All right we’re back. After being off for a week Supergirl is back and some truths are about to be revealed. The last time we saw Supergirl, she was saving a group of aliens from being sent to another planet by Cadmus. Fortunately, Team Supergirl was there to save the day. But, an alien spaceship containing an intergalactic power couple entered Earth’s orbit and we have no idea why they’re there.

What could they possibly want? We’re about to find out. Spoilers below!

Supergirl S0216a

We start with #Karamel enjoying a nice evening together at Kara’s apartment. After having binged watched Game of Thrones, they are about to move on to something a little more cheerful. But before they can get to the musical Funny Face, there is a city-wide takeover of all the TV screens and a woman’s voice comes on. No one knows who she is, but she demands that Mon-El’s “captors” release him before dawn.

At the DEO, Team Supergirl is stumped. Alex doesn’t know why anyone would bother with a Guard from Daxam, and Mon-El claims he has never seen the spaceship that’s currently in orbit. J’onn can’t seem to find any information on the ship so he calls out to Winn, who is currently indisposed at the moment.

Over at the National City Art Museum, Winn and Lyra (Tamzin Merchant) are having their night out. She wants to break into the museum, but Winn tries to convince her to wait until the morning.  Lyra; however, wants to have “divine museum sex” which is all the convincing Winn needs to help her break in.

Supergirl S0216b

With Winn unable to help them, Supergirl decides to approach the ship on her own. Mon-El is visibly worried for her, but Supergirl isn’t too concerned. Approaching the ship, she is greeted by a missile shot right at her. It misses, but she knows now that the ship is hostile. Aiming her heat lasers at it, she hits nothing but it’s shields. Seconds later they return fire with a bubble shot that encapsulates her in a thick, seemingly unbreakable shell. Falling to Earth Supergirl uses her strength to break the shell just before she crashes.

Flying back to the ship, Supergirl is ready for round 2. However, from the DEO, Mon-El can see that the ship has locked all weapons on her. He calls out to the ship and tells them that he is ready to relinquish himself to the ship.

Supergirl S0216c

Getting back to the DEO, Supergirl intercepts Mon-El right before he is about to go onto the ship. Since the ship tried to kill her, she is concerned about Mon-El’s safety once he is on board. Mon-El assures her that he will be ok, but Supergirl doesn’t fall for the line. As soon as the teleporter activates, she rushes to him, and they are both transported to the ship.

Once on board, Mon-El is concerned that Supergirl is there with him. He was set to handle the situation by himself, but Supergirl wasn’t about to let him put himself in harm’s way. Of course, Mon-El has another reason why he wanted to go alone. Looking around, Supergirl sees a group of masked people kneeling before them. “Are they bowing to us?” she asks, confused.

Supergirl S0216d

From behind them a woman speaks and calls Mon-El’s name. Turning, Mon-El faces the couple we saw before. And of course they’re his parents, Queen Rhea (Teri Hatcher) and King Lar Gand (Kevin Sorbo) of Daxam.

Now that it has been confirmed that Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam, (yes, the same Prince of Daxam that Kara didn’t have a nice thing to say about) things are about to get weird. Mon-El tries to get back down to Earth but his parents will have none of that. Inviting Kara to a feast, they are about the celebrate their family reunion.

Back at the DEO, Winn is enjoying the aftermath of a lovely night at the Art Museum when he gets a call from Maggie who asks him to come down to the police station. Winn knows exactly what it’s about.

Sitting in an interrogation room, Winn stress eats donuts while Maggie asks him about what he was doing at the Art Museum the night before. Winn admits that he and Lyra went in after hours to look at art, but doesn’t divulge anymore information. While he thinks he’s there because of the “museum sex” he’s actually there something a little more serious than that. At some point during the night, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” was stolen from the museum, but the secure camera footage only shows him.  Unable to explain why Lyra isn’t in the footage with him, he requests a phone call.

Supergirl S0216e

Back on the spaceship, Kara and Mon-El are having an awkward dinner with the fam. Mon-El wants to know how they found him and he learns that it was the beacon that he sent that caught their attention. They were able to piece together parts of his message and when they were on Slaver’s Moon, they got all the information they needed to set a course for Earth.

Now that they have found Mon-El his parents plan on returning to a Daxam, and make it “great again.” Mon-El is hesitant to agree to that, knowing that he must leave Kara. Rhea blames his hesitation on the “Kryptonian” but Kara fires right back, attributing his reluctance to the fact that she has shown him what “integrity” means. Shots fired.

Lar Gand tries to calm everyone down by asking Mon-El about his escape. We flashback to the day Krypton exploded. Mon-El is in bed with a lady, when his guard comes rushing in, urging him to leave as soon as he can. Keeping him safe, the guard gets him to a small pod, where the Krypton Emissary is trying to make his way back to Krypton. The guard pulls the Emissary away from the pod, blaming his people for the destruction of Daxam, and shoots him right then and there. Mon-El, unable to save the Emissary and anyone else for that matter, has no choice but to get into the pod. The guard defends the pod long enough for Mon-El to make his escape.

