If you are like me and you don’t watch football (gasp! I know, right? I’m a terrible Texas resident!), or if you are dreading and avoiding the NFL’s Eagles/Patriots match, then you also have the conundrum of an upcoming holiday-like weekend with nothing to do. The Big Game that crowns the victor, presumably the best football team in the land, with a big silver trophy and giant commemorative rings, will air on Sunday, February 4th. But for those that won’t be watching the Super Bowl, either due to lack of interest or personal boycotting, what can you do instead? I’ve got a few ideas below on how to spend your time.


Host / Attend an Alternative Watch Party

My husband and I have fallen into a tradition of hosting a Big Game Commercials watching party, where, yes, technically, the Big Game is on the big screen, but we zone out and talk through the action on the field, socializing with our guests over my husband’s homemade chili (which will be made with bison and venison this year, yum!). When commercials come on, we all get silent and watch. Yes, they are hit or miss, but it is fun to see how creative these companies can get with their big budgets (and it is hard to miss a classic; I’m always waiting for the Clydesdales to make their appearance). Instead of contributing to the NFL’s ratings, however, why not throw on a movie, pop up some popcorn, and dim the lights for a good at-home cinema treat? Or even keep the sportsball theme and turn on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl? There are no rules for what you watch, as long as you are enjoying yourselves. 

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Enjoy Your Own (Board) Game Day

Whether it is just you and your significant other or you and a few friends, why not bust out those board games? Or even a card game or two? When was the last time you called the group to get together for a dungeon raid? The Big Game is only a few hours in one afternoon, but with proper planning, you can marathon all the games you want from Saturday morning until Sunday evening! And, if you do get together regularly and are tired of the games you have on hand, GGA has you covered with several suggestions:

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Go Play PokemonGO

Get outside, enjoy the weather, take in some sunshine (if Mother Nature permits), and capture more Pokemon! Yes, this game is still hanging around and the third generation of creatures has been unleashed to the world. Niantic has been pushing their Community Day events lately with specials, like this most recent Surf Pikachu (a Pikachu with the attack “surf”) and double XP bonuses, and, while there is no guarantee that February 4th will be a Community Day, there is a chance to hope, right? It may also fall close enough to Valentine’s Day for it to be rolled into the next holiday event. Now, this is all pure speculation and hope on my part, so don’t go screaming if there is nothing special on Super Bowl Sunday; I am merely offering up an idea of how to spend your time if you choose to not watch that national game.

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Read a Book

Why not turn everything off and curl up with a book? There are plenty of options, from grabbing an old favorite to cracking open a new release. If you would rather skip your current To Be Read pile and buy a new book and need help deciding on which one to get, search through GGA’s Book Reviews! Or send us a tweet (@GeekGirlAuth) asking what we’re currently reading – if we can’t find you anything from our shelves, maybe we know someone that can!

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Just Veg

My reading chair has been commandeered…

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There is always the option of ignoring the world (and this list) and doing nothing. Just lock the door, stay in your pajamas, sleep, binge Netflix, raid the fridge, crank up the music – whatever it is that you do to relax. There are no rules when you are trying to avoid the Big Game, remember? Just stay safe in your activity of choice.

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Whatever you decide to do, we here at GGA hope you have a good weekend. And if you are watching the Philadelphia Eagles battle the New England Patriots, may the odds be ever in your team’s favor. If, by chance, you are only watching to see Justin Timberlake‘s halftime show, may there be fewer wardrobe malfunctions than before.



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