Aliens! Aliens are everywhere!

Last week Cat Grant made her exit, putting Jimmy in charge of Catco. Cadmus brought in Metallo 1 and Metallo 2, only to be taken down by Team Krypton and Friends. Superman went back to Metropolis, sadly. Kara met her tyrannical boss, Snapper Carr. And finally, John Doe Kryptonian woke up.

Spoilers are happening in 5…4…3…2…1…

We find Supergirl where we left off last week, getting a little battered around by the new Kryptonian in the DEO. Of course, he has no idea where he is but he is amazed to find that he is both very strong and very fast. After he knocks down Supergirl, Alex and her team try to take him out, only to see him escape out a window and into the night.

Hank is not particularly thrilled to see a rogue Kryptonian on the loose (he also regrets his decision to get rid of all the kryptonite), especially when the President of the United States (Lynda Carter) is coming to visit the DEO as part of her trip to sign the Alien Amnesty Act in National City. This act would allow all aliens on Earth to become full citizens of the US. Supergirl lauds the President as a history-maker, but Hank has his reservations. He does bring up some pretty good points. Not every alien is able to look like a human, and many people do not have a tolerance for people who look different. Alex agrees with him because as member of the DEO, she has spent most of her life tracking down hostile aliens. She has yet to meet many good ones aside from Kara, Clark, and J’onn.

Back at Catco, Jimmy is settling into his new position as the new Cat. In his first editorial meeting, he gives a pep talk about this being a historic occasion with the President signing the act. However, in trying to get down to business, Snapper has ideas of his own. Completely hijacking the meeting, Snapper starts handing out assignments to the reporters, this, in turn, negates Jimmy’s position of power. It looks like Snapper needs to be taking down a peg or two. Kara tries to convince Snapper to let her interview the POTUS, but gets assigned a Lena Luthor interview instead.


On the tarmac, the crowd awaits the President’s arrival. Supergirl is absolutely giddy with anticipation (like many of us would be). Luckily her arrival doesn’t come a moment too soon as one of the Secret Service agents is struck down by a fireball from the sky. Chaos erupts as people run for cover. Fireball after fireball comes raining down, taking out the President’s detail one by one. Supergirl is able to shield the President from one of the fireballs, saving her life. Has the mysterious Kryptonian come to take down the POTUS?

In the aftermath, the DEO investigates the crime scene. From all the evidence it looks like our Kryptonian was there. During the investigation, Alex catches a NCPD science detective, Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) investigating the scene as well. Like the DEO, the NCPD has their own unit whose job it is to investigate alien crimes. Maggie deduces that it was a either a Kryptonian or an Infernian who attacked the President, but despite this helpful information, Alex removes her from the scene.

The President arrives at the DEO and is given the grand tour. Hank is still on the fence about this whole amnesty act business, but the President believes that humans need to give aliens the benefit of the doubt when it comes to them living among the humans (they’re not all bad people).


At L Corp, Kara arrives to interview Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) about her stance on the Amnesty Act. Since Lex was so anti-alien, would she have the same views? During the interview, Lena shows Kara a new alien detection device that L Corp is developing. This device would allow people to know who is human and who is alien. Lena hopes that it will be installed in every store in every town. Lena shows Kara how it works and tries to get Kara to try it. Kara argues that a device like that would go against everything America stands for, but Lena makes her case in that America has been a country of humans and that humans have a right to know who among them is a human or alien. To Lena, it’s all about business and making a profit, which this device will undoubtedly do. When Lean turns her back for a second, Kara fries the device with her laser eyes, rendering it useless when she puts her finger on it. Kara is able to escape detection, for now.


At the DEO, Winn has been tracking the Kryptonian and has located him at an abandoned warehouse. Taking a strike team, Alex goes to search for him. Unfortunately she is a bit late as Maggie is already there. Alex is curious to know how Maggie was able to get there before her team, but Maggie is a little cryptic in her response. It looks like Maggie has confirmed the existence of the DEO.

If the Kryptonian is not at the warehouse, we might be wondering where he is. Well, he decided to go to an observatory. All he wants to do is go home.

When Alex returns to the DEO, Supergirl is waiting for her. Kara is upset that Alex would go off without her. And she’s right. There is no way that Alex and her team would have survived the encounter with the Kryptonian (especially since they lack kryptonite). Alex receives a call from Maggie who invites her out to show her how local cops can get their alien information.

At Catco, Kara has submitted her article to Snapper about Lena Luthor and her alien detection device. While Kara is proud of her work, Snapper is less than pleased. He gives her a Journalism 101 lesson on having an unbiased opinion when reporting the news. Kara doesn’t agree with his assessment, but then again, as an alien, she is very much against a device that can detect her and others like her.

In speaking with Kara, Jimmy expresses his concern about being left in charge of Catco. Having Snapper take over his editorial meeting has left him doubting his ability to lead. Kara reminds him that Cat left him in charge, and that he should be the boss he wants to be and not try to mimic Cat. It’s good advice.


After meeting up with Maggie, Alex is taken to a dive bar in a somewhat secluded part of National City. Alex is confused as to why they’re there but Maggie tells her to take a closer look at the patrons. Initially Alex is completely dismissive of the patrons, but upon closer inspection she finds that the dive bar is a safe haven for aliens. This is where Maggie has been getting her information about the Kryptonian and other alien beings. Maggie shows Alex that aliens are not all hostile, and that they are just trying to get by. Together they question an alien about the Kryptonian and he tells them that John Doe has been asking about deep space transmission and star charts. It looks like John Doe Kryptonian is trying to get a hold of his homeworld after all.

