Suicide Squad

~Josh Pearson

One small step for fans, one giant leap for Warner Bros/DC

I know all the other reviews out there are taking big dumps all over Suicide Squad, but if you break it down you will see how it is actually a pretty good and extremely fun movie!

Let’s start out with what I didn’t like (that way we can end on a happy note). The introductions to the characters (other than Deadshot and Harley) were glazed over. I wanted more of each character. David Ayers can handle characters very well (see End of Watch). Unfortunately some of the characters were nearly ignored to get to the action. Speaking of which, that was another part of the movie I didn’t love. Once the action started the characters could have been replaced with generic army men and it would have been the same movie. The villain was one note and not very intimidating in my opinion.

You can definitely tell that the studio interfered with this movie a little too much. Rumors are already starting to pop up about Joker having lots of scenes cut and the editing done with studio interference.

When will the studios learn that when you hire someone to do a job let them do the job! David Ayers is an artist. It’s like a painter that at the last minute someone else comes in and paints small things over his work. It’s not fair to us and certainty not fair to Ayers.

Now what I did like about the movie; I really liked!

Harley Quinn was wonderful. Margot Robbie was perfect casting and she nailed the roll. She skated the line between sexy and crazy for a multi dimension, phenomenal take on Harley. Even the co-creator of Harley Quinn, Paul Dini says “she nailed it perfectly”

Deadshot was the other character from the squad (or skwad if you prefer) that was perfect. Will Smith took Deadshot exactly where I thought he would. He brought humanity and emotion to the character. I found myself rooting for him the entire movie.

The Joker was the third thing I really enjoyed from the movie. I was nervous about this joker at the beginning but knew Jared Leto would embrace this character and make it his own, which he did. This Joker was terrifying for many reasons (and different reasons from previous portrayals). I was scared and intrigued from this character and all I wanted was more.

More Joker, more Harley and more Deadshot. I really hope they pop up more in the DCEU.

I do want to give a shout out to Jai Courtney’s performance. Captain Boomerang was fantastic; albeit absent. I really hope he pops up in The Flash solo movie. If he is put opposite Ezra Miller, there will be great comedy and banter.

This movie overall was fun, generic but fun. I am really excited to see what this does for WB and DC and what Ayers will bring us next.

Get ready for the inevitable directors cut with more Joker and less harsh edits. I know I am already excited to see that version.

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