Last week we saw what great lengths Cadmus would go to to instill fear into humans with regard to the alien presence on Earth. After recruiting a team of humans and arming them with alien weaponry, it looked as though they would be an unstoppable force, but with the help of Lena Luthor they were able to neutralize the threat. Unfortunately Mr. Minor and friends were killed by the Cadmus leader before they could reveal all of Cadmus’s secrets.  As a huge reveal, we find out that the woman who’s been running the whole Cadmus show is Lena Luthor’s mother. It was crazy!

Enough about Cadmus for right now though, let’s see what happened this week.

Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1…


“Changing” is an apt title. While we could just focus on the Big Bad dealing with his change, three other major characters went through some major changes of their own.

We start off in the Thorul Artic Research Station in Norway and Kelly Sotto (Nikohl Boosheri) is coming to Dr. Rudy Jones (William Mapother) with a surprising discovery. While the survey team was conducting their tests, they came across a frozen wolf buried in the ice. This could be considered normal, but what isn’t normal is that the wolf is still warm even after 5,000 years. Fascinating by what it could all mean, Dr. Jones decides it’s best to conduct an autopsy on the wolf. Cutting it open, all looks normal until something inside the wolf grabs Dr. Jones’s hand. That cannot be good.

At the alien bar, Team Supergirl is having a little rest and relaxation. Kara and Mike are drinking and conversing, J’onn is at the bar connecting with M’gann, and Alex and Maggie are spending time with each other. After last week’s personal realization, it looks like Alex is finally coming to terms with who she really is. Maggie commends her for figuring it out, but challenges Alex to come out to Kara. J’onn gets the call about what happened in Norway and the team heads back to the DEO.


At the DEO, the team watches video footage of what happened at the research base and it doesn’t look good. Alex and J’onn go to Norway to check out the base. There they find the dried husks of the researchers. They just weren’t killed, they were sucked dry. Fortunately there was one survivor: Dr. Jones.

After the deaths of his colleagues, it looks like Dr. Jones has an intense focus on continuing the climate change research his team was doing. His attitude towards the research seems almost maniacal.

Of course, not everything thing is as it seems to be. As Dr. Jones is walking out of the DEO, he has to hide behind a pillar. A slug-like entity comes out of his mouth and goes into his ear Wrath of Khan style. Nothing good ever game out of getting a slug in the ear.

Mon-El has agreed to be trained by Supergirl and she is schooling him in the arts of fighting. Even though Supergirl is bent on making Mon-El hero-ready, Mon-El doesn’t appear to have the same enthusiasm that she does. Alex walks in on their training session and asks to speak to Kara alone. This might be it – big reveal time.

Walking together Alex tells Kara everything that she and Maggie have been talking about. Alex admits that she has feelings for Maggie that go beyond friendship. Knowing that Maggie is gay, Kara then makes the assumption that Alex is coming out her. In a very heartfelt moment, Alex tells Kara about the times she spent with her best friend in high school. The signs were there when she was younger but they scared her, so she chose to ignore them. A fight torn them apart, but her feelings at the time were very real. It’s an important day for Alex, because not only did she come out, but know she has feelings for Maggie that she needs to act on.

Over at National City University, Dr. Jones is conducting some tests on his blood and he discovers that the parasite that’s in his body is now creating a symbiotic relationship with him. Just as he’s coming to this realization, his boss comes in and decides it’s the perfect time to fire him. Dr. Jones and his parasite buddy are not having it.


Winn and J’onn are looking at the footage from the research center and find out that Dr. Jones is infected with the parasite and killed off his entire team. Alex and Supergirl go to the University and find the dried out husk of Dr. Jones’s boss. Rudy appears, fully in league with the parasite. Together they now have a mission: they must save the world from global warming. Supergirl tries to take on Dr. Jones, but he is able to absorb her power and in doing so, becomes stronger than he was before.


Supergirl tries to understand what happened, and as she understands it, the parasite gets stronger the more it consumes. Jimmy shows up at the DEO, clearly determined to help out with the fight. Alone with Winn, Winn tries to knock some sense into him about going out there to fight the good fight. Jimmy attempts to strong arm Winn into the making suit for him sooner rather than later, but Winn won’t buckle. He knows what it means if Jimmy goes out there without a fully functional suit. Jimmy accepts this fact and gives Winn the time he needs.


Alex goes to check up on Kara at her apartment. Alex feels that Kara has been acting strange ever since Alex came out. Kara asserts that she is very okay with Alex coming out but she apologizes for never creating a safe environment where Alex could share these thoughts and feelings with her.  Kara asks Alex about Maggie and it’s obvious that Alex really cares for her. Alex’s emotional moment is interrupted when she receives a call about a random alien attack in an alleyway.

