My heart absolutely never recovers from all the love and emotions from one episode to the next with Superman & Lois. I have no doubt that season three, episode ten, “Collision Course,” will be the same. 

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The episode starts with Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch ) ending her chemo journey. She gives a speech in front of her family about the hope they give her before ringing the bell and saying “screw cancer”. Back home, Lois and Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) disagree about holding Peia (Daya Vaidya) in exchange for evidence. She offers to go to the D.O.D. and talk to Peia. Clark opts to stay back and spend some time with the boys. 

At Lana’s, she gets ready to meet the governor, Kerry Wexeler. She tells Sarah (Inde Navarrette) that Chrissy (Sofia Hasmik) is going to cover the meeting. Sarah gets an invite to a party from George Dean Jr. (Dylan Leonard). Before the meeting, Kyle (Erik Valdez) brings up his suspicions about someone with powers in Smallville. Chrissy, knowing the truth, brushes it off. Back at the Kent’s, Clark tells the boys he wants to hang out. The pair, distracted by a video game aren’t responsive to the suggestion. 

After they agree to hang out with their father, Sarah texts Jonathan (Michael Bishop) about the senior party. Although Jordan (Alex Garfin) has reservations, he talks him into going as well. In Hob’s Bay, Matteo (Spence Moore II) prepares to see his mother. His father encourages him to see her even though it will be hard. He assures his father he’s ready. 

Sarah looking at Jordan who is facing forward.

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When Clark comes in with Wrestle Rumble tickets, radiating excitement, the boys break the news that they have plans. They offer to spend time with him another time. While at the D.O.D., Sam warns Lois that Peia might not give her the answers she’s looking for. The two catch up on Lois’s cancer treatments and then Lois offers the opportunity to set the record straight. She assures Peia she will be fair. 

Chrissy broaches the topic of Kyle and the Kent secret, but Lana refuses to speak with her, believing that she’s looking for relationship help. Before they can continue the governor arrives. Arriving at the senior party, Jordan quickly realizes he’s the fifth wheel while Jonathan catches up with Candice and Sarah talks with Junior (Leonard). 

After the boys break his heart, declining his offer to spend time, Clark joins Lois at the D.O.D. Sam gives him advice on this stage of parenthood. In the room with Lois, she questions Peia about the evidence that sent Lex Luthor to prison. Peia insists Lex deserves to be in jail. With the party in full swing, Sarah and Jordan argue. 

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While speaking with the governor, Lana impresses her, and they bond over being single mothers. They end up going to the diner with Chrissy in tow. Back at the party, Candice and Jonathan catch up. With the party in full swing, the cops intervene. Although they’ve been drinking, Sarah and Junior get into her car to escape with Sarah driving. A deer in the road, causes her to swerve and the car flips. Just before it can throw them, Jordan saves the pair from the car before flying away. 

With police and paramedics on the scene, they inform Kyle that they have to charge Sarah with a DUI. Junior tells Kyle about someone saving them, although Sarah denies seeing anything. At the D.O.D. Lois tries to console Clark about the boys not hanging out with him, and she gives Peia another chance to tell her story. 

Jordan interrupts their talk asking Clark for help. Clark assures him he did the right thing to save them. Once Clark realizes Jordan has been drinking, he tells him he and Jonathan are grounded. The two argue about the boys lying to Clark. 

Lois looking at Peia

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At the diner, Kyle interrupts Lana and the governor to tell her about Sarah. The governor realizes Chrissy is the other woman. He informs Lana of Sarah’s predicament and this ends her meeting with the governor. Back home, Sarah gets a lecture from her parents about driving drunk. This spurs Kyle to bring up the person who saved Sarah. The two continue to deny the story, which upsets Kyle. 

At the D.O.D. Peia agrees to talk to Lois to set a good example for Matteo after she speaks with her son. She releases her from the restraints so Peia can speak to her son properly. Matteo tells her his father’s cure works. He discreetly injects her with one of the cufflinks he is wearing. 

Lois can’t see the exchange as she has her back turned speaking on the phone with Clark about the boys and the party. At home with the boys, Clark confronts Jonathan, but he had not been drinking. When Lois returns to the room with Peia, she discovers Peia is better and now refuses to give a statement about Lex Luthor. Peia uses her powers, forcing Lois to help her escape. 

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Back at the Kent home, Kyle confronts Clark, believing Jonathan is the one with superpowers. Kyle refuses to let Clark go when he hears Lois in trouble. Clark has to speed off, revealing himself to Kyle as Superman (Hoechlin), but promising to explain it tomorrow. Superman arrives on the scene and Lois tells him Peia has escaped. Matteo and Bruno wait to reunite with Peia. They celebrate Bruno’s success as the show ends. 

What an episode! Peia’s cure was not how I expected this episode to end. I know that this draws a line in the sand for Matteo and Natalie (Tayler Buck). There is so much to unpack here, especially with Kyle learning the secrete too! With everyone in the know, I forgot that he didn’t know the secret. There is bound to be some resentment there for everyone keeping him out of the loop! I’m also going to miss Lois and Peia’s friendship. As doomed as it was, it was still sweet. 

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