After the shocking ending to the last episode, I can’t wait to see where Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 7, “Forever and Always,” takes us. 

The episode begins with Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) sitting on the bathroom floor next to Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch), supporting her through her sickness. Later, Clark asks Lois if she feels up to her appointment. As they leave, Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan (Michael Bishop) meet them out front asking if everything is okay. When Lois assures them everything is fine, they conclude that their parents aren’t telling them something. 

At John Henry’s (Wolé Parks) place, Natalie (Tayler Buck ) stresses about a lunch date. While eating lunch at the diner, Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and the girls meet Chrissy (Sofia Hasmik). Chrissy tries to smooth things over with Lana, and Sarah (Inde Navarrette) makes a rude remark as Chrissy leaves. 

While at chemo, Lois further bonds with Peia (Daya Vaidya). Clark dashes off during chemo, finding the boys at the fortress looking for answers on Kryptonian measures to save Lois. Jonathan accuses Clark of not caring enough to use any means necessary to save Lois. Clark defends his and Lois’s choices and his care for his wife and orders the boys to go home. 

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At the treatment center, Lois shares family photos, but Peia neglects to do the same when asked, claiming not to have her phone. A flashback of Bruno (Chad Coleman) and Peia shows Bruno making a deal to take Lex Luthor out to get their neighborhood back to build it up themselves. When asked about Bruno, Peia tells Lois she’s only seen him in passing. 

Lois’s line of questioning upsets Peia, and she moves, directing Lois not to follow. At the grocery store, Lana encounters John Henry. The two catch up and discuss Natalie’s relationship. Lana dissuades him from scaring Natalie’s date off. When Clark returns, Lois fills him in on her fight with Peia. Lois reveals she no longer trusts her instincts. Clark encourages her and offers to help her. We then see Clark meeting with Bruno, offering him an opportunity to tell the world his story. 

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During the interview, Clark digs deeper into Bruno Mannheim’s motivations for curing cancer. At the farm, Jonathan frantically looks for what their parents could be hiding. He finds the estate paperwork and shares it with Jordan. 

John Henry sitting at a table with his arms crossed facing Natalie and Matteo in Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 7, "Forever and Always."

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At Kyle’s place, Sarah encounters Chrissy and continues to hurl attitude and snarky remarks at Chrissy. Kyle planned a movie for the three of them but canceled last minute. After Chrissy calls Sarah out on her attitude and offers the tickets to Sarah alone, she changes her tune and agrees to go with just Chrissy. 

While having lunch with John Henry, Natalie calls out her father for giving Matteo (Spence Moore II) a hard time before leaving for their movie date. Back at the treatment facility, Lois apologizes to Peia. She tells her she doesn’t want just to be cancer friends, but instead wants to be “friend friends” and promises no more story angles. After John Henry’s lunch disagreement, he visits Lana, telling her about his unexpected overprotectiveness. While in line for the movie, Matteo assures Natalie he won’t be scared away by her father. The two share their first kiss. On the way to the movie, Sarah and Chrissy find common ground. 

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In the interview, Bruno pressures Clark to admit he would do anything for Lois. Clark realizes this is personal for Bruno. While at chemo, Lois invites Peia to the farm. This causes Peia to admit her connection to Bruno. Bruno admits he kept his marriage a secret because he didn’t want people thinking the same things about her as they do him. 

When John Henry spots Natalie and Matteo kissing, Lana stops him from reacting immediately. Instead, they approach, and he asks Matteo to talk. John Henry asks Matteo to treat his daughter right, and Matteo assures him that he will. Just as Lana assures Natalie her father is trying, she spots Sarah and Chrissy laughing together. 

On the way home, Clark and Lois discuss how the news of Bruno and Peia changes how they see Bruno. The pair are interrupted by the boys needing answers. They admit to finding goodbye letters in addition to estate planning. Jonathan tells them that hope doesn’t work for non-Kryptonians, going through the list of family members they have lost. 

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Lois and Clark talk to the boys and explain if they use Kryptonian tech to cure Lois, it wouldn’t be fair not to help anyone else, and they don’t want to risk that technology in the wrong hands. At Lana’s place, she comes clean with Sarah about how sad she’s been feeling. Sarah offers her wise words about being present in the moment, and the pair plan to do something fun together. Jonathan joins Clark on the porch at the Kent residence and apologizes to his father. 

Jonathan sitting on the bed with Lois as Jordan leans up against the wall and clark leans against the door facing them in Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 7, "Forever and Always."

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In the last scene, we see Bruno and Peia at home when their son comes in. We find out their son is none other than Natalie’s boyfriend, Matteo. 

That ending! The entire episode had me on the edge of my seat again. This time it’s not so much from Superman’s heroics but more so the sheer emotional turmoil I find myself in with each passing episode. 

Learning about Bruno and Peia’s past through flashbacks continues to humanize them, and it takes me on the journey with Lois to see the good in Bruno and the sheer desperation to save his wife. I truly love how we see not only the Kent family going through things with Lois, but each of the families has something important they have to go through this season of Superman & Lois. I can’t wait for more!

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