Throughout the season, the Winchesters have been dealing with monsters and bad people from their past. They’ve dealt with the Alpha Vampire, the mother of all Hellhounds, Crowley’s son Gavin, Nazi’s. It’s been great and I feel like we’re really beginning to tie up some lose ends. Now it looks like we’re going to see the Winchesters take on a pureblood werewolf.

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Spoilers are below and all over the place.

We start with a teenager in Wisconsin, Hayden Foster (Abby Ross), who’s walking out of a bar after spending the night drinking with her “bae.” She’s texting with her brother Ben (Jordan Burtchett), who knows for a fact that she’s not studying at her friend’s house. Catching her in the act, he escorts her back to their house. And like what happens in most horror movies, he decides to take the dark, desolate road back home. Hayden tries to convince him to go back into town, but Ben wants to prove that they’re safe.

Unfortunately, whatever fears Hayden has are completely justified. Not a second later, Hayden is attacked by a masked assailant. Ben rushes over to her unconscious body, and calls for help, but the masked person comes up behinds him and rams it’s hand into Ben’s chest, killing him instantly.


At the British Men of Letters base, Dean and Sam are reporting for duty. Dean doesn’t want to be there, but now that they are working closely with Mick (Adam Fergus), they are now on call whenever he needs them. Mick shows up with a file on the Wisconsin case. He believes that it must be a pureblood Werewolf who attacked Ben and Hayden, and Dean is forced to agree, but he believes this case will be an easy one. To their surprised Mick asks to go with them.

With Sam as the designated babysitter, the three hunters head off to Wisconsin. Along the way, they stop at a 3-star hotel. The Winchesters, so used to their 1-star motor lodges, are astonished that they will be staying the night at a place that has room service and a pool.

The next day, the hunters make their way to the hospital where Hayden is being kept. Taking on their guise of FBI agents, Sam and Dean try to question Hayden, but her mother (Miranda Frigon) flat out refuses to let them ask Haydn anything. Mick comes at the situation with a different approach. Donning a Doctor’s white coat, he’s able to get the mom to go out of the room with Sam and Dean so he can look over Hayden’s wounds. Checking her out, Mick can see the cuts and bruises from her attack, but he does find something upsetting. She’s been bit, so it’ll only be a matter of time before she turns into a werewolf. It’s clear that Mick is upset by the discovery because he knows what he will have to do.

Outside the room, Sam and Dean talk with Hayden’s mother about the night of the attack. She doesn’t have much information to give, but seeing two FBIs agents has giving her some relief. Since the attack, Hayden has been in high demand for interviews from bigfoot hunters to a woman from the Fish and Game Department. The woman, she says, was no older than Hayden, with blonde hair and a “bad attitude.”. It doesn’t take long for Sam and Dean to figure out that Claire is also on the case.

Mick comes out of the room and tells the mother that everything is okay. He assures Sam and Dean that he did not find bites on her body. It’s a blatant lie, but no one picks up on it.

That night, Claire, Sam, Dean and Mick sit down and talk about the case. Mick excuses himself for the night, even though it’s still early evening. Claire and the Winchesters do a little catching up, but secretly even she’s been lying to people. While Jody thinks Claire has been visiting college campuses, she’s been out hunting.

During the late-night hours, Mick sneaks into Hayden’s room armed with a syringe. Just as he’s about to inject Hayden with silver nitrate, the full moon comes out and she immediately turns into a werewolf. Attacking Mick, he avoids being bit, but his shoulder it cut bad. Still, he is able to stab her with the syringe, killing her. Shaken, Mick leaves the room just as her mother and a couple of nurses show up. As he walks away, he hears her mother scream.

At the hospital the next morning, Sam, Dean, Claire and Mick get some answers from Hayden’s doctor about what might have killed her. Perplexed, the doctor can only surmise that she had a heart attack, but Sam isn’t buying it. The doctor also can’t explain how her physical wounds healed overnight. Unable to be of any more help, the doctor exits the room, leaving the hunters to discuss Hayden’s death in private. Claire can’t explain it, but Sam has a pretty good theory: Hayden must have turned. Dean can’t possibly believe that to be the case because Mick told them that there were no bites on her. Cornered, Mick admits that perhaps he made a mistake.


Knowing that whoever turned Hayden is still out there, Claire and Sam decide to go to the high school to get information on Hayden from her friends, while Dean and Mick go check out the bar she was at that night. It’s possible that whoever attacked her was someone she knew, and if they knew her, then they might have purposely wanted to turn her.

Mick and Dean arrive at the bar and the first bartender they meet denies he ever saw her, but Dean calls him out on his lie. The bartender tells them that Hayden had a relationship with another bartender, Conner (Ryan McDonell). Conner denies the relationship despite her being “stupid hot,” but he did allow her to drink at the bar even though she was underage. Dean tires to get more information out of him, but he proves to be of no use.

Walking out of the bar, Dean decides it’s time to get some answers from Mick. He knows that Mick was up to something the night before, and add that to Mick’s inability to open doors and his sketchy attitude throughout the day, Dean can only assume that it was Mick who killed Hayden. Firmly grasping Mick’s torn up shoulder, Dean forces a confession out of him.

“Killing monsters is what we do,” Mick says as he tries to defend his actions, but Dean doesn’t see things in black and white like the British Men of Letters do. There may be monsters out there, but sometimes you have an opportunity to make the right decision. Dean uses the young psychic from the episode “American Nightmare” as an example of giving people a second chance. Of course, we all know that Mr. Ketch ended up killing the young woman because of what she was. Fortunately for Mick at that moment, Dean doesn’t know about what they did.


