After Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) saved the world from our Bizzaro world counterparts last season, Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 1, “Closer,” starts 27 days after Season 2’s finale. 

Clark (Hoechlin) introduces the family to the more accessible fortress, while Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) unveils the new town hall in town. To let go of things that no longer serve them, Sam (Dylan Walsh) has the mine shut down. 

Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Clark share a moment in bed, disagreeing over a story she wants to investigate dealing with Bruno Mannheim. Soon after, Clark races Jordan(Alex Garfin) as they fly over the ocean. Jordan plunges into the ocean, and Clark advises him to practice sparring at The Gazette

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While the other pair has flying lessons, Lois and Jonathan (Michael Bishop) practice driving. The two clash, much to Jonathan’s dismay. At John Henry’s(Wolé Parks) place, Sam attempts to connect with Natalie (Tayler Buck), agreeing to catch a movie with her as her grandfather Sam did. 

In town, Kyle (Erik Valdez) encounters Lana, inquiring about their divorce papers. She’s interrupted by a crisis at the school. Word has gotten out as Chrissy (Sofia Hasmik) asks Clark to cover the story at the school. Before he can do this, Superman must catch a collapsing crane in Malaysia. He finds Jordan there, attempting to help. 

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The two disagree before Clark heads to the school, ordering Jordan to go straight home. He finds Lana there, discovering a black mold problem at the school. Off on her investigation, Lois goes undercover as a patient to speak with the John Henry of this earth’s sister. While his sister didn’t want to talk about her brother’s death or potential dealings, she gave Lois hope she could be pregnant. 

Jonathan and friends at his birthday party.

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Jordan and Sarah talk at the diner, leaving Sarah to reemphasize their friendship. To parallel Jordan’s disappointment, at the movie theater, Sam attempts to recruit Natalie to the D.O.D Academy. 

Back at the Kent house, Clark fills Lois in on Jordan’s visit to Malaysia and failed attempt at being a superhero, and she fills Clark in on her potential pregnancy. When Natalie arrives home, she tells John Henry about her disappointing outing with Sam. On the porch of the Kent home, Jonathan and Jordan express their grievances about the tutelage of their parents. They give each other wise words of wisdom to help them deal with their predicaments. 

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While out shopping, John Henry discovers Clark looking at pregnancy tests. Lana discovers the truth when Lois opts for water when they’re out for drinks. Jonathan gets a surprise during his driving test when his old football coach is the driving instructor. Although he had an obstacle, he still passed his test. After congratulating him, Clark and Lois discuss the possibility of more children. 

At Jonathan and Jordan’s birthday party, John Henry confronts Sam. Kyle and Chrissy unexpectedly find common ground when they encounter each other in the kitchen. During a sweet slideshow for the twins, Clark races off to save the day from Atom-Man, Henry Miller (Paul Lazenby). 

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The two come to blows, and Superman attempts to get answers about who gave him powers. Back at the party, Jordan and Sarah clear the air, and she asks him to respect her need for space. Although Jordan hears his father’s battle, he decides to stay put like Clark advised.

Lana, Lois and Clark, standing, holding drinks and talking.

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The battle ends with Atom-Man falling to the ground as if someone shot him, but upon closer investigation, there are no bullets. Superman sees a mysterious hooded figure, Onomatopoeia, before they disappear. 

At the party, Lana gets a warning about moving the funds to help the school. Sam also apologizes to Natalie and asks for her forgiveness. To wrap up the party, Clark and Lois tease the boys before they retreat to their rooms. The pair agree they want to expand their family and race off to the Tal’s villa. 

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At Kyle’s place, he wakes up with Chrissy just before Lana delivers the divorce papers, finalizing their separation. At The Gazette, Lana reveals Henry Miller had a brain tumor, which is why they released him. She gets a call from Doctor Irons, who tells her she’s not pregnant but would like to run more tests on her. The episode ends with Bruno Mannheim (Chad Coleman) bringing Henry Miller back to life. 

This episode did not disappoint! It was a great start and aptly named “Closer,” showing us the different relationships throughout the series. I love seeing Clark and Lois become closer and even the family as a unit. I also enjoyed seeing more of Sam and Natalie being brought into the fold. 

While it was a messy and exciting turn to see Chrissy and Kyle hook up, a background moment with Lana and John Henry caught Kyle’s eye. I’m intrigued by our new villains this season, and I can’t wait to see more of them and what’s going on with Lois’s health. 

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