is strong and he should trust her.

Dean and Doug go to the cafe and one of the guys tells them about Wendy’s visit. He says the cashier, Marlon (Steven Yaffee) really liked Wendy. He closed the cafe early and drove off to find her. Dean then questions Marlon about that night. Marlon shows them a website where a man is laying on a cutting table. People are bidding for his arm on the site. 

Sam, Donna, and Doug join them at the cafe and are disgusted by what they see. Donna has to tell Doug that monsters are real and she’s a hunter. They click on another tab and see Wendy asking for help.  She has less than an hour before her body parts are put up for sale. Sam says the FBI are the only ones who can hack the site.

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Sam gets a location from the FBI agent and everyone goes there. Sam is the lookout outside. Doug watches over Marlon at the entrance. Dean and Donna go in to find Wendy. They hear music and follow it. The FBI agent shows up saying he wants to catch the guy.  Sam takes him inside to join Dean and Donna.

Supernatural S13 E11, Breakdown, Briana Buckmaster as Donna Hascum,

Dean and Donna find the music, but no one is in the room. Marlon tells Doug he knows that monsters are real because he’s a vampire. He hits Doug and feeds him blood. At the same time Sam enters the room to stop Marlon, but the FBI agent hits him over the head. Dean and Donna return to Doug and he’s already turning.

Doug lunges at Donna and Dean knocks him out. He tells Donna that he knows of a cure. They just need the blood of the vamp that turned him. Enter Marlon. He tells Dean that the FBI agent took Sam. He seriously thinks he can take on Dean and Donna. Donna shoots him in the leg and demands to know where Sam is.

Supernatural S13 E11, Breakdown, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Chris William Martin as the Butterfly,

The FBI agent, who we now know is The Butterfly, has Sam strapped down to a table. He’s going to sell Sam on the web. He knew who they were as soon as he saw their car. The Butterfly says he sells people who won’t be missed. There are thousands of monsters who buy from him. If he didn’t sell people on the web, those monsters would be out on the streets killing. So in a way, The Butterfly thinks he’s saving lives. He puts on a mask, turns the camera on and begins his sale of Sam.

Dean races to save Wendy and Sam. Donna is in the back seat administering the cure to Doug, who’s still knocked out. They get to the slaughterhouse and leave Doug in the car. Donna finds Wendy, but the butcher tries to stop her. Donna fights him off and saves Wendy. The sale continues as monsters make high bids for pieces of Sam. Dean shoots The Butterfly in the heart, saving Sam.  

Doug wakes up fully cured and is completely terrified. He says he can’t be a part of Donna world and leaves. Sam tells her that when she chose the life of a hunter, anyone she loves is now in danger.  He’s a safer if she lets him go.  Dean asks him why he said that. Sam goes off saying the people who help them end up dead. And he’s not in a dark place.  t’s just how their lives are.  It will all ends up bad and bloody.

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So the first half of the season, Dean was depressed. Now Sam is depressed. Ugh. They have been through a lot. And Sam expresses himself very differently than Dean so it will take a lot more to pull Sam out of his funk.

Poor Donna. We knew she was going to be a part of the new series, Wayward Sisters. Her story ended being pretty sad. Donna is such a fun character, hopefully she bounces back quickly.

Well, I’m ready for Sam and Dean and all of their friends to smile again. Let’s hope that happens soon!







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