We’re one episode away from the Season 2 Finale of Supergirl and we’re in the thick of it with Rhea and her grand plan to turn Earth into New Daxam. Last week, Rhea tricked Lena into building a transmatter portal which allowed thousands of Daxamite troops and hundreds of Daxamite ships to invade National City. As the ships were coming in, Rhea beamed up Lena and Mon-El to her flagship so she could get a better vantage of the carnage below.

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This week, Team Supergirl must lead the resistance against Rhea and along the way they pick up some unlikely allies. Spoilery spoilers below.

Things are not good in National City. With the full force of the Daxamite army teleporting to various parts of the city, no one is safe. Except for Lena (Katie McGrath), who wakes up after being out of it for a few hours. Rhea is there with her and tries to pin her injuries on Supergirl, but Lena knows what happened. She knows what Rhea has done and she can’t help but feel guilty for not putting a stop to Rhea’s plans. Despite Lena’s obviously disdain for her former bestie, Rhea still wants Lena to be a part of the New Daxam.

Down in National City, everything is in chaos. The Daxamites have been taking out hostile threats while Rhea broadcasts a message to the people of National City informing them that she is now their queen and that they are now a part of this new world order.

As Maggie (Floriana Lima) fights off Daxamites at the NCPD, Alex and the rest of the DEO team have to deal with the Daxamites that have infiltrated the DEO headquarters. Alex does her best to evacuate the building, but she needs Supergirl’s help. Calling Kara, Alex tells her about the Daxamite threat. Supergirl flies as fast as she can, but Alex has no choice but to jump off the balcony (with style). Fortunately, Supergirl is there to catch her in time.

On the ship, Mon-El confronts his mother about what she’s doing. She explains the whole plan. She will turn National City to New Daxam complete with big statues and human slaves. Mon-El isn’t too keen on this plan and reminds Rhea that the people of Earth will not allow the Daxamites to invade their planet without a fight. Rhea, of course, has a plan for that, too. She’s going to force Mon-El to wed a human and that lucky human is Lena.

At the Alien Bar, Team Supergirl regroups and tries to come up with a plan to bring Rhea down. Unfortunately, they will have to fight without J’onn who is still comatose after Rhea used a White Martian device on him. James shows up and gives them an update on what’s happening on the streets and it’s all bad. James thinks that maybe Superman can help them but Supergirl has not been able to contact him. Isn’t that strange?

The team knows that they have to do something, but without J’onn to lead them, they’re a bit lost. “Maybe I can help you with that,” a voice says from behind them. Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) appears, and Team Supergirl greets her with guns at the ready.

“What? Not happy to see me?” she says.

Alex immediately wants to know where Jeremiah is, but that’s not important right now. Lillian wants to team up so they can save Lena and Mon-El. Lillian knows the kind of armaments that are on the ship and she knows that the only way to take it down is to get on board. Team Supergirl is a little skeptical about helping Lillian because after all, Lillian has tried to kill a lot of people on multiple occasions.

Alex kicks Lillian out of the bar, but before she leaves, she makes one more plea to Supergirl. Supergirl reluctantly agrees to call her if she changes her mind.

Back on the ship, Rhea gets a call from President Marsdin (Lynda Carter). The President dispenses with the pleasantries and demands that Rhea stop her invasion go National City. Rhea threatens to take the fight to Washington D.C., but in a surprise move, the President is actually flying towards National City on Air Force One.

Winn picks up on the airplane making its way towards National City and taps into the video feed. The verbal sparring between Rhea and President Marsdin is incredible and you can really see the strong personalities between these two women. It’s like finding out what would happen between an unmovable object and an unstoppable force.

After a few minutes of posturing, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) appears and tries to put an end to the bickering. “Is this really who you want to be? Testosterone-driven windbags, boasting about your big guns? Surely we don’t need to measure anything. We’re women,” she says. Her speech about being empowered women is inspiring as she tries to show both President Marsdin and Rhea that they can set aside their differences and talk peace.

Sadly, her speech falls on deaf ears as Rhea has no intention of talking peace with the humans. Supergirl sees the set up right away and make a bee line for Air Force One. At the same time, Rhea’s ship fires on the airplane, taking it down with a powerful blast. Cat falls out of the airplane but Supergirl is able to save her. As they stand in the wreckage of Air Force One, they are very surprised to see President Marsdin alive, and in her alien form.

At the bar, the addition of Cat and the President adds some powerful voices to the resistance. Cat reveals President Marsdin’s secret and the President does her best to the quell any fears regarding her presence.

In a sit-down with Supergirl, Winn, and Alex, the President tells them about her home planet, Durla, and how it fell to alien invaders because of her people’s inaction. She knows the plight of the refugee and she knows that there is no way they are going to allow National City to fall to the Daxamites. She gives them their orders: find the positron cannon on top of the DEO building and bring down Rhea’s ship. With J’onn incapacitated, it will be up to Alex, the Acting Director of the DEO, to carry out the orders.

On the ship, Lena and Mon-El meet with Rhea. They are adamant that they will not be marrying each other, but Rhea knows how to convince them otherwise. While she doesn’t need them to produce an heir (because Daxamites can be born out of genetic materials), she does want a wedding and the way she’s going to get it is by destroying the Luthor Family Children’s Hospital and then all the other hospitals in the city. With that threat looming, Mon-El and Lena have no choice but to go through with the ceremony.

Now it comes down to a difficult decision. Alex has her orders and she means to follow through with them. Both her and Supergirl know that Mon-El and Lena are still up on the supership, but Alex has no choice. She must save thousands of people, even if it means sacrificing two of them. Supergirl goes outside for some air and there she sees Cat.

