Becoming an established Twitch streamer takes a lot of dedication and learning. Getting started on Twitch allows you to discover up-and-coming video games, build your own gaming setup, and build your brand while assembling your channel. While this is all new and exciting, it can make facing the world live on air very intimidating.

As a streamer, staying well-organized and fully relaxed takes time. It won’t happen overnight, but there are plenty of helpful outlets to let your true self really shine. It’s imperative you stay realistic, productive, and engage with your audience as well as fellow streamers. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you find yourself with a healthy balance of both comfortability and a unique, growing community on your Twitch channel.

Talk to Your Audience in the Chat

This is the simplest yet most significant tip for live streaming on Twitch! You may be playing a video game live on Twitch for yourself, but the beauty of it is enjoying the adventure with others. People who engage and chat in your Twitch streams are your biggest supporters! Try your best to read every message that pops up while you’re streaming and keep conversations flowing.

If you don’t have viewers chatting or you don’t know what to talk about while streaming, there are plenty of ways to draw conversation. You can simply narrate what you’re doing, talk about products you love, bring your pets into the picture, have a question of the day with a good icebreaker, and so much more. Just chatting with your audience can help them feel cared about, and you feel more relaxed and as though you aren’t talking to complete strangers. Take it to the next level of engagement, and try gaming with them on your stream!

Ensure Your Tech is Up to Speed

When you’re having an awesome time during a live stream, the last thing you want is for your technology to fail on you. This can be anything from your PC or console shutting down completely, to simply experiencing slow internet, lagging, and bad connections. Encountering any of these errors can quickly stop the fun, especially if you’re disconnected from online gaming servers. Ensure you have a PC powerful enough for both streaming and gaming with increased FPS including correct hookups, up-to-date drivers, installing correct software, using a quality ethernet cable, or extendable Wi-Fi routers in company with pro-level security. 

Wear Comfortable Gaming Gear

Countless streamers worry about their appearance on stream. While many of them don’t use a facecam, showing your face on stream can actually gain a larger audience more quickly than not. Getting comfortable with showing yourself on camera is something that can easily become second nature with the right camera settings, lighting, and presentability with what you wear. Include some gaming gear essentials such as a noise-canceling RGB headset, gaming gloves for reducing cramps, and glasses that protect from blue light for additional health benefits.  Staring at a screen during a gaming session that lasts hours doesn’t have to be physically uncomfortable and cause eye strain. Try on a pair of glasses that compliment your face and sit well while wearing headphones, and see how you can truly game at your best knowing your eyes won’t hurt. Showing off accessories like these to your viewers can help you feel confident, especially when you can teach them about the advantages they provide for gaming.

Create a Relaxed Environment

Nothing says relaxation during hours of gaming like a cozy setup! When you’re live streaming, it’s especially important that there are no distractions and you keep healthy food stocked with a bottle of water handy. Equip your gaming and streaming environment with an ergonomic chair and desk to encourage good posture and keep you immersed in the game. Create ambient lighting around the room with smart technology so you never have to worry about getting up to change things mid-stream. Feeling relaxed in your environment also includes what you see on your PC as well; you can decide to have your camera and view count off for less pressure.

Support Your Fellow Twitch Streamers

Growing on Twitch is a grind as more gamers are getting into streaming. While you’re all wrapped up in your own progress, don’t forget to join in on other creator’s and friend’s live streams. This is an inspiring way to feel included in another community and naturally connect their audience to yours with the help of raids, hosts, and community events. Take the time to chat with everyone and learn. You could even become friends with the streamer, leading to collab nights together one day.

The Twitch streaming world is unpredictable; every day won’t bring the same experience. You’re going to have ups and downs, but remember the true reason why you enjoy streaming. Always treat it like a hobby with your friends rather than a job, and never forget to try new things! Once you’re in your best state of mind, an amazing community will keep coming back for more of your Twitch journey.


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