It’s time for another episode of Supergirl! Last week the White Martians came, tried to conquer, but Team Supergirl was there to stop them from capturing M’gann and blowing up the DEO. Kara let Mon-El down gently, but we could see that this is over between them. M’gann, seeing the danger that the White Martians present to her friends, decided to go back to Mars to start a revolution.

Everything is coming up Luthor in this week’s episode.

Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1…!

Supergirl S212a

We start 20 years ago at the Luthor household and Lillian (Brenda Strong) and young Lex are practicing chess skills. The door opens and in walks Lionel Luthor, with a young Lena next to him. Lillian is not too happy about Lena’s presence there, but nevertheless Lionel introduces Lena to her “new mother.” Even though Lillian isn’t too keen on this new arrangement, Lex is more than happy to welcome a new sister.

At the Alien Bar, Kara is watching the news about Lillian’s trial. Mon-El already knows Lillian is bad news and suggests that once she’s convicted that she be sent to the town square for some good, old-fashioned public shaming. Since Mon-El started dating Eve, things have gotten even more awkward between him and Kara and now she’s spending less time around him.

With Team Supergirl all at the bar, it’s time for Alex to make her big coming out announcement to all her friends. James and Winn make their predictions on who the new man is, but when Alex and Maggie show up, they realize how wrong they were. Despite the confusion and surprise everyone is happy for the couple.

Winn, J’onn, Alex and Maggie go off to play pool, leaving James and Kara to continue watching the Lillian Luthor trial news. After thwarting her mother’s plans to destroy all aliens in National City, Lena agreed to testify against her mother. Kara lauds it as bravery, but James isn’t so sure. His distrust of the Luthor’s applies to every single person with the Luthor family name despite their good deeds. Kara wants to visit Lena, but James is afraid that Lena will try to use her somehow.

At L Corp, Lena (Katie McGrath) watches the news report on her day in court. Having her testimony characterized as “the angry rant of an estranged daughter” it looks like she is in need of a friend. Kara shows up with an ear to lend. Lena is faced with a hard choice to make. Even though she feels good about what she did, testifying against her mother and separating herself from the rest of the Luthors, her mother now wants to see her.  Lena asks Kara for her advice, and Kara reminds her that Lillian is still her mom, and if she doesn’t go talk to her then she might regret never telling her mom exactly how she feels.

Supergirl S212b

Lena goes to visit Lillian in jail. At the start Lillian is hostile, but when Lena threatens to leave, she apologizes. Once Lena sits with her, Lillian tells her why she asked her there. Lillian wants to bury the hatchet, first by forgiving her daughter and then moving on. Lena sees through her, knowing that Lillian wants something from her. “If dad could hear you now,” Lena says, but Lillian decides it’s time to tell her the truth about her father.

While Lena has always thought highly of her father, her father had made some questionable decisions. After Lex was born, Lionel had an affair and Lena was the result. When Lena was 4, her mother passed away and the Luthors adopted her. Lena and Lillian became very close, so much so that Lionel felt threatened by it. After a while Lillian made the conscientious effort to distant herself from Lena, and focus all of her attention on Lex. But now, they are the only two Luthors left and Lillian wants a second chance with her daughter.

In his cell, Mr. Corben (Frederick Schmidt), aka Metallo, gets a special delivery from a prison guard. He opens the package up, revealing something very bright and very green. Oh…no…

Supergirl S212c

The next day, Corben sits on the stand testifying on behalf of Lillian. Throughout his testimony it is apparent that he is the bannerman for Cadmus and a devoted follower of Lillian’s ideals. He believes aliens should be wiped from the Earth starting with Superman and Supergirl. As the lawyer continues her questioning, Corben gets more and more agitated. Before long, Corben stands and starts shooting up the place with his Kryptonite beam.

Everyone starts running for cover, except a very satisfied Lillian (plus Kara and Alex). Breaking her cuffs, Lillian and Corben make their way out of the courthouse, but Supergirl is there to stop them. Corben engages Supergirl, while Lillian tries to make her escape. Corben shoots Supergirl with his beam, taking her down. “You can stop me or save them” Lillian says as Corben cuts through a large crane. Choosing to save the people Supergirl flies off and catches the crane, while Lillian and Corben get away.

At the DEO, Supergirl and Alex try to figure out how Corben got his Kryptonite seeing as Clark got rid of it all. Maggie receives an update on something she was looking into. Since Corben had received no visitors, the Kryptonite must have gotten to him by some others means. Unfortunately all signs point to only one person: Lena.

