The action kicks off right at the start of The CW’s Superman & Lois season two episode eleven “Truth and Consequences,” and I practically hold my breath as Jon-El (Jordan Elsass) attempts to merge with Jonathan (Elsass). 

Jon-El faces off against Jordan (Alex Garfin), essentially besting him before Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) saves the day. He stops Jonathan’s merge. Once the family is safe, Clark (Hoechlin) explains all that happened in Bizarro world, and seeing Kal-El’s life spurs him to make things right with Jonathan. 

Meanwhile, Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) gives Jordan relationship advice as they wait for John Henry (Wolé Parks) to help them plan to disrupt interdimensional kinesthesis. After hearing the plan, he is doubtful any of his technology will work. 

Jonathan’s screams disrupt the planning, as he has visions of Jon-El in town. As soon as he hears the location, Clark speeds off, seeing Jon-El across the street. He’s unable to apprehend him because he runs into Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui). The two have a rushed encounter as Clark didn’t realize in Smallville on his earth, he’s been gone a month. In the Bizarro world, it was a day. 

Clark and Lois standing in their kitchen talking to their sons.

Back at home, Clark and Jonathan argue after he learns he missed the revelation of where his son got X-Kryptonite. Similarly, John Henry and Natalie (Tayler Buck) disagree on the potential outcomes if they don’t succeed. Her father reassures her he will always protect her. 

Sarah (Inde Navarrette) expresses confusion over Jordan’s texts and radio silence, and Lana comforts her. She even surprises her daughter with a car of her own. When she takes her car for a test drive, she encounters Jon-El, believing it to be Jonathan. When she leaves after his rude behavior, Jon-El enters her home and attacks Lana. 

At Lana’s office, Lois attempts to talk to Sarah about her break-up with her son. Sarah asks about Jonathan’s odd behavior, and she reveals she’d seen him on her street. 

Lois rushes home to alert Clark and the boys of the recent development. The family argues over the dangers of Clark keeping his Superman-sized secret. The boys attribute the secret to the reason Lana is in danger. 

After a time without seeing Lana at the office, Sarah notices her mother is missing. She goes home to check on her. 

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Taking his mother’s advice, Jordan writes Sarah a letter. He disagrees with his mother about talking to Sarah without consulting him first. Sarah knocks at the Kents’ door, believing something has happened to her mother. Lois advises her to go back to the office and wait for a call. 

With the worst possible timing, Jordan attempts to give Sarah the letter he wrote her. Sarah declines as her mother is missing right now. 

John Henry and Natalie go to the mine where the portal is to get a power source for their device. 

Lana wakes tied up with the pendant around her neck. She tries to reason with him. 

With Clark’s secret looming over their heads, Lois urges Clark to trust their family to know the right thing to do with the truth. Another painful vision comes to Jonathan. He sees Lana’s location, and Superman bursts through the doors. 

Lana tied up in the facility.

Superman shields Lana from an explosion Jon-El causes by breathing fire. Shards of kryptonite lodge in Superman’s chest before Jon-El lodges a bigger shard into the middle of his chest. He leaves with the promise of return for Lana. When he leaves, Lana helps rid Superman of the kryptonite. 

While in the cave, Bizarro Lana comes out of the portal. Immediately, John Henry sends Natalie away and tries to defend himself against Lana’s Bizarro counterpart. She gets the best of him and just as the outlook is bleak, Natalie pierces her in the shoulder with a shard of X-Kryptonite. She promises to return. 

Jordan and Jon-El fight and at the start, Jon-El is besting him. They take the fight to the skies and Jordan counters before he begins free falling. Just in time, Superman catches him. Despite how the fight began, Jordan gets the last blow in on Jon-El. 

After the fight, Superman returns to Lana, taking her home. Lois tells the boys her father is handling Jon-El and Jordan asks Lois to read the letter he wrote to Sarah. In reading it, she finds Jordan plans to tell Sarah the family secret. 

Clark asks the family if he can tell Lana the secret and they unanimously agree. He meets Lana on the road, not only telling her but also showing her he’s Superman. 

What an episode! There was physical action, and disagreements among the family, and I loved every second. “Truth and Consequences” had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what would happen next. 

I truly wanted Clark to tell Lana he was Superman. I could just imagine what it must have been like for him, not being able to discuss this with Lana his entire life. It makes me wonder what will happen with Sarah and if now that Lana knows, she or Jordan will share this information with Sarah. 

I also wonder, with John Henry planning to close the portal, what this will mean for Jon-El and if he and Jonathan can co-exist in the same world or if they plan to send him back. And Natalie is also up to something. 

I can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store for us. 

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on The CW. You can stream it the next day on The CW app.

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