There’s a very special moon coming our way.  On January 31st, there will be what NASA calls a ‘lunar trifecta’. And, it will be viewable for people in Alaska, Hawaii or the western part of North America in the early morning hours on that Wednesday. 

This moon is special because it’s a combination of circumstances. It’s a super moon, meaning it’s closer to Earth in its orbit and about 14% brighter than usual. In addition, it’s called a blue moon because it’s the second full moon of the month. And, on top of that, this super blue moon is going to pass through the Earth’s shadow! Viewers in the right place at the right time will see a total lunar eclipse, which makes the moon appear red; a blood moon. That’s all according to

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The eclipse will take place just before sunrise on the 31st. Hawaiians, Alaskans and people in western North America can witness totality starting at 4:51am local times. The best viewing will be between 5am and 6am. People in Eastern and Central times zones may be able to see parts of the eclipse, but will have a harder time as the sun rises. It’s worth a shot! Try it! 

So, set your alarm. Get up early, and witness the marvels of heavens!  

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