Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 6, “Of Sound Mind,” gives us another emotional rollercoaster this week. 

We start the episode with Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) attending group therapy for the spouses and family members of those diagnosed with cancer. He leaves early, telling Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) it wasn’t for him. She also makes a friend at the treatment center who offers to take her out to dinner before she gains the side effect of losing her appetite from the chemo treatment. At Lana’s (Emmanuelle Chriqui) house, she juggles a busy schedule, leaving Sarah (Inde Navarrette) and her sister Sophie (Joselyn Picard) to their own devices. When Lana meets up with Chrissy (Sofia Hasmik), they have an awkward encounter when Lana speaks of Kyle (Erik Valdez). 

While the Kents are all together, Jonathan (Michael Bishop) complains about the oversized, second-hand clothes Kyle gives him for training with the fire department. Jordan (Alex Garfin) arrives home, teasing his brother and complaining about his training. When Clark hears he’s needed at the D.O.D., he dashes off to find a dying Deadline (Jason Beaudoin) asking to be taken to Mannheim(Chad Coleman). Superman (Hoechlin) flies him to Mannheim’s office asking for help, and he declines, directing Superman to take Deadline to a hospital instead. 

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At the fire station, Sarah joins the fun in teasing Jonathan, and Kyle denies the request for new trainee clothes. Sophie complains about not doing anything fun while spending time at the fire station with Kyle. Back at the farm, Clark and Lois discuss Deadline and Mannheim just as Jordan comes in covered in mud. He tells Clark he saved people from a flood. His dad argues about not saving the day without him. Lois tells him she gave the okay. Finally, Clark agrees to test him since he thinks he’s ready. 

Bruno Mannheim plans to inject the corpse of Bizarro with XK and Superman’s blood. After the news that Deadline died today, Lois looks into estate planning. This causes Clark and Lois to argue about the potential of losing her. At Kyle’s place, he and Chrissy discuss their relationship. In the fortress, Clark and Jordan disagree about his future as a hero. Clark decides to make the simulations more difficult for him. 

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Lois has a lunch date with a new friend. They discuss Clark’s denial about potentially losing her to cancer. In the same vein of newfound friendships, Jonathan comes over to study with Sarah at Kyle’s place. When Kyle leaves, Sophie mentions being hungry but seeing nothing to eat in the fridge. Sarah tells her younger sister to get something to eat while she studies with Jonathan. 

Clark sitting in group therapy facing forward in Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 6, "Of Sound Mind."

Photo Credit: The CW

While at lunch, Lois admits she believes Mannheim’s hospital is a cover for something. She gets a different perspective on all the good the hospital has done for her and others. In the fortress, Jordan defeats both simulations simultaneously but gets frustrated when Clark adds another lesson. Laser beams come out of nowhere, hitting him. Because of this, the two argue. When Lana arrives at Kyle’s to pick up the girls, they realize Sophie is missing. They set a plan to search for her, and Lana finds Kyle at the grocery store, telling him of Sophie’s missing. He admits he had plans, which explains his absence from his apartment. Lana finds Chrissy on the aisle next to Kyle and storms out. 

Back at the Kent home, Jordan tells Lois about their training session, and she confronts Clark. They talk about his unwillingness to acknowledge the possibility of her death. She leaves for a drive and tells Clark to apologize to Jordan. As they look for Sophie, Jonathan and Sarah find her at the fairgrounds. When she asks to be left alone, Jonathan offers to talk to her. The two bond over feeling left out in their families just as Kyle joins them. He reassures her that her family does care about her, even though she believes they don’t. 

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Because of his help, Kyle tells him he may get a new shirt. Back at the farm, Clark and Jordan talk everything out but get interrupted by Lois calling for help. This turns out to be the trap with Onomatopoeia mimicking Lois’s voice. Although Clark attempts to fight back, he is no match for the formidable foe. While Jordan listens in, he tells Lois that Superman is in trouble, and she advises him to save his father. As Jordan attempts to help, he gets shot by a kryptonite gun. This is enough to spur Superman to fight back, besting Onomatopoeia. After a moment of uncertainty, Jordan begins breathing again. 

Back at the Kent home, Jonathan shows off his new shirt just when Clark and Jordan arrive home. Clark shares that kryptonite doesn’t affect Jordan the same way it does him. He believes his human side is what saved him. Finally, Clark shares he feels powerless in trying to keep Lois safe. Back at Lana’s, they apologize to Sophie, and Lana and Sarah agree to play video games with her. While at the Gazette, Kyle and Chrissy talk about their relationship, and Chrissy agrees to be his girlfriend. 

Lana sitting on the couch with Sophie in Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 6, "Of Sound Mind."

Photo Credit: The CW

As the episode ends, Clark rejoins group therapy and, this time offers to share. Onomatopoeia tells Bruno she can’t do this anymore and that her powers are fading and she’s getting worse. We find out that Superman’s new foe is Peia (Daya Vaidya), Lois’s new friend and Bruno’s wife. He vows to save her.

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What a surprise. Onomatopoeia is Bruno’s wife and Lana’s new friend. I cannot wait to see how this plays out! I love the emotional stakes this season and watching the characters grow. Seeing Superman feel powerless is definitely new and so well done. This season has been so amazing so far!

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on your CW affiliate, with next-day streaming on The CW app. 

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