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There’s a little movie out for DC Comics called Suicide Squad hitting theaters in November and the Warner Bros. hype machine is in full swing to promote that film. Among those promotions, the studio finally allowed for news outlets to release their impressions and all the information they got from a set visit they had during production last year.


Comicbook.com was one of those outlets and today they were finally able to tell us all the sweet sweet things they learned — and they learned a LOT.

For instance, we now know that the main villain of the film — the big bad if you will — is known only as “The Adversary.” We learned a few weeks back that those weird things the Squad fights that are covered with eyes are simply referred to as “The Eyes of the Adversary,” but we now know that The Adversary is even more than that.


In talking with Comicbook.com, Producer Richard Suckle said,

“Oh, you will find out who the Adversary is, that is for sure. You will find not only who the Adversary is but why they exist, who is part and parcel and who is behind them. You definitely find that out in this movie for sure.”

Producer Andy Horowitz added, “There’s multiple adversaries that the Squad has to contend with over the course of the movie of which the Joker is one of them.”

So who is The Adversary? He’s not a character that exists in DC continuity, at least not in the way that he’d need to be for a film like this. In fact, the site describes The Adversary as more of a “Cthulhu-type Old God Monster…”


But, what about Enchantress, played by Cara Delevingne? We’ve heard rumors that she’s the antagonist of the film. Well, it sounds like she’s the meta human initially sent in to deal with The Adversary due to her sorceress powers. She’s the only one that can actually deal with the threat. However, though she’s able to get close to him, she’s not able to resist him and she ends up being “possessed or controlled by him in some way.”

The Adversary. The Joker. The Enchantress.

Sounds like the Task Force X is going to have their hands full!

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