It’s hard to believe that it’s been less than a year since Stranger Things premiered on Netflix and changed our lives. We fell in love with the nostalgia, Winona Ryder, the kids and the Upside Down. In Los Angeles, the critically acclaimed Impro Theatre Company has stepped in to fill the eighties sized hole in our hearts.

Impro Theatre is famous for creating completely improvised, full-length plays in the styles of the world’s greatest playwrights, authors and composers.  With no pre-planning or prepared scenarios, the performers combine verbal dexterity and robust physicality to bring character and plot to life in an instant, making each Impro Theatre show unique and unlike any other theatrical experience. (~ Impro)

Right now, Impro Studio is presenting Stranger Suggestions! An entirely improvised show done in the style of Stranger Things. How cool is that! Plus, many of the folks involved were part of the award winning show Fellowship: The Musical Parody of Fellowship of the Ring that ran in Los Angeles for many years even appearing at San Diego Comic-Con.

Stranger Suggestions promises to be an unforgettable 1980’s sci-fi adventure as that explores what Stranger Things lurk beyond the shadows and in the dark. Invoking the spirit of 1980’s Spielberg and Sci-Fi/Fantasy and the work of Steven King, Stranger Suggestions is a completely improvised story in the style of Stranger Things. Ready your campaign, radio your best friends and join us this March as we take a journey into the Upside Down…


Kelly Holden-Bashar
Cory Rouse
Scott Palmason
Madi Goff
Paul Vonasek
Laurie Jones
Kelly Lohman
Kevin Mitchell
Emily Jacobson
Brett Duggan
Ryan Smith
Daniel Blinkoff

For more information on the show visit Impro Theatre’s website. In the meantime, watch the nerdy goodness that was Fellowship! The Musical:

Audrey Kearns

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Audrey Kearns