We’re well into the later part of Supernatural Season 12 and it’s usually around this time that we start to get an idea of what kind of epic showdown we’ll be in for in the season finale. We knew that the British Men of Letters are up to, but we were never clear on the extent of their plans. Until this episode…

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Spoilers are below and all over the place.

Supernatural S1217a

We start off at the Kendrick’s Academy, aka the Hogwart’s School for the British Men of Letters, in 1987, and best friends Michael (Spencer Drever) and Timothy (Luke Seybold) are meeting with the headmistress, Dr. Ness (Gillian Barber). Dr. Hess is a no-nonsense woman who fully believes in the purpose of the academy and that the work they do is for the protection of millions of people.

But in order to protect those people, she claims, they need cadets who will not only use their skills, but also follow orders without question. How the Kendrick’s School decides on who goes to the next level of training is through a Thunderdome-eqsue trial, where Michael and Timothy must duel to the death with only a single knife.

Exiting the room, Michael (Mick), approaches the Headmistress and compliments his friend Timothy, who “fought well” and ”didn’t want to die.”

Waking up from his nap, we see that Mick Davies (Adam Fergus) was having a dream of his past.

Sam and Dean are on the road and they’re having a video chat with Eileen (Shoshannah Stern), the hunter from the Episode “The banshee.” She has been helping them looking into the Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) situation and she has some news on Kelly’s location. Now that they know that Dagon (Ali Ahn) with Kelly, it looks like Dagon has been working hard in covering their tracks, but Eileen is close on their trail.

Supernatural S1217g

Arriving at the bunker, the Winchesters are feeling like their resources are being spread a tad too thin, with Eileen and Cass and all the other hunters looking for Kelly, it might be that they will need to ask Crowley for help. Dean is adamantly against the idea.

Sam and Dean aren’t alone in the bunker. Mick Davies is also there because it’s an MoL base, and he can go in whenever he wants. Even though the boys have known about the Nephilim for a while now, the BMoL are just getting wind of it. Dean reveals that Kelly was with them but they lost her and Mick is very confused as to why they let her live. To him, it would have just been easier to kill her because “the Code demands it.” Sam and Dean scoff at “the Code,” but it looks like that Code is what’s going to make things problematic for the Winchesters.

Deep down in Hell, Lucifer calls on the Prince of Hell, Dagon for an update on Kelly “the container”. She assures him that Kelly will live long enough to give birth.

Later that night, Mick is having another dream about what went down at the Kendrick’s Academy. In it, his friend Timothy tries to convince Michael to escape with him. Michael struggles between his duty to the Academy and to his friend. Ultimately Michael chooses the BMoL. He apologies to Timothy and…

Mick’s cell phone rings and an older Dr. Hess, is on the other end. She wants an update on the Winchesters and the Nephilim. Mick tries to assuage her doubts about what’s happening across the pond, but Ms. Hess doesn’t have time for his excuses. The goal is to bring the “mangy colonials” to the BMoL and have them follow their rule of law, but if not they can easily be turned over to Mr. Ketch. “Assimilate or eliminate,” she says before hanging up.

Supernatural S1217b

At a motel somewhere in the middle America, Kelly Kline is waking up from a nap when she realizes that something feels wrong. Dagon tries to convince her that everything is ok, but Kelly’s maternal instincts are stronger. Kelly demands that she be taken to a doctor and Dagon as no choice but to go with it.

At Dr. Turner’s (Michael Meneer) office, Kelly get some goods news about the health of her baby, but before she can leave Dr. Turner insists on giving her a sonogram. During the procedure, he notices something troubling but before he can say anything, Dagon goes full Jedi and influences his mind. “Everything is a-ok,” he says instead.

Back down in Hell, Crowley is about to having a little fun with Lucifer. Of course, Lucifer is playing the long game with Crowley and part of the game means succumbing to Crowley’s control. Crowley is confused as to why Lucifer would submit so easily but Lucifer admits he rather be up top than back down in the cage with Michael.

At the British Men of Letters base, Mr. Ketch calls Mick to update him on the shapeshifter case that he and Mary just closed. It’s obvious that Mr. Ketch and Mary are getting a little bit closer than they were previously. “Mrs. Winchester, I believe you’re drawn to danger,” Mr. Ketch, whose middle name is “danger,” says flirtatiously.

After he gets off the phone Mick hears someone else in the base. To his surprise, Renny Rawlings (Darren Adams), an assistant to Dr. Hess, appears. Mick knows that Renny’s there to keep an eye on him, which places Mick in a rather interesting position.

It’s late night at the doctor’s office, and Dr. Turner is reviewing his patient files. An unknown demon enters his office and kills him without any warning.

Supernatural S1217c

Eileen has returned to the bunker and she’s giving Sam and Dean the lowdown on what she discovered at Dr. Turner’s office when she arrived there. Discovering that the doctor had been killed by one of Dagon’s demon, Eileen took care of the demon but not before he gave her Kelly’s cell phone number. It’s impressive work for a lone hunter.

Thinking that Lucifer is ready to play ball, Crowley parades him in front of a handful of demons. The plan was for Lucifer to tell those demons to start following Crowley’s explicit rule, but Lucifer never had any intention of doing that. With his back turned to Crowley, Lucifer makes sure that his followers know that HE is still the one to follow.