Supergirl S212d

At L Corp Lena reminds Kara that she was at the jail to visit her mother. Kara tells her that people are being led to believe that she visited Metallo as well. Before Lena can argue her innocence, Maggie shows up with a couple of policemen. They have found security footage which shows Lena taking a piece of synthetic Kryptonite and putting it in an envelope. Lena is adamant that it’s not her but it’s too late. Maggie arrests Lena for helping Corben escape.

Over at Catco, the place is bustling now that the news of Lena’s arrest has hit all the news outlets. James and Snapper (Ian Gomez) are working on the story, but Kara tries to stand up for Lena, telling Snapper that she didn’t do it. Of course Snapper being the news man that he is can only go based off of the video evidence. He gives Kara a day to do her research and write her story, but for Lena, it’ll be too late. Too many people will already assume she is guilty regardless of what Kara finds. Kara tries to convince James to stop the story, but he sides with Snapper. James decides it’s time to prove to her that Lena is not to be trusted.

Supergirl S212e

As Kara turns to leave she bumps in to Eve (Andrea Brooks). They have a little chat on their way back to Eve’s desk. Keeping the conversation super casual, Kara asks Eve about her relationship with Mon-El. Eve confesses that they went out once, but the one date they had was terrible.  Instead of getting to know each other, Mon-El used the time to talk about Kara.

At the prison, Lena is alone in her cell. Moments later Metallo shows up to free her, but he does not go unchallenged. Guardian shows up, knowing that Metallo would try to free Lena. Even though Guardian puts up a good fight, Metallo is stronger, and has a Kryptonite beam that he uses to blast Guardian back. Pulling her cell door off, Metallo frees Lena.

Back at the DEO, James is being attended to by Alex. As he was fighting Metallo he noticed that something was off, but he wasn’t sure what. With the successful jailbreak, everything points to Lena’s guilt and confirms her involvement with Cadmus. Kara still tries to convince everyone that Lena is good person, but J’onn disagrees. The evidence against her is too much for them to ignore. Kara will not allow the evidence to tell her anything different about Lena. James reminds her that at one time Clark and Lex were friends. “Lena is not Lex,” Kara says but it doesn’t matter. Lena is a Luthor.

Supergirl S212f

Frustrated by her friends’ unwillingness to accept Lena as a good person, Kara decides to take it out on large cement blocks. Mon-El shows up and attempts to make light of the situation. The conversation turns serious as Mon-El tries to get some answers from Kara about her behavior. Kara finally admits that she was mad at Mon-El because he was dating Eve. Mon-El is confused as to why she would care if he was dating Eve since she rejected him. Kara deflects and goes back to see if any progress has been made on proving Lena’s innocence. Classic Kara deflection.

Sitting in a back of a van, Lena and Lillian have a little talk. Lena is upset that Metallo broke her out, but Lillian knows the truth. It doesn’t matter if Lena is innocent; the public has already made up their minds about her. Lillian laments a world that her son was not able to create because of Superman’s interference. Lena tells Metallo to turn back, but “You have no life anymore. You have no one on your side. You’re guilty, just like me. You’re on the run, just like me,” Lillian says in an attempt convince Lena to join Cadmus.

Supergirl S212g

At a super-secret base that since belonged to Lex, Lillian reveals that Lex stored vaults all over the world that contained weaponry that could rid the world of Superman and other aliens. The only problem is that the vault can only be opened by a Luthor. Lena, realizing that Lillian freed her for the sole purpose of opening the vault, tries to make her escape, but Hank Henshaw is there to restrain her. Forcing her hand on the biometric keypad, the vault rises up from the ground, revealing some interesting items within.

At the DEO, Kara impatiently paces while Winn tries to analyze the video footage of Lena. After a few seconds he’s able to make some progress. Hacking into the CTV video feeds of L Corp, he finds out that someone had already hacked into them and manipulated the video. He recognizes the code as one used by Hank Henshaw. Reversing the process, he is able to separate the raw video footage from the corrupted one. Seeing the raw footage, they see that it was Hank and not Lena who stole the Kryptonite.

A Kryptonite signature warning sounds giving Winn the location of Metallo’s whereabouts, but there’s a major problem.  The Kryptonite signature is breaking down. If it continues to breakdown, the Kryptonite will become unstable and blow up. Like a nuclear blast.

Flying as fast she can to the Luthor base, Supergirl receives a warning that the Kryptonite instability levels are rapidly increasing. This means she has only minutes to stop Metallo from exploding and save Lena. Alex is concerned that if Supergirl doesn’t make it in time the blast will send up a Kryptonite cloud that will kill her. Luckily Supergirl laughs in the face of danger.

