The good folks over at Screen Junkies have released yet another Honest Trailers and this one is for Suicide Squad.

It pains us to say this, but they really freaking nailed it. We really wanted this film to be good, we really wanted this film to reclaim the DC Universe from the clutches of a mediocre death — but it didn’t. It may have even pushed them further down the hole than did Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

They point out the explicit exposition, the terrible version of The Joker that Jared Leto created and the constant need of the dialogue to remind you that this is a team of bad guys. Not to mention, they had to point out that the logic behind this team makes zero sense.

And that’s not even touching on what they say about Enchantress and Cara Delevigne. Yikes.

But they all looked cool doing it, right?

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