Last week on a Cass-tastic episode of Supernatural, we took a trip down memory lane to a time when Castiel was a good little soldier in a female vessel.  We met a woman, Lily Sunder, who lost her young daughter at the hands of a jealous and vengeful angel named Ishim. Forward to the present and Lily has returned, and she is hellbent on making the angels pay for what they did to her. Sam and Dean took a back seat in the episode but they did help save Cass from her wrath. Cass, despite all his mistakes, is reminded that he is a much better angel now than he was in the past.

This week we have a Dean-tastic episode. Spoilers below!

Supernatural S1211a

In the dark woods in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, an injured man (Justin Turnbull) is running from Dean. Stopping long enough to make a call, he tells the person on the other end to run. Dean fires his gun, barely missing the man. The man continues to run, but has to stop at another tree. “You people never learn do you?” Dean asks when he finally catches up to the man.  The man has a surprise for Dean. A purple sigil glows in the tree trunk and the man says a single word. The blast throws Dean back, knocking him out cold.

The next morning, Dean wakes up near a walking trail with a rabbit friend next to him. He has no idea what’s happened and he can’t make a call because his phone is broken. He’s able to borrow a phone from a jogger. He calls up Sam and tells him to meet him at a diner.

At Waldo’s Waffles, Dean meets up with a confused Sam. Sam’s curious about what Dean was up to the night before, but Dean doesn’t remember what happened to him. Sam sends texts to Mary and Cass to let them know that Dean’s phone is broken, but something else seems a little off about Dean. He doesn’t remember that Cass is on the Kelly case, and in fact, he doesn’t remember Kelly at all.

Dean also seems to have forgotten that they are on a case of a murdered accountant named Barry Gilman. Sam thinks the man was killed by a demon, but Dean doesn’t think they have a case. Either way, they have to get to the morgue.

As they get ready to leave, a woman (Lindsay Winch) approaches Dean. Dean doesn’t remember who the woman is, but she sure does remember him and slaps him in the face. Yes, epic night.

Supernatural S1211b

At the morgue, Sam reads the autopsy results. The evidence, including a bag full of bloodied money, was all retrieved from the man’s stomach. Not only that, but there is a hex bag as well. It confirms only one thing: witches.

Since they have no idea who would want Barry dead, they decide to check out his clients, or rather, his one client. In the car, Dean has a hard time picking the right key to start the car. Once he gets the car going, Dean forgets how to drive.

Sam is concerned about Deans’ behavior, chalking it up to an all-night bender, but it is something more serious than that. Dean looks at Sam and his vision becomes distorted, and when Sam calls his name, Dean’s only response is, “Who’s Dean?”

Supernatural S1211c

Back at the motel room, Dean is back to normal, but Sam believes that he may have been hexed. Dean blows it off, because if he had been in the presence of a witch, then he would be dead. As a test, Sam asks Dean to name all the members of Bon Jovi but Dean is only able to name Bon Jovi. To prove that he can remember things, he starts to name off things in the room. When he gets to the lamp, the “light stick,” it is clear that he is forgetting simple things. Sam gets on the phone to call the one person who can help them.

The phone rings and Rowena, in the middle of a poker game, answers. Sam tells her about his suspicions about Dean being hexed. All around the motel room, there are post-it notes with names of objects on them. Rowena believes that it’s the obliviate spell which can wipe a mind over time. The only way to break the spell is to kill the witch.

Once Sam is off the phone, he finds that Dean is no longer in the room. Searching the motel premises, he finds Dean trying to enter a room that’s not theirs. Since Dean can’t remember anything, it’s time to retrace his steps, Memento-style.

Supernatural S1211d

In Barry Gilman’s office, Sam and Dean try to recall what they did the day before. Looking at a wall of pictures, nothing seems to jog Dean’s memory. Not even the picture of the man he chased the night before shaking hands with the man who died.

After scouring Barry’s office, Sam had gone back to the motel room to search through the lore while Dean went to get food. Dean doesn’t remember where he went, so they take a trip to each burger place in the town.

Arriving at the country bar, Dean doesn’t recognize the place, but he does recognize one of the waitresses. The woman, Elka, who slapped him that morning, works there so they must be in the right place. Hoping to get some information out of her, Sam explains that he thinks his partner was roofied. The waitress doesn’t quite believe him but she is willing to tell them what Dean the night before, including riding a mechanical bull. They also slept together, so the idea that he might have been roofied makes her sympathetic and apologetic.

