New week new episode of Supergirl! Last week’s episode was a doozy. Jeremiah was “rescued” from Cadmus, rejoined the DEO only to be revealed as a Cadmus double agent with a cybernetic arm. Mon-El and Kara had a slight falling out over Jeremiah but they hashed things out in the end. Due to Jeremiah’s double-cross, Cadmus, sneaky, diabolical Cadmus now has the National Alien Registry. We can only imagine what they will do with that list.

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Well imagine now more! Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1…!

Supergirl S0215a

We start with a fun family car ride through the open country that suddenly takes a turn when a police car stops them. The nice police officer tells the man that he has a broken taillight. Getting out of the car, the man goes to check, but sees that there is nothing wrong. The “police officer” quickly handcuffs him and the man yells out to his family in an alien language, telling them to run. A black van pulls up right next to the family car and the mother and daughter try to make their escape, but it’s too late. The men, obviously Cadmus agents, grab the family and throw them into the back of the black van. The father demands to know what they plan on doing with them, but we get no answer.

At the DEO, we find out that Cadmus has pulled off 20 similar abductions, but no one knows what Cadmus is doing with these aliens. They know they have to warn the other aliens about Cadmus, but they have no way of getting the message out there. The DEO can’t do it because they are a secret Government organization that no one knows about and the doing it anonymously the story might not be taken as seriously as if it came from a reputable source. Supergirl believes that getting a front page story on CatCo will be the only way to get to the aliens.

The next morning at CatCo, Snapper (Ian Gomez) refuses to put a story up on the front page. With all the “fake news” out there, they must now triple verify their sources, quotes and stories. Not one to take “no” for an answer, Kara convinces Snapper to do an inclusive interview with Supergirl.

Supergirl S0215b

At the Alien dive bar, Maggie and Alex are shooting a game of pool and while Maggie is having a good time schooling Alex in the art of the game, but her heart just isn’t into it. Alex knows that once the DEO engages Cadmus, her father, now deemed a threat, will be caught in the middle. She knows that her father would never willingly join Cadmus unless he was being forced to. Maggie assures her that Alex will be able to save her father from whatever happens.

Winn, Lyra (Tamzin Merchant) and James are enjoying a nice round of drinks while discussing Dune. Minutes later there’s an explosions right outside the bar, shattering the windows. Suddenly there are Cadmus agents in the bar, trying to take whichever aliens they can get their hands on. While the plan was sound, they did, however, pick a real bad time to attack that bar. Alex, Maggie, and James fight back, taking out Cadmus agents left and right. Not knowing where Lyra is, Winn calls out to her, but he sees that it’s too late. Two Cadmus men have already grabbed her and when Winn tries to intervene, he is promptly knocked aside.

Dragging Lyra and Kevin, the fish head alien, out into the alley, a Cadmus black van is there waiting for them. Alex gives chase, but a Cadmus agent stops her. Maggie comes out of the bar to provide backup, but the Cadmus agent has the upper hand. That is until James uses a wire to incapacitate the agent and knocks him out with his shield.

Supergirl S0215c

Back at the DEO, Winn is in an understandable panic. Unable to protect Lyra, Winn is at a loss as to how to help her now. With the Cadmus agent in a cell, Alex decides to get some information.

Going into the cell, Alex proceeds to beat the agent, all the while asking for information on the whereabouts of Cadmus. The agent refuses to tell her because he knows that Cadmus will kill him. Alex gives zeros cares about what will happen to him, all she wants to know is where the aliens are and where her father is. After minutes of wailing on the man, J’onn finally shows up to pull her away.

That night Alex is having a quiet night to herself. Turning from her fridge, she is surprised to see Jeremiah standing here. He has some urgent news for her: Lillian is going to kill all the aliens that they captured. Alex wants to believe her father, but she’s having a hard time. Jeremiah tells her that in order to stop Lillian she needs to get to the magnetic field generator that controls the locks in the alien cells. Alex wants to go to the DEO, but Jeremiah knows what will happen to him once he’s there. He begs his daughter to help out and after giving it some thought, Alex agrees.

However, this was a ploy as Jeremiah shifts back into J’onn. Alex cannot believe that J’onn would test her like this, but J’onn can’t have anyone compromising their Cadmus mission. J’onn has no choice but to relieve her of duty.

Supergirl S0215d

At the Cadmus base, the real Jeremiah is looking on as the aliens they captured are escorted to the large airship we saw in the previous episode. Lillian, practically purring at Jeremiahs side, is ecstatic that they are so close to achieving their goals. Believing that Jeremiah has turned full Cadmus, she praises him for this work while down below the huddle group of scared aliens, Lyra included, are loaded onto the ship.

