Last week Team Supergirl faced off with a human/parasite symbiotic threat.  M’gann saved J’onn life. Alex confessed her feelings for Maggie. Mon-El was captured by Cadmus and Guardian made his big debut! There was a lot going on.

So what about this week? Let’s see!

Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1…


We start this episode 24 hours into the future and J’onn is kicking the snot out of Supergirl. We have no idea why but he really thinks it’s time for Supergirl to go.

Cut to 24 hours before. Team Supergirl is enjoying their time at the alien bar (their new home away from home?). On the news there is a report about the new vigilante Guardian. Kara is on the fence about him even though he helped her out with Parasite but Jimmy praises Guardian’s heroism. Winn is also on board with the Guardian. Maggie shows up to talk to Alex. Apparently Alex is been hardcore avoiding Maggie since they had their awkward conversation the episode before.  Alex is hurt and embarrassed about the whole thing and is a little guarded around Maggie now. Despite the good times there is someone missing. Where’s Mon-El?


Well, Mon-El is a little busy being held a prisoner in a Cadmus facility. He has no idea why he’s there and the guard doesn’t seem to be saying much. Mon-El’s incessant talking; however, is enough to get the guard to react, giving Mon-El a window of opportunity to make his escape. At the gate leading to freedom, Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) appears with a captured J’onn right behind her. Threatening J’onns life makes Mon-El rethink his escape plan. Agreeing to go back to his cell, Mon-El thinks he’s saved J’onns life.

Of course, that wasn’t J’onn because the real J’onn is at the DEO.  M’gann pays him a visit and brings him some food from his home planet. In that instant J’onn has a hallucination. He sees his dead wife and daughters staring at him. Could this have anything to do with the tremble he has in his hands now? Yes, it probably does.


Guardian and Winn take their vigilante game to the streets. Chasing a potential robber, Guardian stops him and ties him up for the authorities. The only problem is that another vigilante has been following them. With the robber tied up, it gives this unnamed vigilante an easy target that he is able to gun down. That can’t be good.

At Catco everyone is stirring.  They’ve gotten footage that Guardian was the one who killed that robber from the night before.  Jimmy tries to discredit the claim that Guardian is a murderer but Snapper (Ian Gomez) is set on using the video footage as undeniable proof against Guardian. Naturally Jimmy can’t tell Snapper the truth, which causes Snapper to call him out as being “in the tank for superheroes“. Winn comes to get Jimmy to talk about what happened. Winn wants to call it quits, but Jimmy is not hearing any of that. It’s time for them to find out what’s really happening by going out that night to shut down a drug deal. If they go out, then this masked man might follow them.


So Guardian and Winn break up a drug deal going down at the docks. The masked man shows up and confronts Guardian. Gunning down the drug dealer, the masked vigilante lets the other guy escape. A pretty decent fight ensues, with the masked man getting the best of Guardian. The NCPD shows up and Guardian makes his getaway. Alex calls in Supergirl to tell her about Guardian’s location. As she’s flying towards the location Lillian contacts Supergirl and tells her that she has Mon-El. If Supergirl doesn’t go to Cadmus, he will die and if she tells anyone about his capture, he will die.


Supergirl comes crashing into the Cadmus facility and she is met by Hank Henshaw. Not J’onn, but the real, presumed-dead Hank Henshaw. He has received a rather massive upgrade and is now able to throw Supergirl around like a rag doll. Hank also really, REALLY hates aliens. This makes him a perfect fit for Cadmus. Using her heat vision, she cuts through his “human” mask, revealing a metallic skull underneath. Hank Henshaw is no longer human, he’s Cyborg Superman.

Watching the news Winn hears Maggie’s promise to capture Guardian. When Alex shows up, he asks her if she can get Maggie to tone it down. Alex wants to know why and Winn is unable to hide that he knows something. Cornered, Winn admits that Jimmy is Guardian. Alex wants to tell Kara, but Winn begs her not to say anything.


Now a prisoner of Cadmus, Supergirl tries to find a way to get her and Mon-El out of there. Unfortunately the cage there is impregnable. So what will Cadmus do to her?

After meeting Maggie and telling her to quit her investigation into Guardian, Alex meets J’onn at the DEO. Supergirl is nowhere to be found and Alex is getting nervous. Bad news is that J’onn’s hallucinations are getting worse. Thinking he sees a White Martian he draws his weapon on an unsuspecting DEO agent. Once he calms down, J’onn is convinced now more than ever that something is very wrong with him.

Lillian pays Supergirl and Mon-El a visit down in the cell. Supergirl recognizes her right away as the woman who visited Lena Luthor and Lillian confirms that she’s Lena and Lex’s mother. Mother Luthor really hates aliens, Superman in particular. She blames Superman for everything that’s happened to Lex so this is just one big vendetta against Superman and other aliens. Lillian’s visit has a purpose; she needs Supergirl to become human. Supergirl refuses, but a lead bullet in Mon-El’s leg forces her to reconsider. Putting on a helmet that will absorbs the radiation from her heat vision, she is temporarily made human. This gives Cadmus the chance to draw some of her blood. Why would Cadmus need Supergirl’s blood?