Supernatural S1211e

According to the bartender, Dean left rather quickly so Sam asks to see the security footage. The video shows a man leaving the back way, and Dean following close behind. Dean says something to man, and then the unknown man raises his hand, sending Dean flying in garbage bags. Sam recognizes the man right away as someone in one of Barry Gilman’s pictures.

Sam and Dean head to the alleyway to find any of evidence of who they’re dealing with. In the video, Dean took a shot at the man, and after a moment of looking around, Sam finds the bullet.

Following the trail, Sam and Dean wind up in the same woods Dean was in the night before. While they walk, Sam has to give Dean “the talk” about how monsters are real and that they’re the ones who kill them. With Dean’s memories going at a faster rate, he has many questions and poor Sam is obligated to answer them. Dean thinks their life is awesome because he thinks they’re heroes. Sam is less than enthusiastic about their life at the moment.

Finding the tree where the mystery man left a bloody handprint, Sam can see the bullet hole from Dean’s missed shot. Continue on the trail, Sam finds the spot where the man cast his spell, the glyphs etched into the bark.

Supernatural S1211f

Sam takes a picture of the glyphs and sends it to Rowena. Dean looks around and finds the body of the dead man. Dean thinks it’s “cool” but it poses a really big problem. Killing the witch was supposed to reverse the spell, but apparently that didn’t work.

Interestingly enough, Sam and Dean aren’t the only people searching for the mystery man. After Sam and Dean leave the scene, a man and a woman show up.  The woman, Cat (Tirra Dent), is angry and inconsolable seeing the man, Gideon, lying there. The other man, Boyd (Vincent Gale), reminds her that they should have left the accountant alone because it would draw the hunters to them. Cat doesn’t seem to care because Barry “got what he deserved.”

Rowena arrives at the motel to the surprise of both Sam and Dean.  Dean doesn’t know who she is, but Sam wants to know why she’s there. Rowena explains that the glyphs found on the tree were ancient Celtic glyphs and she knows there is only one family skilled in Druidic magic. She identifies the dead man as Gideon Loughlin. She explains that the Loughlin family came over to the states a hundred years ago and established a “personal fiefdom” in a small town. The family had a Black Grimoire in their possession, a powerful spell book. People from all over the world studied with them, but then hunters came and took out the Loughlin family, leaving only a few survivors. To reverse the spell, Rowena needs the book.

Supernatural S1211g

To make things even worse, Dean will soon forget who he is and who Sam is. Then he will forget how to eat and how to swallow. Eventually he’ll die.

Sam takes Dean into the restroom and tells him the truth. Dean is disappointed to hear that this is how he will die. Sam promises that they will figure it out and save him. Even though Sam has seen his brother die a few times, to see him “become not him” is even more devastating.

In the restroom, Dean recites his name, Sam’s name, Mary’s name and Cass’s name. He is determined to remember them, but within seconds, he starts to forget all their names, including his.

Rowena knows that they have to get the grimoire to save Dean’s life. Sam picks up on her ulterior motive right away: she wants the book for herself. Rowena admits to it, but she knows that Sam needs her help. Despite her warnings about how powerful the Loughlins are, Sam leaves her there to watch Dean while he goes to confront them.

Supernatural S1211h

But leaving Rowena alone with Dean was probably not the best thing to do. While Sam infiltrating the Loughlin house, Rowena tells Dean a story about her early years of being chased by the British Men of Letters and being kicked out of a witches’ compound because she “wasn’t up to snuff.” Dean disagrees that she doesn’t have enough “snuff” and Rowena is jealous of his inability to remember what he’s done.

Dean, of course, has no idea what bad things he’s done so Rowena tells him that he’s a “killer” and has taken out scores of people. The consolation is that everything he’s done has been “for the greater good.” It doesn’t make Dean feel better but Rowena puts things in perspective. Dean has done things for others, while she has only done horrible things in her quest for power. But when God and Amara, with their infinite power, started their feud, Rowena took this as a lesson that even with power, happiness is not assured.

Now with Sam in the Loughlin house, all he has to do is find the Black Grimoire. Entering one room, Sam finds Cat calming working on a butterfly display and Gideon’s dead body on a table. Even with witch killing bullets in his gun, Cat is completely unfazed by his presence there. In fact, she knew he would come.