At the DEO Alex shows up and asks Winn to search for a pan orbital transmission. He does and he’s able to locate the beam’s destination. Kara believes he’s trying to contact Krypton, but to her surprise, he’s trying to contact Daxam.

Over at the Observatory, John Doe Kryptonian is waiting for a signal from his homeworld. Supergirl shows up and they tussle a bit. John Doe tries to tell her that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but Kara doesn’t believe him. Is there bad blood between the Kryptonians and Daxamites? Absolutely.

Back to the DEO. We get a little backstory about Daxam and the Daxamites. Daxam is a sister world to Krypton, and like the Romulans and the Vulcans, their people didn’t get along.  There was a war a long time ago and countless lives were lost. The cause of the war stemmed from their governmental and cultural differences. The Kryptonians regard the Daxamites with utter contempt and vice versa. With that in mind, no one is surprised that John Doe Daxamite would attempt to kill the President.


Down in the holding cell, Kara confronts the Daxamite. The back and forth between them shows that there has been no love lost between the two races. She 100% believes 1that he attempted to kill the President while he views her as self-righteous and arrogant.  He maintains his innocence, and that all he wanted to do was send a distress call to Daxam. Kara isn’t buying it and walks away in frustration.


At the Amnesty Act signing ceremony, everyone feels they’re safe from the Daxamite threat. After a rousing speech about alien citizenship and the new meaning behind the Statue of Liberty, the President begins to sign her order. A second later a fireball is thrown, burning the document and the podium. In the crowd an Infernium, Scorcher (Nadine Crocker), stands in the middle of the crowd hurtling fireball after fireball towards the President and the people. Kara is taken out by a heat beam, while Alex is thrown into a fountain. Maggie does her best to stop the alien, but she is incapacitated and abducted.


Kara admits that she was wrong about the Daxamite and that her biased feelings towards him and his race caused her to make a rash decision. Now that Scorcher has Maggie, Kara feel even worse, but Hank and Alex take some of the blame as well. Hank shows Alex a picture of Scorcher, and Alex remembers her from the alien dive bar. Returning there, Alex looks for someone who can give her some information. Finding the helpful alien from before, he tries to get money out of her, but Alex has no time for his nonsense and forces the information out of him. Alex is unsuccessful but a bartender steps in and gives her a location.


At the Foundry, Maggie is tied up and unable to escape. Scorcher appears and discloses her motives for attempting to kill the President. Unlike Kara who is all for the Amnesty Act, Scorcher is not. To her the Amnesty Act is just a way to get aliens to register themselves thereby giving the government their names and locations. Supergirl appears and while she talks to Scorcher, Alex appears from the shadows to release Maggie. It’s interesting to hear the differing opinions of both Supergirl and Scorcher. And these aren’t new arguments either. When it comes to registration, there will always be two sides. One side who thinks that amnesty or registration is for the protection of aliens, while the other sees it as oppression.

Scorcher and Supergirl fight while Alex and Maggie try to hide. They seem to be on equal footing, with Scorcher being just as strong as Supergirl. Supergirl tries to freeze her, but to minimal effect. Alex comes out of hiding to distract Scorcher, and Supergirl start flying circles around her, cooling her down. Tired from the exertion, Scorcher is taken down by Maggie.

The next day, Jimmy is leading another meeting and this time he’s more confident in his position. Snapper comes in, demanding to know why someone changed his piece. Jimmy reminds him who’s the boss and uses this as an opportunity to teach him a lesson. You would think Snapper would walk, but it’s clear that he has some newfound respect for his boss.

Maggie is recovering in the DEO when Alex comes to talk to her. Maggie thanks her for saving her life, and Alex in return, thanks her for teaching her something about the humanity in aliens.

Down in the holding cell, Kara goes to visit the Daxamite. Opening the cell door, she apologizes to him for misjudging him. Introducing herself, she makes the first step in treating him as an equal. We finally get his name, Mon-El (Chris Wood), and he asks if he can get into contact with his homeworld. Kara sits him down and tells him the horrible truth: that his homeworld is a barren wasteland. He no longer has a home to go back to.


In the end, we have a couple of OMG moments. First, the President is an alien. Whether or not she’s a good one or a bad one, we have yet to see.  Second, Hank is not the last Martian. At the dive bar he meets a bartender who is taken aback by his true form. Following her out, he demands to know who she is. Revealing her true form, she introduces herself at M’gann M’orzz (Sharon Leal), the last daughter of Mars.



Next week it looks like we have an alien fight club (which I won’t talk about).

Supergirl is on Mondays at 8pm on the CW.

Supergirl Superthoughts 

  • “Should I get a blow out?” Oh Kara.
  • Also, the DEO has badges that can change at a touch of a finger? Thereby showing the person what they want to see? Since when did the DEO have their own little version of psychic paper? The Doctor would be so pleased.
  • When Kara fries the alien detection device…does Lena’s office have no security cameras?
  • The topic of alien/superhuman registration is prevalent in this episode. So what do you think? Would Supergirl be Team Ironman and Scorcher be Team Cap?
  • Yeah, you can’t freeze someone who has control over heat. It’s good at stopping them for a second, but you can’t contain them.
  • The relationship between Lena and Kara is interesting. I am wary of Lena, and I don’t know what her end game is. I want to think that the writers would give us a Luthor we can root for, but no, I don’t trust her.
  • There’s two Martians! TWO OF THEM!
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