All right, we are back with another exciting episode of Supergirl. Last week Supergirl and Maggie worked together to save Alex’s life and Lena and Rhea formed a business partnership to create a transmatter portal that will undoubtedly be used for something bad.

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This week in the “City of Lost Children,” we’ll find out why Rhea wants that portal working.

We start off with a woman walking down a desolate street in National City who is being followed close behind by an unknown man. She turns to look behind her and another man appears in front of her. They clearly mean to harm her in some way, but Guardian is there to stop them. The woman, frightened by the bad men, is equally frightened of Guardian. He tries to assure he that he’s there to help her, but she runs away. Her quick departure leaves a bad taste in Guardian’s mouth.


The next morning, Lena (Katie McGrath) and Kara are enjoying a nice lunch over at CatCo while talking about Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and a possible N*SYNC reunion. Lena apologizes for canceling previous lunch dates, but she confesses that she’s working on something with a new partner that will blow people away. Rhea calls a few seconds later and the lunch date comes to an end.

Elsewhere in National City, Winn meets up with James while he’s getting lunch. Winn is concerned about James abrupt exit the night before, and James explains why. He’s concerned that Guardian is not inspiriting hope in the way that Supergirl and Superman inspires hope. Instead, according to James, Guardian inspires fear and that is something that James absolutely does not want to see happen.  Winn tries to convince him otherwise, but James can’t shake the feeling.

A woman (Lauren Gibson) slowly approaches the square and her nervous nature catches the eye of a police officer. Suddenly the ground starts to shake the woman’s eyes glow purple. The police officer tries to stop her but he is thrown aside. Winn calls in to the DEO, as the woman starts throwing carts and cars with her mind. James and Winn try to get people out of the square, but Supergirl shows up to save the day.


Over at the DEO the manhunt begins for the woman with the superpowers. J’onn and Alex have no idea where she could have gone, but Supergirl and Mon-El are canvassing the streets to see if they can get any leads. James offers to help, but J’onn reminds him that it’s a DEO matter.

Rhea (Teri Hatcher) and Lena go over their notes from their first test of the new transmatter portal. By the sounds of it, it didn’t go as plan, but Rhea is confident that Lena will get the device to work. Lena, on the other hand, is skeptical that she has the capabilities to get the machine running. Rhea, like any good mentor, gives Lena a pep talk before she goes to check on the progress of the portal.

Outside, Mon-El is casually walking the streets with an ice cream in his hand. Looking across the way, he thinks he sees Rhea leaving the restaurant. A man bumps into Mon-El, causing him to lose focus for a second. When he looks back, Rhea is gone, but Mon-El believes what he saw.

In a dark alley, a transaction takes place between a human and our favorite alien Brian (Josh Hallem). Guardian swoops down to stop it, knocking out the human and scaring an already scared Brian. Brian begs Guardian to let him go and then offers up some intel. He knows where the woman lives.

Guardian enters the woman’s house but she’s not there. Looking around he can see that she doesn’t live alone, she has a son. Hearing a noise behind him, he sees the little boy trying to leave the apartment. Guardian assures the boy that he’s not going to hurt him and takes off his mask. That gesture is enough to calm the little boy down.

At the DEO, Alex tries to get the little boy, Marcus (Lonnie Chavis), to give her some information about his mom. Unable to get through to him, Alex decides that it’s time to try another method. James believes that the boy has gone through too much to trust anyone, but Alex notices that Marcus is closely watching James. Alex decides that James must be the one to talk to the little boy. James agrees but only on his terms.

Just as Winn gets back to his desk, Mon-El shows up and asks him to scan Earth’s orbit to make sure that his mother’s ship is no longer there. Winn does a quick scan to confirm that Rhea is gone. Mon-El breathes a sigh of relief.

At an L Corp testing facility, Lena is once again trying to make the portal work. Lena is understandably frustrated and jokingly suggests that they spring Lex out of jail because he is the smarter one. Rhea believes that Lena can make the machine work and helps her work through the problem. Suddenly Lena has a breakthrough.

Over at CatCo, James shows his “nephew” Marcus around the place. In his office, James does his best to make a connection with Marcus and it works. By showing Marcus his camera collection and talking a bit about his father, James creates a safe place for Marcus to reveal a little bit about himself.

Mon-El shows up at CatCo to pay Kara a visit. He tells her about seeing his mother the night before, and how much he hates the fact that he still cares for his mother despite all that she’s done. It’s a tough position for Mon-El to be in, but luckily, he won’t have to deal with his mother any time soon. Right?

While everything is all well and good, Team Supergirl has no idea that Lena is about to fire up the machine again.

In James’ office, Marcus sees his mother on the news. “My mother would never hurt anybody on purpose,” he says. Before he can tell James where he thinks his mother could be a food-bearing Eve (Andrea Brooks) interrupts them.

Right then Lena starts up the machine. Marcus immediately stops what he’s doing and his eyes glow purple. All around them the CatCo building starts to shake, furniture gets thrown around, and papers start to fly. Marcus is about the bring the whole building down.

Over at the testing facility, Lena and Rhea celebrate the successful test of the portal.

Back at CatCo, James and Mon-El do their best to save the people inside the building, Supergirl flies in and takes Marcus out of there, interrupting his hold on the building.

Just as Lena powers down the portal, Marcus returns to normal.


