Last week we saw the end of Vincifer. While I’m going to miss Rick Springfield in the role, it was time to see Lucifer cause some damage as another vessel. Now that Lucifer has gone vessel hunting, Team Winchester has no way of knowing where he went or what he’s up to. Fortunately, we’ll see what our buddy Lucifer has been up to in the Supernatural mid-season finale.

Spoilers below!


We start this week in the offices of the Archbishop of St. Louis and a young man is listening to the news on the radio. Wallace Parker, a friend of the church, was killed in an explosion. A Lucifer-like explosion? Who knows, but the Archbishop walks in and reminds the young man that he needs to “focus on the Lord’s work.” The Archbishop seems distant even with the news of his friend’s death, and we soon find out why. As he walks through the halls every crucifix he passes by turns upside down.  It’s creepy, but it’s absolutely something only Lucifer would do.

Team Winchester arrives at a Medical Examiner’s office and finds Cass and Crowley waiting for them. With the death of Wallace Parker under such abnormal circumstances, they are there to confirm that Wallace was Lucifer’s vessel before his body burned out. Crowley believes that Lucifer is choosing his vessels only out of the wealthy and powerful. The idea of possessing a big player is now Lucifer’s jam.

Dean and Sam begin looking for hints as to who might be the next Lucifer vessel. Sam begins scrolling the news, when he comes across a picture of the Archbishop of St Louis. In the photos Sam notices that the Archbishop is no longer wearing a cross around his neck. Not only that, but the Archbishop’s office abruptly cancelled all of his appointments. It’s time to look a little more into this Archbishop.


Arriving at the offices, the boys break in and find the place in disarray.  The find a young priest lying on the floor, his mouth full of blood. Earlier that day when Lucifer was making his way down the hall, the young priest saw what he was doing to the crucifixes. The senior church staff decided to handle it internally and conduct an exorcism. It went very wrong.

As they continue to walk through the offices they find corpses of priests and nuns everywhere. Lucifer did not take being exorcised very well. Finally they come up to the Archbishop’s office, where they find the dead body of the Archbishop, his eyes burned out. Lucifer has left the building.


Jeff Rooney (David Chisum) sits at the edge of the bed in deep prayer. He appears to be a rich man but he also has a bodyguard waiting outside his room, so he must be a powerful, too. In his prayers he asks for guidance, but what he ends up accepting is Lucifer.  In Jeff’s mind Lucifer speaks to him about making some changes in order to help Jeff with his problems. Jeff sees this as a partnership, but it’s anything but that. Lucifer has managed to get into the body of the leader of the free world. Lucifer is now the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. That’s insane.

At the President’s estate, the EMTs come to take the body away. Jefficer tells his staffers and the coroner a tale of how he went into the restroom and when he came out he found the Agent dead on the floor. No one questions him further, but they do ask him to say a prayer for the man. One of his female staffers hands him a bible, and Jefficer says nice words, but in his hand, the bible burns him.

Back at the estate, the President is having a meeting with his staff about relations in Belarus. After the meeting adjourns his female head staffer requests some alone time with him. We find out that widower President Jeff has been having a relationship with this staffer. She wants something more from him, like marriage and baby, and Lucifer is surprisingly intrigued by the idea of being a father.


The coroner shows up at a secluded location where she is met by Crowley. As a Crowley operative, she tells him everything she saw at the President’s estate which Crowley, in turn, tells Sam and Dean at the bunker. They are SHOCKED to learn that Lucifer is the POTUS.

Lucifer meets with the head of his security detail, Rick Sanchez (Stephen Lobo), and tells him about a possible assassination attempt at the hands of the Winchesters because they believe he’s Satan. Rick has a hard time believing that someone would think that Satan is real, but Lucifer tells Rick to eliminate the threat before anything happens.

At the bunker, Sam is giving Mick Davies (Adam Fergus) a call to ask for help from the British Men of Letters. It is almost impossible for Team Hunter to attack the President because of the heavily guarded estate he’s in right now. They decide to go with Plan B, which is to attack the President when he is out of the estate.


Rowena (Ruth Connell) seems to be having a tough day. After roping in a successful businessman, she is crushed when she learns that he has had another woman on the side. The scammer becomes the scammed. Crowley shows up just in time to see the last bit of the argument and the rich guy mistakes him as a valet. Having no time for this guy’s nonsense, Crowley does his demon magic and causes the man to explode. A grateful Rowena is overcome with emotion, thinking that the man’s death is the “sweetest thing” Crowley has ever done for her.


Lucifer is having the time of his life with the female staffer he is having relations with. As they lay in bed, she tells him that she has noticed a change. Lucifer agrees for a reason we’re about to find out.

At the Bunker, Cass is bringing out coffee when his vision and hearing become distorted. It’s Angel Radio and they have big new coming in. It looks like Lucifer is about to be a DAD. Unbelievable! Are we going to see another Nephilim?


On the road to Indianapolis, Sam gives Crowley a call and asks him to go find out information about Lucifer’s girlfriend. Their call is cut short when they are pulled over by the Secret Service. Rick and his team exit their car while Dean and Sam show off their FBI badges. Unfortunately they aren’t fooling anyone because Rick knows full well who they are. After a brief scuffle, Cass comes out of the car to take them on, but he is stopped when a car pulls up behind them. A lone man exits the car, with a grenade launcher in hand. Aiming it at the government car, he fires, sending everyone (except) Cass running away from the impending blast.

