Team Supergirl faces a new and dangerous foe.

After last week’s episode, we were left wondering about Cadmus (or Project Cadmus), Metallo, Cat’s future and the super team of Supergirl and Superman. The Last Children of Krypton answers a lot of questions and brings about some changes.

Spoilers are up, up, and away!


Things are looking great for Supergirl and Superman as Team Krypton. With saving burning buildings and stopping robberies, it looks like our dynamic duo is saving National City one good deed at a time.

After the brief introduction of Metallo last week, we finally get a glimpse of what Cadmus did to Corben. According to the mysterious Cadmus Scientist (Brenda Strong), they made him better. Even though we’re not privy to all of his enhancements, when his chest glows green, it can only be one thing. It looks like Cadmus is out to rid the world of an alien menace and will do whatever necessary to make it happen.

Back at the DEO, a power drain is coming from the containment room where John Doe Kryptonian is being held. After going down to see him, Superman expresses his concerned that they are containing him with kryptonite, but Hank maintains that it’s just a precaution. The team is able to piece together that John Doe Kryptonian has been repairing himself at a cellular level by absorbing electrical energy and converting it to chemical energy. Neat trick.


It’s a new day at Catco and Kara is now a full-fledged reporter. Cat introduces Kara to her new boss, Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez), who is heading the investigative team of Catco magazine. In looks and demeanor he is very much the Reverse Cat. As Kara tries to impress him with her knowledge of his Pulitzer Prize-winning work and her “can do” attitude, he abruptly walks away. It looks like Kara will have her work cut out for her.


Back at Kara’s apartment, the sisters are preparing for a night of Chinese food and Veep. When Clack arrives, he tells Kara that he has to return to Metropolis. Kara is heartbroken, thinking that he would be able to stay their longer, but she knows that he has a life to get back to and a city that needs him. In the background, the news reports a jumper on the bridge. Superman and Supergirl agree to one last team up. When they arrive at the bridge, they are confronted by Corben. Blasting Superman with a beam of pure kryptonite, he introduces himself as Metallo. Unfortunately the kryptonite beam isn’t the only enhancement he has because his body has been infused with a metal endoskeleton which makes him just as hard to hit as Kara and Clark. After a brief fight, Kara is blasted with the kryptonite beam rendering her incapacitated. Corben, smelling victory, says tough guy things before being super body-checked by Superman.


Superman immediately takes Supergirl back to the DEO. Even though she has recovered a bit from the blast, Superman is no less upset about the encounter. The DEO is clearly not the only organization that has access to kryptonite. In confronting Hank about it, Hank admits that they lost a shipment of kryptonite four months prior. Clark assumes that they have in a mole in DEO, but Hank is less than sure. Clark once again shares his views on what a bad idea it is to keep kryptonite around, but Hank reminds him that without it, they would have lost to Non and Astra when Myriad became functional. Things get heated between the two of them, but before punches are thrown something hacks into National City’s TV feeds and a computer programmed face appears. Cadmus has announced themselves.


Speaking to the people of National City, the message to the citizens is clear: there are alien invaders in their world, and even though these invaders are helping people now, what will stop them from claiming dominion over the people of Earth? Cadmus calls themselves the “antidote to their poison” and threatens not only Superman and Supergirl, but also those who side with them, namely the DEO. After the transmission ends, Alex reminds everyone that Cadmus has her father Jeremiah. Plans are set in place: Clark and Hank will go to the Fortress of Solitude to get the metal alloy from Metallo analyzed, and Winn will utilize anti-kryptonite technology to improve Superman’s and Supergirl’s suits.

With everything in motion, Kara returns to Catco only to find out that she missed an editorial meeting. After apologizing to Snapper, she again tries to show him how dedicated she is at becoming reporter. Unfortunately, Snapper fires her. In what is the worst thing to say to your boss, Kara tells him that Cat was the one who hired her and that it was the job she chose. Snapper makes it perfectly clear to Kara that people earn the title of “reporter” through either going to journalism school or walking the beat. Kara makes one more attempt to get him on her side, but to no avail.


Kara, with no other options left to her, finds Cat and tells her what’s going on. Kara makes a simple request. All she wants is for Cat to tell Snapper to listen to her. Cat, of course, refuses to help. She tells Kara to pull up her big girl pants and own her power, which is something that Cat has been saying to Kara since day one. Of course, Cat has a reason for encouraging Kara to fight her own battles: she is leaving. Having created a media empire and launched Supergirl, Cat feels like she’s been swimming in the same pool for far too long. Cat tells Kara to prove to Snapper what she can do.

Back at the Cadmus base, the Scientist believes that Metallo’s run-in with Superman and Supergirl was a success. Her naysayer, Dr. Gilcrist (Rich Ting) thinks that perhaps they aren’t ready, but Phase 2 is put in motion. Dragging Dr. Gilcrist away, we can only imagine what they’ll do to him. Fortunately, we find out soon enough.


At the Fortress of Solitude, Superman and Hank are hashing out a couple of things. Superman still hates the fact that Hank and DEO have kryptonite, but Hank’s reasoning comes from the devastation that happened to his people on Mars. His people weren’t prepared for what happened to them; therefore he’s not going to be caught unprepared again. To Superman it is an issue of trust. He believes that Hank doesn’t trust him and Superman admittedly doesn’t trust Hank. Getting back to the metal alloy, a quick analysis by Kellex tells them that the metal is Promethium.