One thing we have missed throughout this season is Cat’s words of wisdom and this is the best time to hear them. Supergirl feels selfish that she wants to go to the ship and rescue Mon-El and Lena, but Cat disagrees. It’s not selfish to love two people and want to save them, in fact, it’s a very human thing to do. Cat’s words make Supergirl’s task all the clearer. She flies off to find Lillian and Cyborg Superman; it’s time to get on that ship.

Getting on the ship won’t be that easy, but Cyborg Superman knows exactly what they need. In the Fortress of Solitude, Superman kept a Phantom Zone Projector that will allow them to beam onto the Daxamite ship. With Cyborg Superman’s help, they can get on board undetected. While they work on getting on the ship, Alex will be going to the DEO to get to the cannon. Both teams will need a distraction, and Cat volunteers her expert services.

Before they leave Winn “accidently” bumps into Cyborg Superman and places something on him. Tricky.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Cyborg Superman works on activating the projector. While they wait, Supergirl asks Lillian why she never told Lena the truth about Supergirl=Kara. Lillian knows that once Lena finds out the truth on her own, that she will hate Supergirl for keeping the secret. Before they get too into, the portal activates and beams them onto the supership.

Cat arrives at CatCo and is shocked not by the ruined state it’s in, but by the sports paraphernalia, and free weights that James has in the office. The way she talks, you would think that she’s coming back.

Arriving at the DEO, Maggie and Alex make their way to the cannon. President Marsdin wants to know where Supergirl is, but Alex, refusing to reveal their true plans, comes up with an excuse for Supergirl’s absence.

Back on the ship, Rhea’s about to seal the marriage deal, but before she can pronounce them man and wife, Cat Grant interrupts the proceedings with a video message of her own. The message is simple: resist. Cat tries to rally the people of National City into fighting the invaders, and it works. Rhea is understandably upset and sends Mon-El and Lena away. She then orders her men to find Cat and kill her.

Meanwhile, Supergirl is making quick work of the Daxamite soldiers on the ship. Cyborg Superman taps into the ships mainframe and locates Lena. On the other side of the ship, Mon-Ela and Lena are being escorted to their rooms by a single guard. Mon-El tries to order him to let them go, but that has no effect. Going to Plan B, Mon-El punches him and they scuffle for second before Lena shoots the guard with a gun. Now free, they make their way to the closest exit.

At the DEO, Maggie and Alex have made their way to the positron cannon. Alex reports in to the President who assures her that they are watching her every move. Orders are orders.

Mon-El and Lena come across a locked door. Using her tiara as a key, Lena is able to get the door mechanism working. Once they open the door, they see Supergirl take out the three guards that were waiting for them. It’s an awkward yet touching reunion between Mon-El and Supergirl but everyone is happy to see everyone. That is until Cyborg Superman, Lillian and Lena beam off the ship before Mon-El and Supergirl can get to them. That’s right, Lillian left them on the ship to die.

Lillian gives Alex a call and tells them that they’re all safe in the Fortress. This gives Alex the green light to fire on the ship.

Lena demands that Lillian turn the projector on, but Lillian is not going to that. She wants Supergirl and Mon-El, the aliens, to the die with the other aliens. Lillian is genuinely surprised that Lena doesn’t see things her way. Yet.

On the ship, Supergirl tells Mon-El about the bug they placed on Cyborg Superman that will allow them to beam back to the planet surface. The bug is also able to control Cyborg Superman for the time being.

As they prepare to beam back to Earth, Supergirl tells Mon-El that she’s not going with him. “Your mother deserves to surrender gracefully,” she tells him and Mon-El tries very hard to convince her that it’s not going to work. Supergirl is confident that Rhea will surrender because she has lost this fight. Beaming Mon-El back to the surface, Supergirl goes to find Rhea.

At Catco, the Daxamite soldiers star beaming in and surround Cat and Winn. Luckily, Guardian is there to save them. After he takes down the soldiers, Cat thanks “James” because she can see his eyes through the slits. It’s a very funny moment.

Mon-El arrives in the Fortress of Solitude, and calls Alex and tells her that Supergirl is still on the ship. Alex hesitates to fire the cannon, but the President commands her to fire.

Supergirl approaches Rhea and tells her that it’s all over. But it’s really not. With Alex’s hand hovering over the button, a heat beam shoots the cannon down. Stunned, Alex knows that she just lost her chance of destroying the ship. On board, Rhea tells Supergirl that it’s all over for her. Supergirl hears the whoosh of a cape and when she turns around, she is knocked back. Looking up, she sees Superman approach her.

Superman! What?!

The Supergirl Season 2 Finale airs this coming Monday at 8pm PST/EST on The CW.



  • I would pay good money to see a crossover with Lillian Luthor and Sherlock’s The show would just be them pulling heists and being arrogant badasses. Or maybe they’ll be pitted against each other. Just spitballin’ here.
  • Kara on voting for Marsdin: “Every time I think I can’t get happier I voted for that woman…” #sheswithher
  • “And the future is female, we’ve all read the T-shirts.” And that right there is the overarching message of the show. The future is female everyone, and here are some examples of how tough, compassionate and intelligent they can be.
  • Well, of course, President Marsdin is a Democrat.
  • “It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you love.”
  • “They promise to make our world great again, and yet they know nothing about the people who make this world great.” This can apply to so many things.
  • Alex Danvers is a superhero in her own right.
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