Superman has been fairly absent in Justice League promotion. While the events of Batman v Superman saw him “die”, we’ve known he was going to return. Still, he’s yet to make many appearances in other merch and no appearances in the trailers, so far. This poster from Film Cells Ltd offers a bit of Supes fans have been waiting for.

While the rest of the League are in ready-action poses, Superman is just hovering above them. This doesn’t appear to be a photoshop of an older picture, so we have to assume it’s legit. Frankly, I think we need to rip the Superman bandaid off now and just get him in the promotion. They’re doing a better job teasing Green Lantern than Superman so just get it over with.

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One thing of note outside of Superman’s presence is Cyborg. His weapon looks crazy! It looks to be maybe some sort of laser canon. Whatever it is, I dig it.

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Erin Lynch