With all the craziness going on right now on Supernatural, it’s time to slow it down a bit and enjoy a nice, self-contained monster-of-the-week case. This one should be an easy one to resolve, right? It’s just the God of Sacrifice after all.

Spoilers are below and all over the place.


We start in Tomahawk, Wisconsin and a group of young adults are partying out in the deepest part of the darkest woods. One of the party-goers, Jarrod Hayes (Daniel Doheny), decides it’s time for him to leave and so he takes off, ALONE. Going down a path, he finds a backpack full of money and when he goes to check it out, a trap springs and Jarrod is pinned to a tree. He calls out for help, and only his friend Daryn Boston (Antonio Marziale) hears him.

With Jarrod restrained, a goat-masked figure approaches him. Jarrod doesn’t know what’s going to happen next, but the man lifts a mallet and strikes Jarrod in the head just as Daryn goes out to help him. Daryn watches his friend go limp and he runs in fear.

At the bunker, Sam is doing his best to find out more information on Dagon while Dean continues to try to get a hold of Cass. Sam gets a text from Mick about the case in Wisconsin. Sam sends the text to let Mick know that they will look into it, but it’s Mr. Ketch who receives the response. The case could either be a distraction or a trap.

Arriving in Tomahawk, Sam and Dean interview Sheriff Barrett Bishop (Steve Boyle) about what happened to Jarrod. The isn’t much information that the Sheriff can tell them, but he believes Jarrod must have skipped town. Maybe some of Jarrod’s friends can give them more useful information.

They find Daryn and question him about what happened that night. Daryn is reluctant to say anything because of the unbelievable nature of his story but Dean convinces him to tell them what he saw. Daryn tells them that it was a monster, Black Bill, who killed Jarrod.

At a local coffee shop, Sam tells Dean all about Black Bill. A local legend by all accounts, Black Bill lives in the woods and has the head of a goat. While they still don’t know what the creature is, Dean believes that the Colt will take out whoever or whatever it is.

Later that night Daryn is leaving work. Walking to him car alone, he doesn’t realize that something is following him. Getting into his truck, Black Bill appears and pulls Daryn out of the driver side window. Raising his mallet, he strikes Daryn in the head, knocking him unconscious.

The next morning, Dean meets up with Sam after enjoying an eventful evening with the coffee house waitress, Carmen (Aliesha Pearson). Haven’t spent his entire night researching the case, Sam believes that Black Bill is a Satyr, a creature from Greek Mythology. Sam wants to go question Daryn, but he didn’t come home the night before.


Going back to the meat packing plant that Daryn works at, Sam and Dean question Daryn’s boss, Pete Garfinkle (Ryan McDonald). During their interview, they learn that Sherriff Bishop not only owns the meat packing plant, but the Sheriff’s family owns most of the town. Sam tells the Sheriff the news about Daryn’s disappearance and the story of Black Bill which the Sheriff immediately dismisses because “everyone knows that the bogey man ain‘t real.”

What Sam and Dean don’t know is that Daryn is alive and he is being kept hostage in one of the refrigeration rooms in the meat packing plant. He wakes up and starts to bang on the door, calling for help, but no one can hear him over the sound of running machines.

Daryn is not alone in the freezer, unfortunately. Looking around, he finds the body of his friend Jarrod just as Black Bill arrives. It isn’t long before Black Bill kills Daryn.

Back at the coffee house, Sam finds Dean enjoying a hamburger. Dean has information about the string of people who have gone missing in that town and he has found the one thing that connects them all: the meat packing plant. Sam discovered that the Sheriff has been selling off the family property except for the plant and the family estate. The Winchesters decide to pay the estate a visit.


Sam gets a text from Mick asking for an update and Sam lets Mick know that they are on the case. With the boys out of the bunker, Mr. Ketch and a team of BMoL agents enter the bunker on orders from Dr. Hess who wants intel on the Winchesters.

At the Bishop Estate, Sam and Dean find a door that is triple padlocked. Unlocking the doors, they go down a set of stairs into the basement. Once they’re down there, they find a rack full of knives and other unsavory items. Just then the Sheriff enters the house and finds that the basement door has been unlocked. When he goes downstairs, Dean is waiting of him. It’s time to get some answers.


The Sheriff doesn’t waste any time telling Sam and Dean about the horrifying family secret. Years ago, Sheriffs Bishop’s father told him about a monster who lived under their house, and for the price of human blood, the monster made their family extremely wealthy. So, the Sheriff’s father (and grandfather, and great grandfather, etc.) would wear a goat’s mask, kidnap someone and kill them in order to feed the God of Sacrifice, Moloch. Dean wants to know happened to Moloch, and the Sheriff tells him that he has kept Moloch locked up under the house and motions to a grate in the floor.

Sam peeks through the grate to see what’s down below, but the cell is empty. Suddenly they hear a bang upstairs and Dean volunteers to check it out. After a few minutes of searching, Dean sees Black Bill down the hall. Dean slowly approaches him, but it’s all a trick. Before he can fully see that it’s just a mask on a coat hanger, Dean is attacked from behind by Pete and knocked unconscious. Pete runs to the basement door and locks Sam and the Sheriff in.

