Last week the Winchesters solved the mystery of the ghost children who were held prisoner by a grieving father.  Cass and Crowley team up to track down Lucifer. Rowena sent Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean while destroying his vessel. Mary decided she needed some time apart from the boys in order to get herself sorted out.

That was a lot! So what happened in this episode?

Spoilers below!

This episode brought back the psychics! We haven’t see those folks since Season 2 or Season 3 of the show. It was a nice change to see a story revolve around people and not your regular monster-of-the-week.


We start in a small church in Mason City, Iowa. There are a few people in it just going about their normal day. A woman, Olivia Sanchez (Mariessa Portlelance), slowly enters the church. Shoeless, you can see holes in her feet and hands with blood pouring out. She’s speaking in a language that no one can understand, but she is obviously scared about what’s happening to her. Moving forward, there’s the sound of a whip cracking and gashes can be seen on her back. Kneeling before the altar, she says something and gashes start to form on her forehead. After a few seconds she falls down dead from stigmata.

Sam and Dean have found themselves another case. Dressed as priests, they enter the church and question Father Valdecantos (Rick Tae) about what happened. The Father is reluctant to talk about what happened but Dean is quick to point out that he was super chatty about it with the cops and the press. Unfortunately for the Father Valdecantos, no seems to believe him when he says that it was the devil’s work. Sam and Dean don’t believe that Lucifer would waste his time on possessing someone, but a rogue angel? Maybe.


Dean gets on the phone with Cass, who refutes the rogue angel idea but tells him that he and Crowley are looking for Lucifer who was sent to the bottom of the ocean by Rowena . It’s surprising news. After getting off the phone, Dean sends a text message to Mary to check in. Dean is still struggling with the fact that his mother is gone, again, and it’s starting to affect his attitude towards people.

Sam confirms that the language Olivia spoke was Aramaic, and she was asking God for help. Since they aren’t sure from what, it’s something they need to go find out.


At the coroner’s office, they read the Medical Examiner’s notes about Olivia’s autopsy. Not only did she have holes in her hands and feet and pin pricks around her head, her brain was turned to mush. Delightful. Confirming the telltale signs of stigmata, they decide to head on over to Olivia’s workplace.

At her office, they talk to her replacement, Beth Roberts (Aliza Vellani), who also happens to be a wiccan. Beth has no real information to give Sam and Dean other than headaches that Olivia would get sometimes. Being in Child Protective Services, everyone has enemies, so it’s possible that maybe she had one. Sam and Dean check out Olivia’s case files for something to work with. Finding nothing, Dean believes Beth is to blame for Olivia’s death and plans on shooting her with a witch killing bullet.  Sam isn’t so sure since they didn’t find any evidence of hex bags in Olivia’s apartment.  Dean is not dissuaded.


Cut to a delivery boy, Ricky Copeland (Daniel Jeffery), putting a crate of vegetables in the back of a truck. Suddenly he cries out in pain as his back is cut with a whip. Falling to the ground, he is just one more victim of stigmata.

At the crime scene, Sam and Dean find that the wounds are the same as Olivia’s. Knowing that Ricky was a delivery boy, he made his way all around town. Sam, being the smart guy that he is, decides to cross reference Ricky’s routes to Olivia’s case files and finds a match: the Petersons. Talking with Beth on the phone, she clues them in on that family. Apparently they are very religious (Old Testament religious) family that lives off the grid. They have also been under the Child Protective Services radar since the completely preventable death of their daughter Magda. The Winchesters decide to pay the Petersons a visit.


Arriving at the Peterson’s home Sam and Dean (dressed in their best sweater/cardigan outfits) update Abraham (William MacDonald) and Gail (Christina Carlisi) on what happened to Olivia. They receive the news rather well and Gail admits that she doesn’t care for Beth because Beth has little regard for their religion. Outside the Peterson’s farm, a motorcyclist passes the front of their property, slows down and takes a look at Baby before riding off down the road. How suspicious.

At the Peterson’s house, Dean learns a little bit about Abraham.  Before going off the grid, Abraham was a computer programmer, but decided to give up the life. In speaking with Gail, Sam finds out that she was once addicted to prescription drugs following a car accident. Finding her faith, Gail and Abraham decided to move away from everything and raise their kids in a life of simplicity. Sam tells her the bad news about Ricky and she says is, “I see.”  Sam has a problem with that reaction, but Gail explains that God has a plan for everyone. So God’s plan was to have Ricky die, just like it was God’s plan to let Magda die. Sam has some serious issues with this line of thinking, but before he can really get into it, Abraham kicks them out.


So here we have two different theories. Dean is certain that Beth is the one who killed Olivia because she is a Wiccan and she wanted Olivia’s job. Sam believes that it’s Magda’s ghost seeking some sort of revenge. The boys go their separate ways to prove their theories.