Kara shows up at Alex’s apartment and finds Alex hysterical and panicked. Alex is upset that J’onn tricked her and then relieved her of duty. Kara agrees that the way she was treated was unacceptable but in the end she does agree with J’onn’s decision. Kara tries to convince Alex that she will be able to protect Jeremiah when things down, but the bigger mission is to protect the aliens that have been kidnapped. Unfortunately Kara has no more time to argue with Alex because she is still trying to get her story posted. When Kara leaves, Alex turns to Maggie, thinking that Maggie will side with all the others, but to her surprise Maggie agrees with Alex and offers to help.

At CatCo, Kara bumps into Lena (Katie McGrath) who’s there because they had made plans with each other. In all the commotion of trying get her story printed, Kara has forgotten about their plans. Lena wants to know more about what he mother has done, and Kara obliges, telling her everything that has happened so far. Lena offers to help Kara by doing some digging at L Corp to see if Lillian left any information behind. Before she leaves Lena gives Kara an idea about how she could get the Cadmus information out to everyone without having to writing the article for CatCo.

Supergirl S0215e

Somewhere in National City, Brian the alien is on the phone making a deal. The fake police officer/Cadmus agent shows up and uses the broken taillight story to draw Brian out of the car. As soon as he’s out, Brian is handcuffed by the agent as the black van shows up. They throw Brian into it the van, but the Cadmus agent doesn’t see that Alex is behind him. She punches him in the face, while Maggie comes up from behind and fires her stun weapon, taking out the two other agents. With all three men down, Alex gets to work, attaching a tracer to the van’s GPS system. Getting the locations of everywhere the van has been, Alex is able to figure out where the Cadmus base is. They free Brian and Alex parts ways with Maggie, deciding that she needs to infiltrate the Cadmus base on her own.

Now at L Corp, Lena has been doing a little bit of digging. Her assistant comes in with some news, but Lena has found something far more interesting. There was a naval research facility her brother once owned that was shut down almost 10 years, but even though it’s closed, it recently received a metal shipment. Lena asks her assistant to look into it a bit more, and the assistant gets right on that. Once out of the office, the assistant contacts Lillian (Brenda Strong) and tells her that Lena has discovered their warehouse. The assistant offers to take care of Lena, but Lillian only wants her daughter to be a “redirected” somehow.

Supergirl S0215f

That night Alex makes it into the Cadmus base using a lot of stealth and a lot of luck. With her stun gun drawn, she takes out two agents before she is surrounded by her father and 5 other agents.

Jeremiah doesn’t know why Alex would come after him but now that she’s there, Jeremiah tells her all about “Project Exodus.” The airship is a Hoshin frigate that will take all the aliens to Takron-Galtos and from there they can go back to their home planets. Alex can’t believe that her father would be so cruel as to forcibly deport these aliens back to their planets. “Some of the aliens escaped famine and poverty and genocide,” she says. Jeremiah had no other choice, however because just as we suspected, Jeremiah either did what Cadmus said or they would kill Alex and Kara. As a parent, you do what you have to do to protect your children no matter the costs. Right?

Taking Lena’s suggestion, Kara has typed up a blog post about what Cadmus is doing, but she is hesitant to publish it. Just then Mon-El shows up and helps her search her feelings about the “blob.” Knowing in her heart that it’s the right thing to do, Snapper be damned, Kara publishes the post. “Way to blob, babe.” Good job Mon-El.

Supergirl S0215g

Before Kara can really reflect on what she’s done Lena gives her a call to tell her about the defunct naval facility. As she’s talking Lena sees two men coming up behind her in her office. Getting out a Taser she gets one of them. Making her way to the balcony she tells the men to stay back and with Kara on the line, she knows that Lena’s in danger. Supergirl shows up not a moment too soon as the men have accidently pushed Lena off the balcony. Flying down to catch Lena, Supergirl knocks out the two men. Lena thanks her and then tells her about the naval base.

At the Cadmus warehouse, Lillian appears to be in a rush. Now that Kara has published the article, the aliens now know about what Cadmus is up to. Lillian gets the launch started sooner than originally schedule, but if she can get at least those 200 aliens they captured off the planet, then she’s met her objective.