Not too long after, Sam and the Sheriff are able to escape, but now they have to find Dean before he’s sacrificed to Moloch.

Back at the bunker, Mr. Ketch and his team are hard at work taking pictures and bugging the bunker. While Mr. Ketch is going through Dean’s thing, he comes across Dean’s magazine stash, and the picture of young Dean and Mary. Mr. Ketch lets his eyes linger on the picture for a while.


Dean wakes up and finds himself bound to a chair and Pete is standing right behind him. Pete explains his whole life story: him and the Sheriff had the same father, but different mothers and therefore were raised in very different environments. His upbringing left Pete with a huge chip on his shoulder. Since the Sheriff had been giving away substantial amounts of the family fortune, Pete deiced to take a trip to the estate to find something he could sell. While he was there, he met Moloch who promised to solve all of his problems for the small price of human blood.

“And hell, I’m a Bishop. That’s what we do, right? Hunting people, killing them. The family business” (ha). Pete knows that Moloch will deliver on what he promised just as soon as he eats his fill. Pete had a plan to feed his half-brother to Moloch, but Dean will now take his place. Rolling Dean into the freezer Pete shuts the door and locks him in.

At the bunker, Mr. Ketch’s team has completed their task of cataloging everything. They couldn’t find the Colt, so Mr. Ketch assumes the Winchesters must have it.


In the meat freezer, Dean knows that Moloch is there and is about to feast on poor Daryn. Knowing that he has a bit of time, Dean plans his escape. Sam and Sheriff Bishop arrive at the plant and start looking for Dean.

Dean arms himself with a meat hook and waits for Moloch to approach. Sam hears Moloch through the walls and finds the door to the freezer that Dean is locked in. Dean does his best to keep moving, but Moloch proves to be quick and almost undetectable. Outside the freezer, Pete attacks Sam with his mallet. The Sheriff grabs Pete from behind and pins him down. Sheriff Bishop begs Pete to stop what he’s doing, but Pete is far too gone to see reason. Pete gets away from the Sheriff, finds the Colt, and points it at him. Before Pete can pull the trigger; however, Sam shoots him from behind and kills him.

In the freezer, Dean hits Moloch with the meat hook, but he can’t hurt a God. Moloch grabs Dean by the head and bashes it into the wall, knocking him out. Just then, Sam shoots the lock on the door and enters the freezer. Armed with the Colt, Sam shoots Moloch and he goes down in a puddle of godly goo.

As Dean recovers, Sam offers to help Sheriff Bishop clean up the mess that Pete left behind, but the Sheriff refuses and tells them to leave. Taking full responsibility for his family deeds, Sheriff Bishop accepts that he is the only one who can fix the damage that has been done. “This is my legacy,” he says.


Returning to the bunker, Dean and Sam talk about their own legacies. Dean wonders if people will remember them 100 years from now, and Sam knows that they won’t be. “But the people we saved, they’re our legacy,” Sam says. Dean hopes that one day another hunter will inhabit the bunker and continue the work of saving people. In the meantime, Dean decides it’s time for them to leave their mark. Taking out his knife, Dean etches his initials into the table, and hands the knife to Sam, who does the same. The act is reminiscent of the time they etched their initials into Baby so long ago. It’s heartfelt moment for the Winchester brothers.

Now that the case is done, it’s time to give Mick a call. Dialing him up, they’re surprised to hear Mr. Ketch answer the phone. Being a master deceiver, Mr. Ketch tells them that Mick has returned to London and that they must now report to him. Dean is not big on the idea, but he has to go along with it.

“So now we’re reporting to low rent Christian Bale?” Dean asks not knowing that Mr. Ketch can hear everything they say. Mr. Ketch pulls out the picture of Dean and Mary, and lets his eyes stay on Mary just long enough for it to be uncomfortable. Almost like a man obsessed.

Supernatural airs on Thursdays at 8pm PST/EST on The CW.

The Thoughts So Far:
  • Agents Stark and Martell? Did Sam and Dean go with Game of Thrones names rather than their normal classic rock names? I’m down with that. Give me Agents Littlefinger and Varys.
  • Dean being a creeper in the coffee shop was weird. He’s normally not that obvious when it comes to getting the ladies. Don’t be a creeper, Dean.
  • The whole scene with the table and the initials was beautifully done. I got a little emotional seeing the boys make their mark in the hopes that people will remember them and remember the good that they did in the world. It’s what we all want in the end, to know that we made a mark in some way. I loved that.
  • With Mr. Ketch’s seemingly obsessive attitude towards Mary, I am more convinced now that Mary will be the one who will take Mr. Ketch down in the end. I really enjoy this story between them.
  • On this week’s episode of “Hey Weren’t You on Supernatural Before?” 6’9” actor John DeSantis has played several roles on Supernatural that required a rather large imposing frame. He was Freeman Dagget on the Season 3 episode “Ghostfacers,” The Golem in Season 8’s “Everyone Hates Hitler,” and the Scarecrow in Season 10’s “Fan Fiction.”
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