At the motel, Kelly receives a call from Sam (sporting an unusual accent) who convinces her to go back to the Dr. Turner’s office for a follow-up. Before the hunters can confront Kelly; however, they need to be armed with the most powerful weapon they have at their disposal. Mick comes through and delivers the Colt to Sam.

While Kelly is walking to the doctor’s office, she is ambushed by Dean and escorted to the Impala. Dean drives her to a meeting place where everyone is waiting for them. Surrounding her, they all try to persuade her to let them help her. Unfortunately, Dagon was able to track where Kelly is, and she shows up within minutes. The hunters make a valiant effort to take Dagon on, but she proves to be way too powerful for them to handle. Knocking them all down, Dagon takes Kelly’s hand and starts leading her away. Eileen grabs the Colt just as Renny grabs his gun. Eileen fires, but Dagon vanishes and the bullet strikes Renny in the chest, killing him.

Supernatural S1217d

Mick immediately cocks his gun and draws it on Eileen. It appears that part of the Code dictates that if someone kills a member of the Men of Letters then they have to die (even Legacies apparently). Sam and Dean try to talk Mick out of making a rash decision. Mick doesn’t really hear them because he’s having another flashback to the day he killed his friend Timothy.  “Look, I know you guys have this Men of Letters Code you blindly answer to, but, you don’t have to do that, Mick. You’re better than that. You only have to answer to yourself. You only have to do what you know is right. You only have to answer to your own code,” Sam says. Mick, conflicted, lowers his gun and tells them to leave.

Back at the hotel, Mary is getting dressed while Mr. Ketch lounges in the bed they just shared. Mr. Ketch is surprised that something happened between them, but Mary puts an end to any idea that their relationship might turned into something more. Mr. Ketch rather awkwardly agrees albeit with a touch of disappointment. The discussion turns to whether Mary can have it all. Meaning can she be a hunter and have her family? From the start, Mr. Ketch believed that she had to choose between one or the other, but it looks like his feelings have changed. Or perhaps they have changed as far as Mary is concerned.

Back down in Hell, Lucifer is getting examined by a demon. The demon confirms that the vessel is doing fine, but the runes that are etched into Lucifer’s bones are still very much in place and doing their job. Lucifer wants the “security system” taken down, but the one who has knowledge about the system is dead. Lucifer only has so much patience, but the demon guarantees that he can disable it.

Sam, Dean, and Eileen arrive back at the bunker and Eileen is devastated. Sam tells her that it was a mistake, but knowing that she killed a human might be too much for her.

Supernatural S1217e

Now that she’s back in Dagon’s custody, Kelly is in worse position than she was before. Dagon no longer trusts Kelly to be on her own and has handcuffed her to the bed. Kelly only wants to protect her son, but Dagon reveals that birthing a Nephilim will be fatal to her.

Mick arrives at the British Men of Letters base, where he meets up with Mr. Ketch. Mick doesn’t know why Mr. Ketch called a meeting, but we find out that it wasn’t Mr. Ketch at all, it was Dr. Hess. She has decided that it’s time for her to directly intervene. Mick does his best to explain the situation to her, but Dr. Hess only knows one thing: “hunters are dogs…you give them an order and they obey.” Because Team Hunter is not taking orders from the BMoL, then they need to be dealt with, starting with Eileen. Then, after she is taken care of, the Winchesters will be likely tried and executed for the things they’ve done.

This becomes Mick’s breaking point. In a moment of clarity, Mick sides the Winchesters. He argues that the Winchesters have saved lives, despite their unorthodox hunting methods, but Dr. Hess refuses to take any of that into consideration. It’s all about the Code to her. Mick takes his final stance of the matter, and tells her that it’s time to do what’s right. Unfortunately, Mick never gets the chance to do that, as Mr. Ketch shoots him point blank.

Supernatural S1217f

At the bunker, Sam and Dean wonder if Cass is doing okay since they have not been able to get a hold of him for days and they have no idea that Cass is up in heaven doing Chuck knows what. Eileen has decided to return to Ireland, and the Colt is back in the hands of the Winchesters.

Dr. Hess is a little disappointed. The experiment to recruit the American hunters has epically failed and that can mean only one thing: Mr. Ketch must exterminate them all.

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The Thoughts So Far:

  • I’m glad that Eileen gets to live and fight another day. She does, right? SHE DOES, RIGHT?!
  • I’m not surprised that Mary and Mr. Ketch had their little fling. What is going to be interesting is how they are going to resolve their relationship now that Mr. Ketch has to kill her. I’m calling it…Mary tags him first.
  • Mick’s story was an interesting one. It’s a shame that he and his perfect stubble beard will no longer be around. I like the idea that he was the rank-and-file guy and then he became someone better in the end. Character growth…I love it.
  • I wonder what Dr. Turner saw in the sonogram but I saw the baby do this scary roar and then the screen turned blue. I don’t know if that was intentional or not or maybe the baby was emitting a light? I also saw extra masses near the head.
  • In this week’s episode of “Hey Weren’t You on Supernatural Before?” actress Gillian Barber (Dr. Hess) also came out in Season 1 Episode 12 “Faith.”
  • I admit, I love Lucifer, but I am over this storyline. They MUST be setting up Lucifer’s son to be the Big Bad for Season 13 so I’m rolling with it. I much prefer the British Men of Letters storyline. I think it’s because British people make excellent villains.


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