However, it’s not Magda’s ghost that is to blame, because Magda (Paloma Kwiatkowski) is very much alive and is living in the basement, chained to the floor. Gail comes down to confront her about the deaths because in her little twisted mind, Gail thinks her daughter is possessed by the devil. As punishment, Gail forces Magda to whip herself while Gail reads from the Old Testament, in Aramaic.

That night Sam goes back to the Peterson’s farm to scan the place for EMF readings. In the stable he hears Abraham approach and Sam quickly hides. It’s a fortuitous thing because Sam is able to get some information as he eavesdrops on Abraham’s and Elijah’s (Gig Morton) conversation. Magda is alive, and they are keeping her locked away because they are afraid that CPS is going to take her away. Abraham believes that Magda is their cross to bear and that they must protect people from hers. Sam tries to call Dean to tell him what happened and to stop him from killing Beth, but there’s no signal!

Over at the CPS office, Dean makes his way into Beth’s office. He thinks he’s to shoot Beth and get this case over with, but his plans are halted once he finds that Beth had nothing to do with Olivia’s death. Second theory is out.


Sam watches in horror from a window as Magda whips herself while Gail watches on. At that moment Dean calls him and admits that Beth is not a witch and Sam quickly tells him that Magda is alive. While he’s talking, Sam is ambushed by Elijah and Abraham. Sam tries to reason with Elijah but Abraham strikes him from behind, knocking him unconscious. With Sam no longer answering the phone, Dean makes his way back to the Peterson farm.


Sam wakes up next to Magda with his hands bound (again). He calls out to Magda, but Magda is so convinced that she is the devil that reason can’t reach her. Sam tries to assure her that she is not the devil but asks her for a demonstration of what she can do. Looking at the cross in front of her, Magda uses her physic ability to lift it. It confirms what Sam knew all along: that she is like him. He tries to relate to her by telling her that he has powers too and that there are other people like them. Magda doesn’t believe him and tells him that he must be evil like her. Magda confesses to hurting both Olivia and Ricky but her reasons weren’t malicious. Magda hurt Olivia because she was trying to get Olivia to hear her thoughts. She did the same to Ricky. All she wanted to do was reach out to them to tell that she was there. Instead, she accidently killed them. Sam tells her that it isn’t her fault, but at that moment Elijah and Abraham come in to get them for dinner.

At the dinner table, Sam tries to reason with them one more time. He tells them that Magda needs help, but Abraham argues that that is exactly what they’re doing by locking her up. Magda tells him the story of how she was mad at her mom for not getting her a new cellphone and Gail’s reaction was to turn the car into oncoming traffic. Gail blames Magda for what happened to her, but it was clearly Gail’s fault.  Gail believes that pain purges sin and Sam tries to tell them just how wrong they are. Abraham is conflicted, but he must ultimately side with his wife.


They start eating and then everything goes terribly wrong. Abraham, the one person who could have turned things around, starts coughing up bile and dies. Gail, now certifiably insane, has put rat poison in their food. Gail believes that they can all die together and enter heaven (which is not how any of this works). She forces Elijah to eat, but Magda intervenes, throwing the bowls of poisoned food against the wall. Gail is furious and tries to stab her, only to have Elijah get in the way of knife. As her Elijah falls dead, Gail makes one more attempt to kill Magda, but using her abilities, Magda stops the knife. Sam successfully convinces Magda that she doesn’t need to hurt anyone anymore. Forcing the knife out of Gail’s hand, it looks like it’s all over.

With Gail arrested, Magda can now have a shot at a normal life. With her future set in sunny California, Sam gives her a pep talk: even though she is a psychic, her power doesn’t have to control her. She’ll be fine. Right? Right?!


In the end, the boys head back go the bunker, confident that they made the right decision in letting Magda go, and Magda is on her way to start a new life. Unfortunately this perfect ending doesn’t last long. Getting off the bus at a random pit stop, Magda is followed. Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) follows her into the restroom and kills her. He then makes a call and reports that he has cleaned up the Winchester’s mess. Sigh.

This week it looks like another cursed object and a possible monster-of-the-week. I wonder how they’ll react when they learn of Magda’s death. Oh they’re going to be upset.

Supernatural is on Thursdays at 9pm PST on The CW.

The Thoughts So Far:

  • I appreciate the reference to the Sean Penn and Robert DeNiro movie “We’re No Angels.” In it, they pretend to be priests after escaping from prison. Good stuff.
  • “They’re hunting Lucifer together. That’s right – one’s an angel, one’s a demon, and apparently, they solve crimes.” I would watch that spinoff.
  • Someone needs to be done with Mr. Ketch. He’s a great Big Bad, but it’s infuriating that the British Men of Letters are so black and white. Man, they’re the worst. I am really looking forward to the epic showdown between the Winchesters and those guys.
  • I really am enjoying this Men of Letters storyline. Strangely enough, I am over Lucifer. He is a great character, but I really feel like his story is just something to keep Cass and Crowley busy. They could be doing so much more.
  • I’m glad Dean was able to get a little bit of closure with Mary. I hope we see her soon.


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