Jack disappeared on Supernatural!  Now he’s got angels, demons, and Winchesters looking for him.  Who will be the first to find the super powerful nephilim? It’s been a while since we last saw Lucifer and Mary. The two were trying to find a way back to the real world when the AltWorld angels captured them. Apparently there’s some kind of Angels vs Humans war going on. And Hell has been taken over by a Prince, Asmodeus.  He’s not interested in saving Lucifer.  He’s more interested in the power that Jack can give him.

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In the AltWorld, Michael (Christian Keyes) connects to Lucifer’s (Mark Pellegrino) temporal lobe to take a peek at the other world. Michael says he’s going to Lucifer’s world to give them a guiding hand.  And Lucifer will be left behind to suffer in agony.  (No sign of Mary though.)

At the bunker, Sam (Jared Padalecki) has been searching for signs of Jack (Alexander Calvert), but hasn’t found anything. Jack is off the grid.  Dean (Jensen Ackles) assured him that they will find Jack.  His powers are too strong.  Castiel (Misha Collins) thinks it’s possible that the angels, or demons already have Jack.  He was able to contact the angels and is going to meet someone.  

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) search for a case in Supernatural, War of the Worlds, cwtv.com

Dean and Sam find a case to work on in the meantime. Three murders, all witches, but not killed by hunters.  Dean says it looks ritualistic. Whoever killed the witches was looking for something.

In Hell, Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) tries to reach out to Jack.  A lackey tells him that they still can’t find Jack. And the Winchesters are now looking for him as well. Who could possibly be strong enough to hide a nephilim?

Michael says he’s disappointed.  Lucifer claimed to be a god, but he’s weak.  Lucifer says he never claimed to be God or a god.  In his world God left, but he is the real deal.  Lucifer says he’s everything everyone thinks he is.  Michael tells Lucifer that he’s getting ready to trade up worlds.  There’s one problem…no rip between dimensions. Michael says he’s a man with a plan and brings out Kevin Tran (Osric Chau), the prophet.  

Kevin works for Michael.  They’ve been studying inter dimensional travel. Kevin says he’s done the research to create a spell that will open a rift between worlds.  All it needs is angel grace.  Michael takes some of Lucifer’s grace.

Dean is in the phone with Jody about their case and Sam is watching surveillance video from the town.  Sam show Dean footage of the latest victim just before she disappeared. Dean sees a man walk up after the victim and recognizes him.  When Sam pauses the video, they see that the man is Arthur Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) !  Wait! Mary shot him in the head, so it can’t be.  But it is.  While Dean and Sam discuss the possibility, a woman approaches them.  Her name is Daniela (Farrah Aviva) and she is a witch.  She knows the Winchesters are hunters and knows they help people.

Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) returns in the AltWorld on Supernatural, War of the Worlds, cwtv.com

Meanwhile, Lucifer tries to talk Kevin out of using a spell to open the rift for Michael.  Kevin says he has no choice and besides, Michael will take him to the promise land.

Michael enters to test the spell. Lucifer begs Kevin not to do it.  Kevin pours Lucifer’s grace into a kettle.  He casts a spell that sets the kettle on fire and then a rift appears out of thin air.  Everyone stares. Lucifer takes advantage of their awe, knocks off his two guards and runs into the rift. Kevin is excited that his plan worked.  Michael isn’t and tells Kevin to fix it.

Lucifer lands on a sidewalk somewhere.  He tries to stop two ladies to find out where he is.  One of the women gives him money.  He tells her he is Lucifer and snaps his fingers.  When nothing happens he throws his hands at them like he’s casting a spell.  Nothing happens.  The lady laughs at him and walks away.

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Asmodeus has kidnapped the hotel clerk from Dodge City.  He wants information about Jack and the Winchesters. The clerks tells him they only had FBI agents and they paid in cash.  Asmodeus has a demon kill the man.  He stumbles from a vision.  Asmodeus sees someone but it’s not the nephilim.  He laughs as he realized who he’s seeing.

Daniela takes Sam and Dean to her hiding place.  She tells them that she was attacked by someone who has been killing witches.  The man had a British accent and was asking for Rowena McCloud. Dean comes up with a plan to lure Ketch to Daniella.

Daniela sits in her kitchen and hears someone outside her door.  A smoke bomb goes off in the house.  A man wearing a gas mask breaks down the door. He starts shooting everything.  Dean shoots the guys from behind with an dart, knocking him out.  When they remove his mask, they confirm that it’s Arthur Ketch.

The guys interrogate Ketch to find out how he’s alive.  Dean looks at Ketch’s hand. His tattoo is gone. He tells them they have the wrong Ketch. He is Alexander, twin brother to Arthur.  Alexander says he didn’t go through with the Men of Letters initiation and has been hunting ever since…for a fee.

Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) discuss Ketch’s return on Supernatural, War of the Worlds, cwtv.com

Sam does some research and finds information on Arthur and Alexander Ketch.  Dean doesn’t buy it. First of all he’s hunting witches for free.  Second, he’s looking for Rowena, who is also dead.  

Sam talks to Alexander and explains that the Ketch they know is sinister.  Alexander defends Arthur saying he’s a good company man.  Alexander knows his brother well enough to think he would regret what he did to the Winchesters.

Castiel meets with an angel, Duma (Erica Cerra) to find out if they have Jack locked up in Heaven.  Duma says Jack wouldn’t be locked up if they had him.  The angels need Jack to make more angels.  They are going extinct.  Cas think Jack would refuse.  Duma says he would have no choice.

Two more angels show up, thanking Duma for bringing Castiel to them.  They want to lure Jack out of hiding.  Cas fights back and is overpowered by the three angels.  Lucifer shows up and tells them to let Cas go. He musters up his powers to threaten the angels and they run.

Duma (Erica Cerra) threatens Castiel (Misha Collins) on Supernatural, War of the Worlds, cwtv.com

After the angels disappear, Cas sees that Lucifer is actually really weak on power.  Lucifer tells him that they need to talk.  Cas thinks it’s about Jack, but Lucifer tells him they are all about to die.  The two go to a bar and Lucifer tell Cas about his experience in the AltWorld.  Cas doesn’t trust Lucifer and is very anxious to leave. Lucifer reminds him that he can’t do anything. He needs Cas to join him in fighting Michael when Michael gets to their dimension.  He also wants to find Jack and use his power as well. Of course, Cas wants to tell Sam and Dean.

Lucifer asks about Jack.  He can’t sense him and he doesn’t know why. Cas doesn’t either. Cas says Jack is far away and might be ok.  Lucifer figures out that Cas has no idea where Jack is.(Oh My Dad!)

Dean gets a call from the hotel in Dodge City.  The clerk tells him that a man matching Asmodeus’ description was asking questions about Jack. Dean says they need to find Jack fast and Alexander agrees.  Sam let him out of his cell but kept him in chains.  Dean tells Sam to put him back.  Alexander tries to empathize with Sam and asks how Mary is doing.  Dean says she’s fine and leaves it at that.  

Dean calls Cas to check in on his search for Jack.  Cas says he hasn’t found anything yet.  He starts to tell Dean about Lucifer.  Lucifer catches Cas on the phone and takes it away before Cas can say anything else.  Dean and Sam leave to track Cas.

Lucifer is giving Cas an earful about the Winchesters losing Jack. Cas defends them saying they were trying to educate Jack.  Lucifer says the Winchesters know nothing about Jack’s potential.  Cas say they know that Jack’s potential has to be carefully channeled.  Lucifer is amused at the thought of Jack hurting the Winchesters.

Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) finds Lucifer on Supernatural, War of the Worlds, cwtv.com

Asmodeus walks in and Lucifer pretends to be as powerful as he once was.  He tells the prince to stand down because he’s back.  Asmodeus tells him that Hell is fine without him.  He invites Lucifer and Cas to see for themselves.  Lucifer declines but  Asmodeus insists.  Lucifer threatens Asmodeus and gets thrown across the bar with Cas.

Sam and Dean get to the bar and find only demons left behind.  They fight off the demons, but there are too many.  Alexander shows up and saves Sam. Sam asks how he got out.  Alexander says he picked the locks and followed them there.  Dean pulls a gun on Alexander and says he’s sure that he’s really Arthur. And he’s right.

Arthur says he’s hiding from the Men of Letters because they will kill him for deserting them.  He also explains that the Men of Letters captured Rowena McCloud a few years back. Arthur found out that she had sewn a charm inside of her that allowed her to return to life if she were ever killed.  He asked her to do the same for him and he would let her escape.  That’s how he lives.

Arthur is looking for Rowena because the charm has to be recharged each time it’s used.  Dean tells Arthur that Lucifer burned Rowena.  So she’s dead…or is she?  Dean gets ready to kill Arthur for good.  Arthur uses a smoke bomb to escape.  Dean shoots at Arthur and hits him in the arm. Arthur leaves on the motorcycle before Dean can shoot him again.

Dean calls Cas and Asmodeus picks up.  He uses Cas’ voice to tell Dean that he’s ok and  he’s following a lead.  After he hangs up the phone, Asmodeus tells someone that he’s holding Lucifer because he might be useful.  He’s using Cas in case the Winchesters get out of control.  And if Michael really is coming, he definitely needs the nephilim.  Arthur stands before him and tells Asmodeus not to worry.

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Ok.  Here we go…no more little fires to put out.  The battle for Jack is finally beginning.  I’m excited!

Mark Pellegrino is awesome as Lucifer!  I really didn’t like him in the beginning of the series, but he’s added some much needed fun on the show this season and last.  

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