Supergirl S212h

Back at the base, Lillian is taking stock of the wonderful toys she now has in her possession. Lillian smells victory and is convinced that she is on the right side of history. In the vault Lillian finds a new weapon that Lex created. Just then Supergirl comes crashing in, but Lillian is prepared. Lena is surprised and relieved to see Supergirl there. “Kara Danvers believes in you,” Supergirl says before Lillian throws a small metal canister at her. Catching it, a high pitched noise brings Supergirl to her knees. Lena begs Lillian not to hurt her, but Lillian is going to make her pay for what Superman did to Lex.

Metallo and Hank grab Supergirl and start dragging her to vault. Supergirl warns them about Metallo’s instability but Lillian doesn’t believe her. Supergirl blasts the canister with her heat vision, and Metallo counters but shooting off a beam. Winn and Alex tell Supergirl to get out of there because the more Metallo uses the beam, the faster the Kryptonite decays. Metallo blasts Supergirl one more time, but Supergirl is not going to leave without saving Lena. Her only hope is to talk some sense into Metallo.

Metallo pins down Supergirl, but he is thrown back by J’onn. Winn and Alex, in full panic mode, tell Supergirl to get out of there, but it looks like it might be too late. The Kryptonite in Metallo’s chest starts to burn bright and then he explodes. Fortunately Supergirl, J’onn and Lena get out of there in time, but so does Lillian and Hank.

Supergirl S212i

The next morning the news reports of Lena’s vindication. Kara shows up at Catco mighty proud of herself.  “Yesterday she was guilty. Today she’s not. It’s not confirmation bias, Danvers, it’s just the news game,” Snapper tells her. He then sends her on assignment to get an exclusive interview.

James sees Kara and asks about Lillian, but there isn’t much to say. James gives Kara credit for being right about Lena and apologies for his mistake. Kara knows he was trying to protect her, but Kara thinks it’s time for them to stop trying to protect each other and just become friends again.

Supergirl S212j

Back at L Corp, Lena thanks her for the exclusive that Kara wrote about her. Kara doesn’t think too much of it but to Lena having Kara there for her is something she has never had before. They part ways as the best of friends. Or are they?

After Kara leaves, Lena looks down at the chessboard on her table and we see a flashback of a time when Lena and Lex are playing a game of chess. Even though Lex was good, Lena was better. Back to the present, Lena looks at a chess piece the way a supervillain looks at normal people. We’ve all been played!

Supergirl S212k

That night Mon-El shows up at Kara’s apartment at her request. Kara apologies for running off the last time they spoke, but this is the moment for Kara to come clean. She has a hard time being vulnerable and vulnerability means expressing her true feelings. Kara realizes now that she doesn’t have to choose between being Supergirl and having a relationship, she can have both.

Right as Mon-El and Kara lean in to kiss, they are rudely interrupted by a stream of light. Appearing at her window is a dapper gentleman. Kara demands to know who he is so he introduces himself as Mr. Mxyzptlk (Peter Gadiot). “And Kara Zor-El, I love you,” he says. What the whaaat?

Next week, it looks like things are about to go nuts as Mr. Mxyzptlk puts the moves on Kara.

Supergirl is on Mondays, at 8pm PST on The CW.


  • “On Daxam, the more the merrier.” Indeed Mon-El, indeed. If only everyone thought about same sex couples in such a way.
  • I get that Lillian is still Lena’s mom, but she’s not her real mom, and she’s is a very bad person. There are times when the “she’s still your mom” argument shouldn’t apply. If your mom threatened to kill thousands of people, maybe you let her rot in a cell. I don’t know. Might just be me.
  • Watching people talk whilst having yummy donuts in their hands is amusing. In fact, any scene with food or drinks is amusing. I know you’re not going to eat that donut, so stop picking at it!
  • Nothing like the angry, crazy rant of the scared and misinformed, eh Corben?
  • “People still think Macaulay Culkin’s dead.” Do they? Is he?!
  • Snapper is the newsman we never knew we needed.
  • WE WERE ALL FOOLED BY LENA. I knew it. I KNEW it. What is her endgame though? Is she going to continue what he brother started? She MUST know who Kara really is.
  • “More like, you’re an arrogant dude-bro and I am the personification of the American way.” Mon-El is kind of dudebro isn’t he? That’s a very apt description.
  • Mxyzptlk looks like a fun guy.




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