Now that he has told the truth about his escape, Mon-El’s parents laud his bravery, but Kara sees it as something completely different. Getting up from the table, Kara knows that she needs to get back to Earth. Mon-El follows her.

Now at the DEO, Mon-El tries to smooth things over with Kara, but to her everything has changed. Not only did he lie to her about who he truly was, but as the Prince of Daxam, he was one of the leaders of that terrible, no good planet. “I thought you were just born on a cruel planet, but you lead it. You benefited from its cruelty.” Kara wants to know if he even feels guilt over the deaths of his guard or the Kryptonian Emissary. Mon-El says he does, but Kara has a hard time believing him and flies away.

Supergirl S0216f

Back at the police station, Alex and James show up to help Winn. Winn maintains his innocence, but the video shows absolutely nothing to help him. Maggie believes Lyra set him up and because he can’t get a hold of her, it only further proves the fact that she used him. Alex asks Maggie to release Winn to the DEO so that they can use him to catch Lyra. Maggie gives them 24 hours.

At the DEO, an analysis of the security footage shows that nothing has been altered. However, as a Valerian, Lyra can’t be seen in security footage or photographs. On top of that, there have been reports of other heists where the men claimed their girlfriend tricked them into going into museums. With evidence stacking up against him, Winn can only think of the one place where Lyra might be. It’s time to go back to the Alien Bar.

Before they leave, Alex has a sister talk with Kara about Mon-El. Alex understands that Kara is hurt, and that she really hates Mon-El for what he did and what he has done. Alex tries to put some things into perspective. Yes, Mon-El’s family were a bunch of oppressors who benefitted from slavery and debauchery in order to maintain their lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that Mon-El isn’t regretful for his part in it. Alex tries to convince Kara to hear him out.

Supergirl S0216g

Moments later Rhea appears inside the DEO and she wants to have a chat with Kara.

Over at the Alien Bar, Alex is roughing up a alien, Worris, for information on Lyra. Worris is reluctant to give any information, but when Alex promises to get him Hamilton tickets, he tells them exactly where to find Lyra.

Out on the balcony overlooking the city, Rhea and Kara have their talk. Rhea starts by thanking Kara, a Kryptonian, for taking care of her son, a Daxamite. Kara knows that their meeting isn’t just for Rhea to say thank you, so Rhea gets to the point. She wants to return to Daxam so that they can rebuild it and the only way they can rebuild is by taking Mon-El with them. Rhea needs Kara’s help to convince Mon-El to speak to his parents. Kara doesn’t know why Mon-El would listen to her, but Rhea believes that Mon-El is under Kara’s spell and will listen to her. Rhea is also skeptical about Kara, believing that Kara will eventually start to look down on Mon-El, because apparently, that’s what Kryptonians do.

Supergirl S0216h

At the Jupiter Springs Trailer Resort, Winn confronts Lyra about what she did to him. He believes that she took her time with him because she had feelings for him, but Lyra vehemently denies any of that. Winn leaves her trailer, but he’s not alone. Standing outside, Guardian is waiting so he can bring her in. But she also has backup of her own.

Guardian takes on Lyra’s two Valerian friends, while Winn goes after her. Winn isn’t much of a fighter, so Lyra is able to get the jump on him. Still he distracts her long enough for Alex to show up and help out. Unfortunately, a van pulls up and take two of the aliens away, leaving Lyra behind.

At the DEO, Winn confronts Lyra once more about what she did to him. Now that she is in DEO custody, she can tell Winn the truth. As a refugee and a thief, she has been stealing pieces of art for an alien gang because they have been threatening to kill her brother, Bastian. Even though she didn’t want to use Winn, she had no choice. But now that the DEO has her and the painting, she believes her brother is as good as dead.

Getting the name of the fencer, a former Fort Rozz inmate named Mandrax, Winn tries to convince the team that all they need to do is find Mandrax, give him the painting, and get Lyra’s brother back. J’onn isn’t too quick to jump to Lyra’s aid, knowing that she is a thief and a known liar. He thinks that she knows how to manipulate Winn and this story is just another con. J’onn decides that they have bigger fish to catch and that apprehending Mandrake and taking down his gang is much more important than helping Lyra.

Winn, kind-hearted Winn, decides to go against J’onn’s order and help Lyra himself.

Supergirl S0216i

In the infirmary, Kara meets Mon-El and tells him about the meeting she had with Rhea. Mon-El doesn’t want to talk to his mother but he does want to fix things with Kara. Kara doesn’t want to have that conversation just yet, but she does bring up something that Mon-El is forgetting. This is his second chance to make things right, and to be with his people and his parents. It’s a second chance that Kara will never get to have and one that he really needs to take advantage of. “You’re a prince, so start acting like one,” she says as she leaves.