Supernatural S1211i

What Sam didn’t prepare for was Boyd. Entering the room, Body says a word and throws Sam into the bookshelf behind him. Cat starts an incantation of her own, reviving the dead butterflies in her display case. The noise coming from them is enough to incapacitate Sam. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR GOING AFTER WITCHES BY YOURSELF.

Dean wakes up hours later in the backseat of the Impala. He’s not sure what happened but a note in front of him tells him everything: Sam has been kidnapped, and Rowena found the car and drove them to the Loughlin house. Dean goes for the door, but another note tells him to stay.

In the Loughlin House, Sam is tied to a chair and Cat is preparing a spell. Boyd is having some second thoughts about everything. He blames Cat for the death of their brother Gideon because she couldn’t let things go with Barry Gilman. Cat is confident that they can bring Gideon back.

A noise in the house draws Cat’s attention. She hands a blade to her brother and tells him to complete the spell that would swap Sam’s soul with Gideon’s. Not good.

Supernatural S1211j

Cat finds Rowena waiting for her downstairs. Cat doesn’t seem to know who she is, but Rowena knows her. It was the Loughlin family that drove Rowena out because she wasn’t worthy of their magic. Cat then remembers “Raggedy Ann” and how pathetic she was. Rowena; however, is no longer the powerless witch she used to be. She throws Cat up against the wall, showing her what’s up.

Dean, now out of the car, looks into the trunk for something to use. He finds a post-it note that says “witch killing bullets” and another next to a gun that says “this one.”

Supernatural S1211k

Rowena is in a bit of trouble. Cat has pinned her up against the wall. Singing a song, Cat picks up a piece of glass and hurls it at Rowena’s head, missing on purpose. Cat picks up another piece of glass but she hears a gun cock behind her.  Turning around she sees Dean stand there with a gun pointing at her. Cat is amused that he would bring a gun to a witch fight, but Dean shows her exactly what he has. Firing a shot, Cat falls to the ground.

The gunshot distracts Boyd long enough for Sam to attack him. Picking up the knife Sam prepares to fight, but Boyd runs away. Running the stairs, Boyd stops when he sees Dean. Sam is close behind, but also stops when Dean points his gun at him. “Brother,” Sam says about himself, “Witch” Sam says about Boyd. Dean fires at Boyd. Witch crisis avoided – thumbs up for everyone!

Supernatural S1211l

Rowena, now in possession of the Black Grimoire, is able to reverse the spell. Of course, Dean in normal Dean fashion, comes down and pretends to not know who Sam is. Classic Dean.

With her job done, Rowena leaves, but not before Sam takes the Black Grimoire from her. Before they get in the Impala, Sam tells Dean that he was a little jealous of him losing some of those memories because for the first time Dean looked really happy. Dean has another take; he would rather hang on to their baggage then be that happy.

And OH MY GOD that ending is absolutely perfect.  Dean is a little Broomstick Cowboy.

Next week something happens to Cass and the Winchesters have to save him. NOOOOOOOOO!

Supernatural is on Thursdays at 8pm PST on The CW.

The Thoughts So Far:

  • This whole episode had a lot of Dean wisdom.
    • On waffles: “What psycho doesn’t love waffles? I mean, they’re fluffy. You got the little pockets full of syrup. You just cover ‘em with whipped cream. Am I right?”
    • On the Kelly problem: “Yes, the Devil baby mama drama. Say that five times fast. Devil baby momma drama.”
    • On aging: “Okay, one, the Rat Pack partied till the day they died. And B, I can still kick your ass.”
    • On problems: “Well, I guess it’s true what they say. Mo’ money mo’ problems.”
    • On Dory: “I’m not gonna apologize for loving that fish. Not to you. Not to anyone.”
    • On lip reading: “Now salsa you mittens. I can’t read lips.”
    • On Cass: “And our best friend is an angel. Whaaaaaaat?!”
    • On his family: “My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom. Cast-Cass is my best friend.”
    • On Sam: “Who’s this hippie?”
  • The scene with Dean in the restroom is absolutely heartbreaking. Jensen Ackles is amazing.
  • Okay Supernatural, every episode needs to end with Dean either singing “Eye of the Tiger” or a montage of Happy Dean. Make it so. MAKE IT SO!



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