The CW’s Superman and Lois return from a few weeks of hiatus with Season 2 episode 10 “Bizarros in a Bizarro World”. Instantly, we see Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) safely arrive in this other world, but he finds the skeletal remains of Anderson (Ian Bohen) on the ground in the parallel mine. This world is truly bizarre with their backward speech pattern and their square earth. This episode takes us back and forth from the past to the present to give us the history of this Bizarro world.

Superman travels to the fortress of solitude and speaks to the Mother Box (Mariana Klaveno), delivering the news of her son’s passing. She informs Clark (Hoechlin) of the dangers associated with Ally (Rya Kihlstedt) having both parts of the pendant, but the hologram dims, and we see Bizarro Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) urging Clark to leave with him so they could plan at the farmhouse. It astonishes Clark that the Bizarro version of his son has abilities.

Clark takes in the abandoned farmhouse. Inside and out show no signs of the warm home it has always been on his earth. Jonathan shows Clark Ally’s broadcast that plasters his face over every news channel. The two have a somber moment when Clarke shares the news of Bizarro’s (Hoechlin) passing. Bizarro Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) appears, contradicting Jonathan’s claims of his father not caring about him.

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We get a glimpse of this world in a flashback to a red carpet event as Kal-El (Hoechlin) signs autographs, waves to fans and takes pictures. While he’s busy with fans on the carpet, Jonathan saves someone falling from a building. This action sets Jonathan on a path of his own hero journey, choosing the hero name Jon-El.

Even though the rule is Jon will only go out on missions with Superman present, he stops a traffic accident on his own. This sparks a disagreement between Lois, Kal-El and Jonathan. After the angry spout with his family, Jon’s girlfriend, Misty (Serena Crouse), introduces him to the Ally of Bizzaro World, hoping to help him find himself.

Back in the present, Lois reveals Jonathan is working for Ally.

Bizarro Lois talking to General Lane and Bizzaro Jonathan.

Flashing back to the past, Lois and Kal-El argue about his life choices with superhero duties, being there for his family, and using X-Kryptonite. Lois leaves him and goes to visit her father, Sam (Dylan Walsh), at the D.O.D. Jonathan breaks in, demands the XK, and advises Lois and Sam to disappear.

They disappear, but they hatch a plan. It is only when Kal-el appears offering to go to the other earth to stop Ally that the plan is complete. He makes amends with his family before his journey.

In the present, Jonathan pummels Clark, demanding the pendent and the whereabouts of Anderson.

In Anderson’s flashback, he makes it through the portal with both pieces of the pendant, but Ally, Jonathan, and Bizzaro Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) are waiting for him. He sees his counterpart, and Ally sees the pendant ordering Jordan to stop their merger. Jordan burns Bizzaro Anderson alive, which allows the other Anderson to escape. He searches for Lois and she takes him in.

When Jon asks about Anderson in the present, he joins Clark and Lois in the farmhouse, catching Jonathan by surprise and incapacitating him. They restrain him, while Anderson and Clark share a moment of understanding and remorse. Their goal is to keep the pendant away from Ally. Anderson realizes the errors of his ways.

Bizarro Jordan standing next to Bizarro General Lane.

Anderson gives Clark the pendants, facing off against Ally, Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner), Lana and Jonathan. Jonathan defeats Anderson and takes the Pendant from Clark. Ally and her other self merge.

Another flashback reveals Kal-el’s relationship with Tal. The two bond over the news of Lois’s pregnancy, and this is when Tal meets Bizarro Lana. Sparks fly and eventually they marry.

Time skips and Kal urges Tal to stay away from Ally, giving his brother the ultimatum of walking away from Ally or him. Tal ultimately walked away from his brother.

Back in the present, Ally merges, urging Jonathan to go to the other earth to merge with his other-self. Seeing Ally merge, Tal reconsiders past choices, betraying Lana to allow Clark to escape.

The last scene of the episode ends with Jon-El stating he’s there for Jonathan to complete his own merge.

There is so much to unpack in this Bizarro world. I truly hung onto every scene, awaiting the next. With the darker tone and this version of the El family, my heart ached.

Their issues were reminiscent of those on the other earth, but here the stakes seem bigger. Jon-El played into the hands of Ally and ended up completely under her influence. Kal-el allowed saving the world to be all-consuming to the point he allowed X-K to ruin him. It cost him everything.

I really wanted to believe Jon-El would reconsider, but it would seem next week, he’ll be attempting to complete the merge with his other-self. I hope Clark can stop him before that happens.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on The CW. You can stream it the next day on The CW app.

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