Last week Geek Girl Authority’s Audrey Kearns brought you the Super Bowl twitter war between Star-Lord and Captain America. The Tale of Two Chris’s.

The gauntlet was thrown and this twitter battle has escalated in a really fun way!

Artist and graphic designer, Bamboota and have teamed up to design a Superhero Bowl 2015 t-shirt.

The Outlaw VS The Patriot!



Bamboota will donate her commission of $1 dollar per shirt and will match it. Proceeds will be donated to The Seattle Children’s Hospital and to Christopher’s Haven Mission.

You guys, I honestly don’t think The Superbowl has been this fun in a really long time and I can only imagine how amazing it is for the kid’s at Seattle Children’s and Christopher’s Haven to see two of their heroes raising this much awareness for them!

Inevitably I’m sure Star-Lord and Captain America will show up to both charities and I cannot wait to see that!

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