Kara returns to her apartment and is met by Alex. Kara is disappointed that she was fired and is bummed that both Cat and Clark are leaving. Kara throws out the idea that maybe she can move to Metropolis with Clark. She numbers off a few reasons: National City will be safer without her being a target for Cadmus, Hank wouldn’t have to worry about having kryptonite around and Alex would be able to do her job without having to worry about Kara. She would also be able to learn some things from Clark. Alex absolutely hates the idea. Not only has Alex spent her life protecting Kara, but she also set aside her plans to join the DEO so she could further protect her. Kara explains that she doesn’t want to feel alone anymore because Clark knows exactly what she’s going through. Before she can go on, she gets a call from Clark.

At the DEO, Winn locates a Promethium radiation signature in National City. Knowing that Metallo is by himself Superman and Supergirl go out to meet him. Thinking that they are going to capture Metallo, Metallo reveals that he is nothing but a distraction. Superman and Supergirl have been set up and the other Metallo, Metallo 2, is in Metropolis laying waste to Krypton Park. Superman and Supergirl rush to stop Metallo 2 but they’re too late.


Meanwhile, Winn has been working on the new armor for Kara and Clark. Alex laments that because of all the time she has spent protecting Kara that she hasn’t been on a date for two years. Winn points out that while he lived in a foster home he was constantly reminded about how grateful he should be that someone took care of him. He tells Alex that family isn’t about keeping score, it’s about being present. As a side note he comments that there are traces of kryptonite in the air. This sparks an idea and Alex comes up with a plan to track down the DEO mole. Together Winn and Alex trace the kryptonite signature back to a locker of one the DEO agents, Agent McGill (Sachin Sahel). Thinking she can catch him in the act, she sends McGill on a mission to transport some kryptonite to Nevada. Supergirl arrives at the DEO and looks for Alex, but Alex is not there, as she has tracked McGill down to a warehouse. Catching McGill, she tries to get information out of him, but Cadmus is already there. Shooting McGill in the chest, the Scientist comes face to face with Alex.


The Scientist tries to pushes the Cadmus agenda on Alex by trying to convince her that her life would have been better had the aliens not come. While it would almost be a compelling argument for Alex, who again set aside all her personal goals to protect Kara, it falls flat. Alex knows that Cadmus has her father, and she lets them know what she will do to them when she goes after him. The Scientist resigns to the fact that Alex isn’t going to turn and leaves her to the two henchmen behind her. A 2v1 fight ensues with Alex getting the upper hand. As she is being chased by the two Cadmus men, she is able to isolate one and pin him down, but Henchman #2 comes up behind her, gun at the ready. Perfectly timed, Supergirl comes crashing down to stand between the Henchman and Alex and saves Alex by catching a bullet. As the sisters reconcile, Supergirl comes up with a plan to stop the two Metallos.

Looking at the armor that Winn has developed for Kara and Clark, Kara explains her plan to defeat Cadmus. Supergirl and Superman will go back to their respective cities, thereby tricking Cadmus into thinking that they won’t need backup from each other. Cadmus of course, plays right into their hands. “Divided they’ll fall,” the Scientist says victoriously. Oh how wrong she is.


In National City, Supergirl squares off with Corben while in Metropolis Superman faces Metallo 2. With the armor Winn developed for them, the kryptonite beams have no effect. The fight is now a fair one as they all trade blow for blow with their adversaries. The fights suddenly take a turn as both Metallos strike the armor, causing them to malfunction. As Supergirl and Superman show signs of weariness, Alex comes to aide Supergirl while Hank joins in the fight with Superman. Strength in numbers, indeed. The 2v1 fights are thrilling but short-lived as both Metallos are taken down, their kryptonite crystals either shattered or ripped out. Supergirl takes this opportunity to speak directly to Cadmus Scientist, promising to come after them.


In the end, Supergirl says goodbye to Cat and Jimmy takes over Cat’s position while she’s gone. Kara presents Snapper with a 500 word report on the dual Metallo attacks. While he completely dismisses her report, she manages to impress him enough that he tells her to come back the next day. At the DEO Superman is able to take the remaining kryptonite away and john Doe Kryptonian comes out of his coma.

Next week it looks like we’ll meet Lynda Carter’s President, a lot of new aliens and John Doe Kryptonian.

Supergirl is on Mondays at 8pm on the CW.

Supergirl Superthoughts 

  • Why does anyone think about committing crimes when they know Supergirl AND Superman are around? And really, what’s with the bullets and the punching? Humans are so cute.
  • Everything is #toomuchfun.
  • I would like to see a “nerd off” between Winn, Felicity, and Cisco. Do it CW.
  • Really? Kara and Clark watch Veep? I’d like to see Kara channel a little Selina Meyer.
  • The image of Superman holding an unconscious Supergirl is a definite homage to “Crisis of Infinite Earths.” I dig it.
  • “Now get your entitled ass out of my office before I channel my last divorce and break you emotionally.” Holy hell Snapper…
  • Watching Kara get spittin’ mad was amazing.
  • The kryptonite beams were cool, but it’s a shame that they could only shoot in one direction and at only one height. That armor really foiled them.
  • Also, how did Kara and Clark change back to their normal clothes so quickly? How does that happen!? It also wasn’t subtle. Anyone looking out the window would have caught Kara.
  • “Jerk guy” is the “Ass-butt” of this new season.
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