The unknown man walks among the rubble and the unconscious Secret Service men and tells Cass to wipe their memories. The man notices the government car and the men sent to capture the Winchesters. Dean demands to know who he is and the man introduces himself as Mr. Ketch (David Hadyn-Jones).


Later that night, Mr. Ketch gives them the lowdown on his role in all of this. Mick Davies wants the Winchesters to join the British Men of Letters’ effort of saving people and hunting things and Mr. Ketch is there to encourage them to agree. Cass wonders why he’s been following them following them, but it’s all because Sam called Mick and hung up which led Mick to believe that they were in trouble. Dean is hesitant to believe anything he has to say, but Mr. Ketch asks Cass to confirm his statements to be true, which Cass does (with the disclaimer that truth can be situational).

Mr. Ketch is man with toys and a whole lot of knowledge. He shows the Winchesters to a wide array of different tools that he uses on his hunts including a Hyperbolic Pulse Generator a device that can drive a demon out of a vessel without fail. Sam and Dean are very interested to see if this can drive an angel out of a vessel.

They present the generator to Crowley who is less than optimistic about it working. Still, Crowley knows that he is the one who gets to infiltrate the President’s compound and talk to Kelly, the President’s secret girlfriend.


At the estate Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) is on the phone with a friend and talking about her pregnancy. While on the call, Crowley shows up and teleports her to where Cass, Rowena and the Winchesters are waiting for her. They tell her the truth: she’s carrying the child f Lucifer. She doesn’t want to believe them, but Cass does the ultimate litmus test and has her place her hand on a bible. Instantly her hand begins to burn and the bible catches on fire. She begins to accept that she is carrying what Cass calls an “abomination.” According to her, Lucifer is overjoyed at the idea of having something of his creation. Even though Kelly is still having a hard time believing what happened, she agrees to help Team Hunter with their plan.

Kelly gives Lucifer a call and he goes out to meet her at a motel. His security team does a sweep of the motel room but the Winchesters are ready for them. One Secret Service agent almost finds the Winchesters, Crowley and Rowena, but they are able to brace the door. Another agent finds Cass in the closet, but Cass clears his memory. When the service members go outside, they tell Lucifer that room is clear.


Lucifer enters the room and Kelly tells him what she told him over the phone: she can’t have his baby. Outraged, Lucifer grabs her by the throat. And at that moment Sam bursts into the room, the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator in hand. Sam begins to cast a spell and the generator begins to glow. In the next room, Rowena is waiting with a spell of her own. It’s a long struggle, with Sam holding the generator, its pulse trying to push Lucifer out of Jeff’s body while Rowena casts her spell to send Lucifer back to Hell. Lucifer fights the good fight, but it’s not enough to defeat the combined power of the generator and the spell that Rowena is casting.


Eventually Lucifer is forced out of Jeff’s body, but where it goes, we’re not entirely sure. We clearly see him disappear into a grate in the floor, but does that mean he’s been sent to Hell? Either way, it’s a big victor for Team Hunter. After it’s all done, Crowley and Rowena disappear and Cass sneaks Kelly away before the Secret Service agents come into the room.

Before Sam and Dean can make their escape they are placed under arrest for the attempted assassination of the President. The distraction gives Cass time to get Kelly out of there. The boys are loaded into the back of a government vehicle, with Agent Rick looking on.


At a diner, Kelly and Cass are sitting there, going over what just happened. Kelly needs a moment and goes to the restroom, only she doesn’t go in. She has no intention of going anywhere with Cass so she leaves the diner without him knowing. Once in a taxi, she gives Cass a call and tells him that she can’t get rid of her baby. Cass reminds her who the father is, but it’s her baby and she won’t do anything to it now.  She’s gone and Cass is powerless to stop her.

When Supernatural returns on Thursday January 26th, we find the Winchesters in a “place that doesn’t exist.” A hopeless Cass tells Mary about Sam and Dean’s capture and 6 week disappearance.

Supernatural is on Thursdays at 9pm PST on The CW. CORRECTION! Supernatural is moving to a new time of 8/7c. Exciting!

The Thoughts So Far:

  • I wonder what political party Lucifer would identify with if someone were to ask him. Also, I get the title now, LOTUS. That’s very good.
  • Lucifer as a father is a terrifying idea, but bringing back the Nephilim is fantastic.
  • “Satan’s not real. He’s a symbol for the simple-minded. A comic book villain.” Aw, Lucifer’s not that bad.
  • I am really enjoying a lot of these old plot points coming back in season 12. They never really touched upon the Nephilim when they introduced them back in Season 8 and now we see them again and it’s nostalgic and wonderful. I feel that mostly every episode this season has been that way. I love it. Keep doing that.
  • That whole sequence between the Winchesters and Rick was great. Mr. Ketch’s introduction, like all previous introductions of badass characters, was perfect.
  • Ketch, you need to call Castiel by his name. Not “angel”, not “Halo.” He’s Castiel, or Cass to his friends.
  • I find Cass to be particularly badass this season. The sarcastic remarks and the snarky comebacks feel like old school Cass. Continue to be awesome Castiel.


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