Supernatural has always been good about balancing the sad stuff with the funny stuff. And it’s about time for some funny stuff. Again, Jack is gone. The Winchesters and Castiel are racing the angels and demons to find him. Lucifer is back in town and seems to have lost some of his power. Maybe it has something to do with Alt-World Michael taking Lucifer’s grace. Oh and Michael is trying to get the the new world and take it over. And we still haven’t seen Mary in a while. All caught up? OK.

A woman walks into a museum…no, this is not a joke. She sneaks to the basement and breaks down the door to the Archive room. She rummages through some scrolls and finds two pieces of paper with some ancient texts. A security guard catches her putting the pages in her purse. The woman looks at him. A demon leaves her body and enters the security guard. The security guard meets a man in the alley. The man kills the guard and makes a call to Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles).

The man’s name is Bart (David Cubitt), the crossroads demon. He’s somewhat of a fan of the Winchesters. How big of a fan? He ordered cherry pie for Dean. Bart needs their help, but knew they wouldn’t be interested in helping a Demon. He gives Sam (Jared Padalecki) one page of the spell that he says can locate Jack (Alexander Calvert). Bart calls Sam the smart one and tells him to do some research on the spell.

Sam finds out the spell was created by King Solomon to track the Queen of Sheba.  She was half angel.  Sam says he doesn’t want to play Bart’s game, but Jack is out there alone and scared. Sam and Dean agree to meet Bart to find out the terms of getting the second page. Bart introduces the Winchesters to Smash (Christie Burke) and Grab (Matthew Kevin Anderson). Smash is a safe expert…and human. Grab is a demon who can bypass supernatural security. Is this a heist?  

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The mission is to break into a vault owned by Luther Shrike (Richard Brake), a collector of rare, supernatural objects. He has something that belongs to Bart. That something is a mahogany box inside a safe, inside a vault room on Shrike’s property. The vault door will only open with the blood of someone who’s been to Hell and back. Dean offers to let Bart take some of his blood, but Dean has to be present to open the door. And the Winchesters are pretty good about getting out of sticky situations, should a problem arise.

Christie Burke as Smash, David Cubitt as Bart, and Matthew Kevin Anderson as Grab on Supernatural, The Scorpion and the Frog,

But wait…how does Shrike open the door? Yes, he uses his own blood. No, he’s not a demon. And the final question. What does Shrike have of Barts? Bart won’t say so Sam and Dean refuse the deal. Bart says will give the spell to Asmodeus if they refuse. They all know Asmodeus is looking for Jack too.

Sam and Dean talk things over. They know Bart is going to screw them over, but they need that spell. More importantly, they don’t need Asmodeus getting the spell. So they get the other half of the spell and they kill Bart. Sounds like a plan! The boys tell Bart they have a deal and Sam suggest use a distraction to keep Shrike busy.

Asmodeus is fully aware of what Bart is doing. He sends a demon to warn Shrike. Shrike knows Asmodeus is using him to lure Bart out. He exorcises the demon to send the message back to Asmodeus that Shrike doesn’t take orders.

Sam drives up to Shrikes gate posing as a seller of a family heirloom. Dean and Smash are hiding in the backseat. Once Sam is inside the gates, they jump out. Dean and Sam remind each other, “Don’t get dead.” Dean summons Grab so they can start exploring the grounds. Grab tells them there is a cloaking spell on the vault. So what now? Grab puts a spell on Dean that makes him a human compass. (It’s actually pretty funny.)

While Dean is leading Smash and Grab to the vault, Sam is chatting with Shrike about his collection. Sam points out that Shrike’s basilisk tooth is really a gorgon tooth. (Who knows that kind of stuff?) Sam shows him the heirloom. It’s a knife that can kill demons. Shrike knows that Bart sent Sam…he also thinks Sam is a demon. They fight and Sam stabs Shrike. There’s one problem. As long as Shrike is on his property, he can’t die.

Dean finds the vault and the awesome door with the gargoyle head. Dean has to put his hand in the gargoyle’s mouth to open the door. He reluctantly does so…I mean…there could be spiders in there. He freaks out when a device inside the mouth traps his hand. A small needle pricks Dean’s finger and Dean loses one drop of blood. LOL!

The vault door opens and Smash makes a beeline for the safe. Dean pulls her back when a dart comes flying across her nose. The room is booby-trapped. To make things worse, Shrike kills Grab and confronts Dean and Smash. Smash kicks Shrike in the shin and runs away, leaving Dean to face his wrath. Dean pulls a gun on Shrike and tells him to hand over the safe so they can get home in time for Game of Thrones.  Shrike is more of a book guy though. Dean shoots Shrike several times. Shrike runs to Dean and Sam runs in the room to tell Dean that Shrike is immortal. This distracts Shrike so Dean can punch him out.

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Smash runs to the gates of Shrike’s property. She tells Bart that the job is cancelled. Bart says he won’t renegotiate her deal. She tells him to give her another job.

The Winchesters, Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean on Supernatural, The Scorpion and the Frog,

The Winchesters tie up Shrike and ask how to get past the booby-traps. He says they will never crack the riddle. And if they try they will be hit with a lot of darts. So what now? Use the immortal to disarm the traps. Right? They move Shrike to a platform with wheels on it and roll him through the room. All of the darts go off and the Winchesters get to the safe.

Smash comes back. She tells them that she made a deal with Bart. Her real name is Alice. She says she sold her soul and as long as she works for Bart, he never collects. Alice opens the safe…really easily…the boys get the chest and they leave. As they are walking out, the see that Shrike got out of his ropes and is missing. Dean says who cares and they leave.

They get off of Shrikes property and he is waiting for them in a truck. Dean puts Baby in reverse and the chase begins. Sam shoots out Shrike’s tire and the chase stops. Shrike tells them they are working for the wrong side. He made a deal with Bart to save his son’s life. Shrike’s son died anyway and he blamed Bart. Bart said he had nothing to do with the death and sent the hellhounds to collect. Shrike went to Hell and struck another deal with leverage that he acquired. That leverage was Bart’s bones.

Bart shows up and beheads Shrike. RIP Shrike. Bart pays Alice and offers the second page of the spell to the Winchesters. The Winchesters refuse the page. To keep them from burning his bones, he threatens Alice’s life. They slide the box of bones toward Bart. Bart tells Alice to take the box. She sees the lighter in the box and lights the bones on fire. Bart burns and the second page of the spell with him.

Christie Burke as Smash aka Alice on Supernatural, The Scorpion and the Frog,

The guys take Alice to the bus station. She thanks them for helping her get out of her situation. Dean tells her to stay weird and she leaves. They go back to the bunker. Sam says they are back to square one with Jack. Dean tells him they will find another way to find Jack.


This was fun! I prefer the lighter side of Dean. I’m sure we all do…especially when he’s freaking out like he did with the door. It was hilarious seeing him scream like a little kid when the device pricked his finger.  To be fair though, those finger pricks hurt! I don’t care how old you are.

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