At an empty warehouse, Lyra, Winn, and Human Henchman #1 wait for Mandrax to come collect the panting. Once he arrives, the human gives him the painting, while Lyra impatiently waits to hear about her brother. A moment later, another henchman appears dragging Bastian with him. Winn thinks the deal is done, but Mandrax wants to check the painting first. Discovering the painting is a fake causes Mandrax to go into rage. Before he can do any physical damage to Winn, Guardian shows up to take him on.

Mandrax proves to be just a little too strong for Guardian, but Guardian doesn’t back down. As he fights Mandrax, Winn tries to make a deal, but it’s too late to bring to real painting. Grabbing one of the henchman’s guns, Winn points it at the main guy, resulting in a good, old-fashioned standoff. Just as Guardian comes crashing through another plate of glass, Alex and a squad of DEO agents show up, capturing Mandrax and the humans who work for him. Lyra can now have her happy reunion with her brother.

With Winn now cleared of any wrong doing, he can now turn his attention back to Lyra. Even after everything she has done, she’s surprised that Winn is not angry with her. Even though she has a reason to stay, it’s time for her and her brother to move on.

Winn and Kara have a little chat. Kara is surprised that Winn would forgive Lyra for lying to him, but Winn knows she did it all for the greater good. “She didn’t do what she did to hurt me. She was willing to sacrifice herself for someone she cared about.” Now, just replace Lyra’s name with Mon-El’s name and the same sentiment applies to him. Right? Winn thinks Kara should talk to Mon-El about what happened.

Mon-El is waiting for Kara when she arrives at her apartment. He wants to talk to her “before he loses her forever” and decides to set everything straight by introducing himself, the real Mon-El. He praises her honesty, and professes his love for her. “I deserve better than being lied to,” she says and Mon-El absolutely agrees with her.

“Were you ever going to tell me the truth?” she asks and Mon-El honestly tells her that he’s not sure he would have. Kara takes this as a sign of how Mon-El wants things to be: easy, with as little work put into it as possible. She breaks it off with him and asks him to leave. It’s painful to watch.

Supergirl S0216j

Mon-El teleports back on his parents ship and tells them that Kara has broken up with him. Rhea is pleased to hear it, knowing that it means that he has nothing to keep him on Earth. His father asks him to go back with them to Daxam so he can unite his people. Mon-El flat out refuses.

Rhea tries to persuade him that things will be different, but Mon-El remembers how he was. “I think about our lives there and it makes me ill. I detest who I was,” he says. Rhea believes that Kara has poisoned his mind, but Mon-El is quick to dispel that theory. He admits that Kara is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Mon-El demands to he be sent back to Earth and tells his parents to leave Earth once and for all and never come back.

Supergirl S0216k

The next morning, a heartbroken Supergirl returns to the DEO. Winn meets up with her and shows her an interdimensional device that Cisco developed. At that moment, J’onn makes an announcement to the entire DEO about a new prisoner that is being brought in.

Everyone turns to see who the new prisoner is and in comes the Music Meister (Darren Criss). He is pleased to see Supergirl there since he has been looking for her. His eyes then flash with a weird hypnotic pulse that sends Supergirl into a trance. Taking everyone by surprise, he breaks his handcuffs and escapes from the agents holding him. The rest of the agents draw their weapons, but it’s too late. The Music Meister grabs the interdimensional device from Kara’s hand and activates it.

With a portal forming behind him, he addresses everyone, “I’ve had a blast! But I gotta chase down the fastest man alive.” He then jumps through the portal and disappears.

Unable to move, Kara falls to the ground. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a different time, her hair and clothes completely changed. A man approaches her and tells her that she’s “on”. Not knowing what to do, she follows him, and finds herself on a stage with a microphone in front of her.

To be continued on The Flash!

Supergirl is on Mondays, at 8pm PST on The CW.


  • So I guess the fandom is going with Karamel for the shipper name? Karamel. I get it. I kind of liked Monkara, but Karamel sounds…sweet…
  • Alien: “Anyone ever tell you you’ve got anger issues?” Alex: “I prefer the term leadership skills.”
  • The idea that some of the Hamilton actors are aliens is kind of amazing. Lin-Manuel is certainly too cool to be from this planet, I tell ya.
  • Okay, I’m going to be real straight here. Yes, Mon-El lied to you, Kara, but you were super clear about how much you didn’t like Daxamites. He knows that he was a bad person there and he’s been trying to be a better person on Earth. Are you really going to die on that “he lied to me” hill? I think I would have lied to you, too.
  • And Mon-El, you have got to make things right. I’m too invested in this relationship, but all signs point to him leaving at the end of the season. No me gusta.
  • I liked that Mon-El’s father was Lar Gand. Lar Gand being the other name Mon-El goes by in the comics. I see that connection.
  • Now about Mon-El becoming a Superhero. Will he eventually become Valor on the show? I would like to see that. I think Mon-El has done his time as the side plot and the sidekick, let’s give him some Guardian-esque love.
  • And speaking of Guardian. More of him, please. I enjoy his one-liners.


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