Alex tells Lillian to stop the launch, but Lillian will do no such thing. Alex reaches into her picket and pulls out a detonator. Giving Lillian an ultimatum Alex threatens to hit the switch and blow up the base with a handful of Haldor mines that she has planted around the facility. Lillian thinks she’s bluffing, but Alex didn’t come to this party to lie. Hitting the button, she detonates half the mines. Telling Cadmus that there are still more mines left, Lillian still thinks she’s lying. This puts Jeremiah in an awkward positon, either he sides with Cadmus or he sides with his daughter.

Choosing his daughter together they take out the remaining Cadmus agents and command Lillian to stop the launch which she is unable to do. Alex drops the detonator, setting off the remaining mines. She tells Jeremiah that she is going to stop the launch from inside the ship. Jeremiah stays behind in the hopes that he can stop the launch from a console, but before he can get anything going Hank Henshaw grabs him from behind.

On the frigate Alex opens the all the cell doors to release the aliens, but before they can escape, the Hoshin frigate launches.

Supergirl S0215h

At the DEO, they detect the launch and begin to scramble. Alex gives Winn a call and tells them that she and the other aliens are on the frigate. J’onn can’t get to her in time, so they attempt Plan B which is to try to give Winn control of the ship. Winn tells Alex how to gives him those controls, but nothing works.

Hank and Jeremiah continue their scuffle, and it seems like a fair fight, until Hank hits Jeremiah with a laser beam from his eye, knocking him unconscious.

Supergirl S0215i

On the frigate things aren’t looking very good. Fortunately Supergirl shows up and Alex has a glimmer of hope, but it all depends on whether or not Supergirl can slow down the frigate. Moving to the front of the large ship, Supergirl pushes but it doesn’t look like it’s working. At the DEO Winn warns Alex that the ship is going to be on the other side of the galaxy in a matter of seconds, but all Alex can do is trust her sister. They have a touching sister moment and for the briefest of seconds the idea of the ship blasting off was a possibility. Luckily Supergirl finds her inner strength and slows down the frigate, saving her sister and the aliens.

The next morning, we see the repercussion of everyone’s actions. Arriving at CatCo, Kara gets the side-eye glances from all the other employees. Once she gets to her desk, she finds that her personal belongings have been packed. Snapper is there and the news is what you would expect. He’s fired her because of her blog post. Snapper believes in the integrity of journalism and she failed the test. “You what the worst part is? I was rooting for you.” Ouch.

At the DEO, Alex meets up with J’onn and apologizes for what she did but reminds J’onn that what he did was not cool. J’onn did what he did to protect her, but he admits that he was wrong because he almost losing her anyway. Alex is reminded of what her father said to her, and knows that people keep doing the wrong thing because they think it’s for the right reasons.

Supergirl S0215j

Mon-El shows up at Kara’s apartment bearing the gift of potstickers in the hopes that it will cheer her up. Now unemployed, Kara wonders what’s next for her. Mon-El knows that she is destined for better things, but for now, Kara is content with just being Supergirl and being with Mon-El. I guess life isn’t so terrible for her.

But of course, just because Cadmus is defeated for now doesn’t mean that an even bigger threat isn’t quickly approaching. A rather large spaceship has just passed the moon and is approaching Earth. In the ship a couple (Teri Hatcher, Kevin Sorbo) comment on “feeling different,” no doubt because of the sun’s effect on them. “We’ve arrived,” Teri Hatcher’s character says, seemingly pleased to be there. Good money says that they’re not going to be down with Team Supergirl.

Supergirl is on Mondays, at 8pm PST on The CW.

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  • “Careful ponytail. You’re at DEFCON 3 with the moxie” – Snapper is rad, I don’t care what anyone says.
  • Lillian quoting Nietzsche because OF COURSE she does.
  • “You’re the only Superman we need.” Aaaaaaaaah I get it, because Dean Cain played Superman in the TV series, so he’s the…only…Superman…we need. I get it.
  • Every time Lena says something, I try to find the double meaning in her words. Is she playing the long con or what? She is the worst Luthor, and she is playing everyone. Why? Not entire sure.
  • “Oh I wish had what you two have.” Brian! Stop being a creepy alien guy.
  • Supergirl took a hardline stance on forced deportations in this episode. I appreciate the political relevance. This is the times we live in.
  • “One wrong statistic about the stock market and suddenly we’re in a great depression. One misattributed quote from a candidate and you put a fascist in the White House.” You said it Snapper.
  • “Can we agree to stop doing the wrong things for the right reasons?” Uh, if you did that Supergirl the show would be finished.
  • So good to see Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo. They have got to be the people who have been searching for Mon-El. There is no other reason.
  • Not a whole lot of Guardian these past 2 episodes. I wonder what that’s all about.



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