Over at Catco, Winn has gotten a lead on the masked vigilante. Winn sees a pattern in the men that the vigilante has taken out. They were all criminals who had their convictions dropped because of technicalities. In other words, these are men who gamed the system and got away with their crimes. There is one criminal in particular, a man who killed a young woman and got away with it. It seems her husband, Phillip Karnowsky (Victor Zinck Jr.), a former Navy SEAL, has disappeared and no one has seen him for months. Winn believes that the masked man is Phillip and is bringing everyone to justice.

Alex is finishing up J’onn bloodwork, but while everything looks normal, there is one thing that causes concern. Looking at the scans, J’onn sees something and knows exactly what’s happened. That night he confronts M’gann (Sharon Leal) and tells her that he knows what she is. She maintains her innocence in everything, and tries to convince him that she is not like the other White Martians. She was the one who refused the kill order and tried to save the other Green Martians but was unsuccessful. This all falls on deaf ears as J’onn wants nothing more than exact his revenge and so they get into a tussle.


Back at the Cadmus facility, Supergirl is thrown back into her cage. Mon-El and Supergirl try to comfort each other, but things look grim. While saying their peace, Mon-El tells Supergirl that there is something he needs to tell her about Daxam, but before he can, the cage opens and a hooded figure appears. Who could it be? IT’S JEREMIAH YA’ALL!

Supergirl is shocked that Jeremiah (Dean Cain) is there, but their bittersweet reunion is cut short. He is only there to rescue Kara and Mon-El. With a lead bullet inside Mon-El’s leg, it doesn’t look like he’s’ going anywhere. Pulling the bullet out, Jeremiah is able to lead Supergirl and Mon-El out of the facility. Kara wants to rescue Jeremiah, but Jeremiah knows that she can’t save him at this time. He watches them leave, and then makes his escape.

J’onn and M’gann are punching out their feelings. Though it looks like J’onn is going to get his revenge, M’gann assumes her human form, the only form she wants to be. It’s enough to give J’onn pause on his grand plan.


At an undisclosed location, Guardian finds the mask vigilante’s next target tied up and beaten. Guardian tries to free him, but the masked man appears and a showdown begins. The fight seems to be evenly matched, but Guardian gets the upper hand. Phillip takes off his mask, and Guardian tries to talk him down. It’s obvious that Phillip has never recovered from the death of his wife, and it looks like he’s not going to see reason any time soon. Guardian is able to rope him and toss him to the ground just in time for Maggie and Alex to show up and arrest him. Realizing that Guardian is one of the good guys, Maggie lets him go.


Back at the DEO, Supergirl tells Alex about Jeremiah and the Cadmus facility. Rushing in there with her squad, they find an empty warehouse with no evidence of Cadmus’s presence. She is too late.

Hank confronts M’gann in a DEO cell about who she is and what she has done. She has a big confession to make. The White Martians, in their attempt to eradicate the Green Martians, have found a way to replace Green Martian blood with White Martian blood. Her blood is turning J’onn into a White Martian. That’s devastating!


In the end, Team Supergirl is able to survive the Cadmus threat and Guardian is able to clear his name. Everyone shows up at Kara’s apartment with pizza and potstickers. Maggie also shows up and talks to Alex about everything that has happened between them. Even though Alex is still hurt, she understands that Maggie wants to be in her life. They part ways as friends. Mon-El is recovering from the bullet in the leg. He also seems to have a thing for Kara.

Now we didn’t know why Cadmus needed Kara’s blood, but Hank Henshaw’s trip to the Fortress of Solitude shows us what they are planning. Pouring Kara’s blood onto his hands, he is able to access the main computer and asks about information on Project Medusa. OH NO!

Next week is the big crossover event with The Flash and Arrow. I expect thrills, chills, and singing.

Supergirl is on Mondays, at 8pm PST on The CW.

Supergirl Superthoughts

  • Ooh did Kara just do a shout out to Batman? She spoke of Superman working with a vigilante at some point. Yeah, it has to be Batman. Nice!
  • Cyborg Superman. IT’S CYBORG SUPERMAN!
  • Kara’s complaint about the fact that Guardian wears a mask is a little…not hypocritical per se, but it’s kind of a weak argument. Yes, he wears a mask, just like her “mask” is her glasses. Masks don’t necessarily have to cover your face; they’re just something we hide behind.
  • I’m disappointed that they didn’t do more with Mon-El in Cadmus hands. There goes my prediction. Thanks a lot CW.
  • What could Mon-El possibly want to tell Kara about Daxam? That he’s actually the Daxamite Prince? I’m guessing that he wasn’t saved by the prince and that he actually saved himself by sacrificing someone. This is a redemption story for him.
  • Are there any Mon-El/Kara shippers? No? Am I the only one? Ok.
  • Possible shipper names: Monara, Karamon, Karmon
  • The crossover event is next week. Hey CW, can we get a singing Jeremy Jordan/Melissa Benoist/Grant Gustin thing happening? That would make my year and my 2017 probably. DO IT CW!
  • On second thought, just give me Supergirl, The Musical.
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