Flying down to the location, Supergirl is stunned to find Mon-El beating up on a defenseless alien. Mon-El confesses that his new job is working for a bookie and being muscle for hire. Supergirl is beyond disappointed in his choices. Mon-El has a heart to heart with her, admitting that he doesn’t want to go out there to be a hero, but also calls her out on her own selfish reasons for being a superhero. Kara flies off upset, leaving a disheartened Mon-El behind.

Tracking Dr. Jones, Winn finds him. Rudy’s new target is Rand O’Reilly (Jason Gray-Stanford), a lobbyist for climate-change deniers who is also on the Board of the University he was fired from. Taking this opportunity to capture Dr. Jones, J’onn and Supergirl head off to meet him.


Taking the form of Rand, J’onn sets a trap for Dr. Jones that he falls for easily. A fight between Dr. Jones, J’onn and Supergirl ensues, but the outcome is far from what they wanted. Grabbing the two of them, Dr. Jones is able to absorbed most of their power, leaving them as husks, but still alive.


At the DEO, Supergirl and J’onn lay in their beds, recovering with the disastrous encounter with Dr. Jones. Kara is recovering but not fast enough while J’onn has lost a lot of blood. Mon-El looks on as Alex explains what happened to Winn. Jimmy shows up and convinces Winn that it is time to unleash the Guardian while Alex has a plan to get J’onn the blood transfusion he needs.

At the alien bar, Alex does her best to get M’gann to agree to come to J’onn’s aid. While she’s there, she spots Mon-El drinking away.  She confronts him and calls him out on his indifference. She makes it a point to tell him that she doesn’t believe in him but for some reason Kara does.  He could be a hero, but only if he stands up. This leaves Mon-El with some soul searching to do.

Alex tells M’gann that J’onn needs a blood transfusion, and M’gann hesitates to offer her assistance. You think she’s about to tell Alex the truth, but she doesn’t and they move forward with the transfusion. Something tells me that this will have adverse effect later on. It has to.


As Rand O’Reilly is driving down the street in his car, he is suddenly attacked by the mutated Dr. Jones. Chaos erupts as the monster pulls Rand out of the car, but before the monster can do any further damage, Mon-El shows up to put a stop to it. He’s not as effective as he could have been, but he distracts the monster long enough for Rand to escape and the new hero Guardian to appear.

Guardian is able to push back the monster just as Supergirl wakes up from her injuries. The monster gives Mon-El and Guardian a tough fight, but they won’t be fighting the monster for long. Soon Supergirl appears, but she’s got a trick up her sleeve.


Just as Guardian is about to get pounded on, Supergirl comes out of nowhere to tackle the monster. In her hands are little orbs of Plutonium 239. With that much power, the monster basically overloads, exploding into a cloud of dust. It’s super effective!

Kara is grateful that Mon-El showed up to the fight, but she is more interested in the mystery man who fought alongside Mon-El. Unable to penetrate the lead armor Guardian Is wearing with her x-ray vision, Supergirl has no idea who he is, but she is sure to see him again.


Back at Catco, Jimmy makes a pledge to keep on fighting as Guardian. Winn agrees to help him, but doesn’t necessarily agree with keeping t a secret from Kara.

J’onn fully recovers from his injuries and thanks M’gann for the blood transfusion. It seems that M’gann is one of the good White Martians, but for how long? We also don’t know what kind of affect the White Martian blood will have on a Green Martian. The tremble in J’onn’s hand makes it seem like it’s not going to go well.

At the alien bar, Alex meets up with Maggie and tells her about how she came out to Kara. Alex, now fully accepting of her feelings for Maggie, kisses her, but the outcome is far from favorable. Maggie doesn’t want a relationship with Alex. Devastated, Alex makes a quick getaway.


In the end, the alien parasite was defeated. Unfortunately for Mon-El he is captured by Cadmus after falling for their “homeless man in the streets” ruse.

Next week, it looks Guardian is being hunted by both the NCPD and Supergirl for being a vigilante. Mon-El gets a Cadmus welcome and J’onn fights Supergirl (but big money is on the fact that he’s either brainwashed or it’s not him). I’m digging it.

Supergirl is on Mondays, at 8pm PST on The CW.

Supergirl Superthoughts

  • Drunk Kara is amusing.
  • Oh Alex. She went through all the trouble coming to terms with her sexual orientation, only to let one rejection tear her down. Yes, Maggie is great, but looking at the bigger picture, Alex has admitted something to herself that she has kept inside for years and years and YEARS. Small victories here, Alex.
  • They haven’t gone back to the Reporter Kara storyline in the last two episodes. I am really happy about that.
  • Guardian is kind of a bad ass. I think he had a good introduction. Let’s see what he does with it.
  • I would like to remind everyone that a couple of recaps ago I predicted that Mon-El would be coerced to work with Cadmus. Well, well, well…looky what happened.
  • I also said that M’gann would be an ally to the DEO. This episode was a step in the right direction.


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