At the DEO, Marcus sits quietly in cell while Kara explains what happened with Marcus. J’onn understand that perhaps his mother has no control over what she did. They know they need Marcus to tell them where the mother is, and they look to James to help them. A defeated James declines their request to help Marcus and starts to leave, but J’onn catches up to him.

J’onn knows that James is the only one to help Marcus. He tells a story about when he found his purpose after the birth of his first daughter. Knowing that she needed someone to protect her, J’onn found his mission. “I saw a reflection of myself in my daughter. I think you already see a reflection of yourself in him,” J’onn says.  If James really wants to be a hero, now is his chance.

Now that they have Marcus at the DEO, they can now try to figure out what caused Marcus to lose control. They discover that his race, the Phorians, are susceptible to changes in atmospheric energy. Measuring the electromagnetic energy around the city, they determine that the spikes in energy are being created with high levels of polyatomic anions. Kara remembers Lena mentioning anions earlier and gives her a quick call.

The person who answers is not the one Kara was expecting.


Hearing Rhea’s voice, Kara is shocked that she’s on Earth and even worse, is with her friend Lena. Rhea relishes in the fact that Kara has no idea where she is or what she’s doing. Kara believes that she’s angry because of Mon-El and tells her to get over it, but Rhea will do no such thing. She attributes Mon-El’s decision to stay on Earth to Kara’s selfishness.

In what is quite possibly the best villain monologue Supergirl has seen, Rhea makes it perfectly clear that every horrible thing that is about to happen will be Supergirl’s fault. “Every city that burns, every nation that falls, for every child of Earth that cries out, ‘Why is this happening?’ The answer is Supergirl.” Mon-El tries to get his mother to see reason, but Rhea is dead set on “waking Mon-El up.”

James sits down with Marcus to get some answers. Marcus is upset that they will have to pack up and leave the planet because people will believe that him and his mom are bad people. James tells Marcus a story about how Clark helped him to see that people can be trusted and that whatever barriers he put up, came down once he decided to let people in. James wants Marcus to trust him, and he finally does. He tells James that he can see his mother, and James agrees to protect them if Marcus shows him the way.


James tells J’onn the plan to find Marcus’ mother. J’onn doesn’t think it’s a good idea to let Marcus out of the DEO, but Winn assures him that with a portable telekinetic dampener they can control the effect the electromagnetic changes will have on Marcus and his mother.

Leading them into an abandoned warehouse, they find Marcus’ mom, but she’s not alone. Slowly, another dozen Phorians come out of hiding.

Lena is excited to start trials the next day, but she knows that more successful runs will mean that Rhea will be leaving and Lena will lose the closest thing she’s had to a mother in a very long time. Rhea recognizes the bond they share, “You are a marvel, Lena,” she says, “any mother should be proud to call you daughter.” Then, much to Lena’s surprise, Rhea activates the machine and opens the portal.

At the DEO, Alex picks up the spike in electromagnetic changes. Supergirl, J’onn and Mon-El prepare to confront Rhea,  but not before Mon-El picks up a piece of equipment.

Knowing that the dampener is only effective with 2 people, Winn and James know that National City is in danger. James believes that if he can break the telekinetic link between all the Phorians then he can save everyone.


Over at the testing facility, Supergirl and Mon-El show up. Unfortunately, they are unable turn the machine off. Mon-El demands to know what Rhea is planning, but she refuses to tell them. “You’re bringing something here,” Mon-El says. Supergirl grabs Rhea and Supergirl knocks her out briefly. Flying to the portal, Supergirl tries to shut it down, but she is knocked back.

J’onn tries to engage Rhea, but Rhea has a White Martian device ready to go. Activating it, she immobilizes J’onn and traps him in his own mind. Mon-El decides it’s time to put an end to all of this, and pulls a gun on his mother. “Did you learn that we’re not bulletproof here?” he asks.

Now in the eye of a telekinetic storm, James tries to get through to Marcus. He compliments Marcus on his strength and reiterates that he is not alone in the world. That alone is enough to get Marcus out of his trance and freeing everyone else.

With a gun drawn on her, Rhea works her word magic on Mon-El because she knows that he won’t shoot her. “Even though you’ve turned your back on me, I know you love me.” Mon-El demands to know where his father is, and Rhea spins an amazing guilt-trip story about how Lar Gand took his own life because Mon-El abandoned them.

Rhea places her hand on the gun, and Mon-El, grief stricken and powerless, lowers his gun.


We then see what Rhea’s plan was all along. Knowing that there were thousands of Daxamites who survived the destruction of Daxam, she opened a portal so that they could invade Earth.

“Welcome to New Daxam,” Rhea says triumphantly as a teleporter takes her, Lena, and Mon-El off the planet.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm PST/EST on The CW.


  • Honestly, is Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears anyone’s OTP? Was it the matching denim outfits? Is that’s what did it?
  • Teri Hatcher needs to be the villain in everything from now on.
  • Teri Hatcher also needs to be a mentor to future villains from now on.
  • Actually, Teri Hatcher should just be a regular on all the DC shows.
  • Again Mon-El was able to do very little in this episode. I knew that he would never shoot his mother, so I really feel he could have done more. What? I don’t know. Just…more.
  • It was good to see James take on the hero role without having to use his Guardian suit.
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