After learning all that we have about Lois’s newfound friendship, I am excited to see what’s next for the Kents in Superman & Lois season three, episode four, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” 

The episode begins with Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) watching over Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) at chemo before carrying her up the stairs when they get home. We also see Lois suffering the effects of her treatment. Jonathan (Michael Bishop) and Jordan (Alex Garfin) clean as Clark builds her a bed downstairs. Down at the fire station, Kyle (Erik Valdez) awards Jonathan his own firefighter’s uniform and officially welcomes him to the junior firefighter’s program. At Lana’s (Emmanuelle Chriqui) house, she’s reminded of plans she made with Kyle before the divorce. She invites Sarah (Inde Navarrette) to The Cure concert, but Sarah declines.

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Because Peia (Daya Vaidya) is not doing well, Bruno (Chad Coleman) wants to cancel meeting Natalie (Tayler Buck) with Mateo (Spence Moore II). She pushes through, insisting they continue this meeting. Now that Chrissy (Sofia Hasmik) has finished the Bruno Mannheim story, she speaks with Clark and Lois. Chrissy wants to run the story of Bruno’s secret marriage, but Lois refuses. She doesn’t want her name associated with the story. When the two are alone, Clark talks to Lois about her change in view. Lois remains steadfast in not wanting to dig deeper into Bruno, Clark reasons with her. She relents but remains firm in not being included. Natalie meets Mateo’s parents for dinner in Hobbs Bay. 

At the Gazette, Clark delivers the news to Chrissy about Lois’s decision. She won’t move forward with posting the story without Lois. Lana interrupts their conversation offering them concert tickets. They both decline, but Chrissy adds an air of awkwardness to her declination. After they get over the encounter, Clark insists they investigate Peia. Clark flies her to Metropolis. Sam (Dylan Walsh) brings Lois old case files on Bruno. When she instructs him to send them to Clark and Chrissy, he talks her into looking at them. At the fire station, the alarm goes off and Kyle allows Jonathan to go with him, but as long as he stays by the truck. When Jonathan sees Jordan fly in, he moves closer to the fire and the person Jordan rescued. After Jordan flies off, Kyle believes Jonathan defied him. 

Kyle believes it was Jonathan who burst into a burning building to save the person. This puts his volunteer position in danger. Just as Lois and Sam dig in, his phone interrupts them. He tells Lois he has a date. Clark and Chrissy speak to an old friend of Peia. While they learn of her goodness, they also learn she changed after she met Bruno. When their line of questions changes, Peia’s old friend assures them she’s nothing but a good person. 

Jonathan in firefighter tunic standing in front of a fire truck.

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When Sam gets to the diner for his date, she has already left because he was late. He and Lana talk about his potential reservations and whether being late was intentional. Back in Metropolis, Natalie makes an impression on the Mannheims. In the middle of dinner, Peia’s powers momentarily cause a tremor. Natalie feels it, but Peia covers by coughing and Bruno insists they leave. Peia disagrees. Sarah and Jordan hang out, listening to The Cure, but Jonathan interrupts them upset about Jordan’s actions potentially costing him his position. The boys argue about their training to save people. Jordan belittles Jonathan’s training because of his lack of superpowers, causing Jonathan to storm out. 

After arriving back at the Gazette, they find Lois there. She agrees to run the story on Peia. Lois also admits the files Sam brought her comprise information she has never seen before. At the diner, Lana and Sam confide in one another about dating again. Sarah gives Jordan some perspective on Jonathan and encourages him to see things from his brother’s point of view. He also gives her perspective on going to the concert with her mother. While digging deeper, Lois, Clark and Chrissy find photos that gives them clues into possible causes of death of Bruno’s victims. 

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In Metropolis, John Henry (Wolé Parks) meets up with Darlene Irons (Angel Parker). As they chat, he tells her of Natalie’s dinner date with Matteo’s family at a popular Hobbs Bay restaurant. She reveals this is the same restaurant her brother used to frequent with Bruno Mannheim. Peia tells Natalie sweet stories about Matteo just when John Henry shows up at the restaurant. Bruno stands along with many patrons of the restaurant. Bruno has his men hold John Henry while he beats him though Peia protests. John Henry signals for his suit. Bruno pulls a gun on John Henry just as his suit bursts in. Peia uses her powers but John Henry escapes. 

At the Gazette, the trio discovers that while they may hear Lex’s voice on the tapes, Clark hears the vibrations of his most recent foe, Onomatopoeia. He also hears John Henry’s need for help. Just as Peia and Bruno corner John Henry, Superman swoops in to help. The force of Peia’s abilities eventually wears out and she collapses. Superman (Hoechlin) sees her need to get to a hospital, and Bruno agrees. He tells John Henry to leave and takes Natalie and flies away. This leaves Bruno alone in the alley with his son. 

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Superman takes her to the D.O.D. and he disagrees with John Henry on keeping Peia there with her powers neutralized. Clark reminds him she’s still dying of cancer, but John Henry says she’s a bad person and he and Lois need to remember that. Back at the Kent’s place, Jonathan tells Jordan that Kyle is onto someone with powers being on the scene as it has happened before. In another bout of bad news, John Henry tells Natalie she can’t see Matteo anymore and takes her phone. 

Clark tells Lois what transpired, and she tells him she thinks they may have put Lex in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. In the last scene, we see Bizarro open his eyes. 

I actually audibly screamed during this episode when John Henry had his showdown with Bruno! The Peia abilities reveal happening in stages was great. The small tremor, followed by Clark hearing it on the Lex confession tapes, and then seeing her use it without a mask! I can only imagine what Bruno will do next now that they have Peia, and how heartbreaking this will be for Natalie and Matteo. As always, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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