Claire returns from interviewing Hayden’s best friend. Relaying the story to Sam, we find out that Hayden was involved with an older man who turned out to be the stalking obsessive type. The friend was so worried for Hayden that she ended up telling Ben about them. Claire is particularly proud of herself and what she was able to accomplish. It’s just too bad that Sam has to immediately kill the good vibes.

As we know Claire has been lying to Jody about visiting college campuses and now Sam knows it to. While Claire understands that she owes a lot to Jody, she just can’t picture herself living the “normal” life that Jody wants for her. Claire thinks she would be better off on her own, and when Sam tells her to stop acting like a stupid kid, she walks off.

It was probably not the best decision Claire could have made.  Walking alone on the outskirts of the school, she is attacked by the masked assailant. Claire does her best to fight him off, but he proves to be much stronger. Pinning her down, the werewolf uncovers his mouth and bites her in the shoulder.

Sam finds Claire minutes later and takes her to safety. In their hotel suite, Sam and Dean patch her up. Mick tries to help, but Sam rejects his offer. Now that they know what Mick’s done, he’s on notice. Claire wants to know how much time she has before she turns, but they are uncertain. Dean tries to assure Claire that she can live with the affliction, but Claire cannot live with the possibility that she could hurt Jody, Alex or anyone else.

There might be one solution, however. At one point the British Men of Letters tested a plasma therapy option on rodents and were able to successfully cure a mouse in the early stages of lycanthropy. They tested it on a human once, but the test subject died…in agony. Claire offers to be the second test subject, but Dean is not keen on the idea.

“It’s my life. I get all the votes,” Claire says. Dean grudgingly agrees and they get a plan in place. But first, they’ll need the blood of the werewolf who bit her. Sam and Dean decide to head back to the bar to talk to Conner while Mick stays with Claire.


Ambushing Conner as he getting ready to leave the bar for the night, Dean restrains him while Sam touches Conner’s skin with a silver knife. Nothing happens, which confirms that Conner is human.

With the full moon coming out, Claire is not doing very well. She can already feel herself start to turn and the bite has healed itself. Claire tires to reach for Mick’s gun, but he’s quicker. Aiming the gun at her, Claire begs Mick to pull the trigger, but he can’t do it. In his head he sees Hayden right before the silver nitrate in her blood killed her, and he realizes that he has to make a choice between his duty and the right thing to do. Taking a page out of the Winchester playbook, Mick decides it would be better to restrain Claire until the Winchesters come back.

Mick tries to be optimistic about her chances, but Claire doesn’t share his views. Suddenly the suite doors burst open and the masked man, Justin (Matt Visser) enters. Mick tries to protect Claire but he is no match for a werewolf. Throwing Mick aside, Justin approaches Claire who tries to fight him in her weakened state. Justin pulls of his mask and we finally see who he is. He punches Claire in the face, knocking her out, and then drags her away.

Sam and Dean arrive at the suite and find Mick just coming to. Before Dean can punch him in the face, Mick tells them they he put a tracker on Claire. That Mick can be a resourceful guy when he wants to be.


Things are not looking good for Claire. Tied up, it is only a matter of time before she turns completely. Justin tries to make his case for turning Hayden, saying that she wasn’t happy in that town and that they were going to go away together. “It’s not that I want to do this. My pack, we were happy. We didn’t hurt anyone,” he tells her. The only reason why Justin started down this path was because the British Hunters came and took out the majority of his pack using weapons he had never seen before.

Justin tries to convince Claire that he’s a nice guy, but it falls on deaf ears. He believes that Claire is just like him, alone with no pack, but Claire finally admits that she does have a family and that her family loves her. Right as she starts to turn, Sam comes through the door and tackles Justin. Dean follows and sees Claire in full on beast-mode.

Sam takes on the pureblood while Dean tries to subdue Claire. Justin takes Sam out and turns to take on Dean, who has just finished knocking out Claire. Before Justin can attack Dean; however, Mick shoots him from behind with a dart.  Extracting the Justin’s blood, Mick injects it into Claire.


The wait is a long one. Claire writhes in pain while Sam and Mick watch. Dean, unable to see her in that state, decide to go outside. Moments later Claire’s body stops moving and everyone thinks she’s dead. Dean comes back in right as she turns back into her human form. Much to everyone’s relief, she opens her eyes.

The next morning, the hunters say their goodbyes to Claire. Before she leaves, Claire calls Jody and tells her the truth about her hunting expeditions. Even though she thanks Jody for being her mother, Claire makes it clear that she is not ready to go home just yet. Driving off, Claire decides to continue her hunter lifestyle.

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The Thoughts So Far:

  • Of course Dean would go into a pool without any clothes on. That’s just the kind of person he is. I really enjoyed the boys having a comfortable stay for once. Like kids in a candy store those two.
  • “If you ever touch her again, I’ll break your face.” I do love protective Dean. It’s awesome.
  • “Eat me, Teen Wolf.” I really like Hunter Claire. She reminds me of a college-era Buffy Sommers. We need more female hunters.
  • I am so torn with Mick. He works for the British Men of Letters and he seems to be their main lore guy, which is fine, but he is also a very loyal rank and file person with the BMoL. I like that in this episode he made a choice and didn’t blatantly follow orders. It makes me wonder if he’ll rethink he allegiance to the BMoL in the episodes to come.
  • On this week’s episode of “Hey Weren’t You on Supernatural Before?” actor Ryan McDonell (Conner) came out in the episode “The Born-Again Identity” (Season 7, Episode 17), and actress Miranda Frigon (Mrs. Foster) came out in the episode “Unforgiven” (Season 6, Episode 13).



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