After an amazing start and a taste of our big bad this season, Superman & Lois brings us Season 3 Episode 2, “Uncontrollable Force.” 

The episode begins with Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) running tests at the doctor’s office. We follow her through her days as she has a sense of worry. Back at home, the boys complain about not having school and leverage a chance to take the truck out driving. 

When Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) mentions the pregnancy, Lois doesn’t address her tests. At the diner, Sarah (Inde Navarrette) helps a reluctant Natalie (Tayler Buck) track down the doppelgänger of her crush. They encounter Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan (Michael Bishop). Sarah doesn’t share the plan to go to the crush’s party in Metropolis with the twins. 

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John Henry (Wolé Parks) gives Natalie a hard time when she tells him about the party but reluctantly allows her to go. At Lana’s (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Sarah isn’t truthful about the plan to go to the Metropolis. Lana gets a call from the previous mayor, George Dean (Eric Keenleyside). Onomatopoeia attacks George while he’s on the call with Lana. 

Lois and Clark team up for a story, despite Lois’s protests that she can go alone. They visit a judge to inquire about Henry Miller (Paul Lazenby). Back at home, Jonathan hears about the party in Metropolis from his ex and talks Jordan into flying them there. With authorities on the scene, Kyle (Erik Valdez) informs Chrissy (Sofia Hasmik) of George’s death. He describes the body as having a gunshot wound without a bullet. Because Sarah was close to his son, Lana sets out to find her to deliver the news. 

Sarah and Natalie facing forward in Superman & Lois, Season 3 Episode 2, "Uncontrollable Forces."

Photo Credit: The CW

At the party, Sarah activates wing woman mode to help Natalie after her crush appears to be taken. While Jordan attempts to mingle, he encounters Sarah. While investigating, Lois puts pressure on Judge Tara Regan (Karen Holness). Just as they realize the judge is hiding something, mysterious men usher the pair out after handing the judge a phone. 

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Natalie hits it off with a guy who recognizes her from her short time at Metropolis High. Meanwhile, Jonathan receives a gift from his ex, Eliza (Coral Humphrey), along with unwanted advances. Eliza misinterprets their week of communication. After coming to terms with their newfound friendship, Jordan and Sarah play beer pong with water cups. 

On the search for Sarah, Lana finds out Sarah’s whereabouts. John Henry invites her to have dinner. Clark and Lois’s investigation leads Lois to find the judge on the roof and Superman (Hoechlin) to encounter Bruno Mannheim (Chad Coleman). Because the judge feels no way out of her situation with Henry Miller, she feels she must end her life. Lois pleads with her. 

Before George died, he gave Lana a clue as to what was going on. John Henry then offers to help her figure it out. John Henry finds a flash drive behind the Pride of Smallville seal in the Mayor’s office. When Lana loads it up, Onomatopoeia appears, causing the glass to shatter and the wind to blow. Onomatopoeia takes the drive and destroys the computer. 

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The party takes a turn when some of the guys bully Jordan. Sarah stands up to them, throwing a drink at one of them. This interrupts Natalie’s conversation, and the foursome has to leave the party. 

Jonathan and Jordan sitting on the front steps in Superman & Lois, Season 3 Episode 2, "Uncontrollable Forces."

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To help Judge Regan, Lois tells her of her cancer diagnosis and urges her to fight like she now has to. She talks the judge off the ledge and explains her diagnosis to Clark when they’re home. Lois admits to having inflammatory breast cancer. To Mannheim’s disappointment, Onomatopoeia tells him about spotting John Henry. When the boys make it home, Lois shares the devastating news. 

While this episode had so many unique pieces to puzzle through, the most heartbreaking is Lois’s diagnosis and watching her process and share it with her family. My heart still aches after the episode ends about what this will mean as we see her journey in future episodes. 

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I’m also interested to see what happens next now that Mannheim and Onomatopoeia have discovered John Henry. The season is starting out, pulling at my heartstrings, and I can’t wait for what’s to come next week!

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