It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman! And he has an incredible milestone. The hero who started it all turned 80 today with issue #1000. Can you believe that? 80 years of the boy scout in blue! The landmark event was set with an 80-page comic with today’s top talent releasing all new stories for Clark Kent. We have new characters that may change canon, we have midnight releases, we have the trunks back! There’s quite a bit to unpack so we’ll give you a summary of the day.

His 80th birthday started with a midnight release at comic stores around the nation. Fans lined up for hours just to get a copy of the behemoth comic. Some were luck enough to snag one of the many pin-up posters that went along with the release. Peter Tomasi, a writer who’s included on this comic, joined Midtown Comics in New York City for their midnight release party. For fans who slept in, comic stores were decorated in all things Superman. And those who can’t make it to any store, there is an up-to 85% off sale on all Superman comics!

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Now about that comic. The issue includes 8 different variant covers, each showcasing a different decade and one left blank. You can currently buy the issue for $7.99 or the deluxe edition for $29.99. When we said today’s top talent are included in this comic, we meant it! It features stories by the following writers and artists: Brian Michael Bendis, Paul Dini, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Geoff Johns, Tom King, Jim Lee, Clay Mann, Jerry Ordway, Scott Snyder, Curt Swan, Marv Wolfman and so many more. DC All Access released a video with some of the writers talking about working on the project and what it meant to them. 

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s also a sweepstakes running with an epic prize pack including “Superman themed action figures, statues, Injustice 2 console game, Justice League movie on Blu-ray, a copy of Action Comics: 80 years of Superman: Deluxe Edition and one copy of each Action Comics #1000 variant (41 comics in total)”. There is also a lot more fun around the web celebrating Superman’s birthday. NYC’s mayor’s office showcased a cute article sharing what the superhero has done for the city. Various Twitter accounts celebrated the Man of Steel’s legacy such as Warner Bros., Justice League’s, Injustice and so many more. Not interested in Twitter? Well hop on over to Snapchat for some more fun with an Action Comics 1000 filter! You get to sport that iconic hair and shoot some heat vision from your eyes. 

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We mentioned the trunks are back, right? Since 2013’s Man of Steel, Superman had a few years without sporting his iconic red trunks on his suit. I mean, they’re iconic for a reason! But with this issue, they are officially back. So what did DC do to celebrate? Why keep releasing photos of some interesting people wearing Superman’s red trunks. There’s a hashtag where you can find many pictures. But the most fun about it is in the deluxe edition set, there’s a pair of red boxer briefs with “#TheTrunksAreBack” written on them. It’s just too fun.

And one last thing! A new character has been introduced in the comic that may in fact change Clark’s canon as we know it. Brian Michael Bendis’ run is just starting and he uses his story to introduce a brand new threat for him. To avoid spoilers, we won’t say much but let’s just say that it may change the history of Krypton as we know it. The continuation of his story will come out next week so fans won’t have to wait too long to know more about what’s going on. 

What is your favorite Superman story? Or what is your favorite Superman moment? Do you have a favorite Superman iteration? Celebrate his 80th year with us as we salute the original superhero! Action Comics #1000 is out in stores today!

We dare you not to hum along.



Erin Lynch