We have two more episodes of Stranger Things season four, volume one. Just two. We still have so many questions, and each episode introduces more and more for us to dive into. What is next? Will everyone be okay? In episode six, “Chapter Six: The Dive,” Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Murray (Brett Gelman) head off on a risky mission behind the Iron Curtain. The California team gets help from a hacker. And Steve (Joe Keery) takes one for the team. Check out the recap to learn more!

DISCLAIMER: This is a recap and, by definition, contains spoilers. More spoilers than times Will (Noah Schnapp) will ask to play D&D. So; we highly suggest checking out season four first and then coming back and catching up with our recaps!

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“Chapter Six: The Dive” opens as police arrive at Reefer Rick’s. They find Jason (Mason Dye) holding Patrick’s (Myles Truitt) body. They ask Jason what happened and question where Eddie (Joseph Quinn) was when the murder occurred. Jason doesn’t believe that they are listening to him. He now believes that Eddie is possessed by the devil (Satanic Panic stuff) and that he used a curse to kill Patrick.

The police head out into the water to search for Eddie and anything else. Underneath the water, everything seems calm until a tentacle shoots out and kills a fish. Great segway into the opening credits. 

In an undisclosed building, Agent Wallace (Kendrick Cross), who survived being shot during the Byer’s house break-in, is being questioned by Lt. Col. Sullivan (Sherman Augustus). He wants to know where El (Millie Bobby Brown) was taken and willing to do anything to get the answer. Sullivan is under the impression that El is behind the murders in Hawkins, and Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) and his men are trying to cover it all up and sell her off to the Soviets. However, Agent Wallace either doesn’t know or won’t give up her location. Sullivan directs his men to place him in a locker.

We shift to El as Dr. Brenner shares with her how he thinks she is suffering the same way someone who had a stroke would suffer. These tests are helping to reteach El her powers. El questions why she doesn’t remember anything about these, and he explains that the brain has a way of blocking out traumatic memories. They are too much for her, so her brain has forced her to forget them. El shares with him that she has horrifying visions of the other children being dead and covered in blood.

Dr. Brenner doesn’t lie to her. He tells her that this is another memory. One much darker than the others. They need to move slowly so she can process everything without going overboard. If she takes things on too quickly, she will become too lost. And if El isn’t able to survive this, no one will survive the war that is coming to Hawkins.

“Chapter Six: The Dive” returns to Hawkins, where Eddie has successfully avoided the police and steals a radio from a construction site. Elsewhere in town, Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Robin (Maya Hawke), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Max (Sadie Sink), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Steve are on their way to see him. Robin worries that without solid information to give to Eddie that he will only become more depressed. They decide to tell him they are still working out some stuff, which isn’t a lie but a bit more optimistic.

Robin, Nancy, Max, Lucas, Dustin and Steve driving in the car trying to figure out what the tell Eddie.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2022.

As they approach Reefer Rick’s, they realize that the police and half the town are surrounding the building. Sheriff Powell (Rob Morgan) is giving a press conference about Patrick’s death. This is the first time we hear him give out information about the murder, but to make it worse, he publically named Eddie as their only suspect. If things were bad for Eddie, they just got much worse. And as if summoned, he radios into Dustin and the group. He isn’t doing well and hiding out at Skull Rock. Eddie needs a hug. All the hugs.

We shift to the California crew as Argyle (Eduardo Franco) drives to Salt Lake City with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Will and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) in tow. They arrive at Suzie’s (Gabriella Pizzolo) house to find utter mayhem. There is a mix of kids cooking, filming home movies, turning off the power to the house and one very pissed off older sister. Eden (Audrey Holcomb) finally realizes that the four are wandering around the house looking for Suzie. While she points them towards her room, Argyle can’t seem to take his eyes off of her. They find Suzie on the roof fixing the antenna and introduce themselves as Dustin’s friends.

“Chapter Six: The Dive” jumps over to a white wonderland where Joyce sits by a fire waiting for Murray to return. He checked out where the different directions led, and it was a whole lot of nothing. He did see some smoke which might lead to a town. And the people in the town might know where the prison is. They decide to head in that direction and give Yuri (Nikola Djuricko) the chance to help them. Either he goes with them, or they leave him to be eaten by a bear. Joyce and Murray trying to be intimidating is the best thing ever. It seems to work since Yuri decides to take them to his warehouse.

At the prison, the guards usher Hopper (David Harbour) and the others out into the pit. But instead of leaving them there, they tell them to follow them into another room. One full of food and alcohol. It’s a feast, and the guys can’t help but lose themselves over it. Well, everyone but Hopper. He just seems to be interested in alcohol. The men sit around and talk about the monster they are about the face. Their goal should be to work together to take down the beast, but Hopper knows that there is no way they can kill this monster. The Russians aren’t looking to train the monster; they want the men to entertain it.

We shift back to El in the simulation as she struggles to use her powers. The orderly (Jamie Campbell Bower) we saw in the previous episode is back and sits with her. He provides her with some helpful tips on how to control her power. They discuss 001, who Dr. Brenner had told everyone never existed. But Dr. Brenner lies a lot. But it seems he did, and El reminds this orderly of him. The same struggles she is going through and not being able to control her powers. But he found a way to do it. He focused on a strong memory from his past that made him angry.

The orderly reminds El of the day her birth mother came to see her. We see the flashback of her being dragged away from El. El doesn’t believe the orderly because Dr. Brenner told her that her mother had died. But Dr. Brenner lies sometimes, and this might be the first time we see El believe someone other than Dr. Brenner. Their conversation is cut short when the man in question arrives and leads the group away for another training session.

El talking to the friendly orderly while spending time in the Rainbow Room.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2022.

We get a glimpse of Dr. Brenner and Dr. Sam (Paul Reiser) in the present-day, watching over El. Dr. Sam believes they should have just told El the truth. But what truth? What lies are Dr. Brenner hiding now?

“Chapter Six: The Dive” returns to Hawkins, where Steve and Dustin argue about which direction to walk in to find Skull Rock. While the two argue over directions, Lucas and Max have another moment together. Lucas thinks that Vecna is going after people with things haunting them and apologizes to Max for not being there. She tries to play it off, but he cuts her off and tells her that he wasn’t looking hard enough. But he sees her now.

Ahead of them, Robin gushes over how adorable they are. With everything going wrong in Hawkins, she wants all her friends to be happy and some relationships to be rekindled. She wants Steve and Nancy to be happy. Preferably together. In so many words. Nancy opens up to Robin about her struggles with Jonathan and how she feels like he is pulling away. It’s nice to see Nancy open up about what is going on. It is also lovely to see Nancy and Robin becoming friends because, frankly, this boss girl team-up is precisely what Stranger Things need.

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Steve eventually finds Skull Rock and Eddie. Eddie proceeds to agree with Steve that Dustin is indeed a butthead, and the two bro-hug it out. I wonder if Dustin’s friendship with Eddie might be making things a bit complicated with Steve. Dustin has always looked up to Steve, and now there is a new older guy in town to show Dustin the ropes. Or maybe we are just really overthinking this?

Back in town, the people of Hawkins attend the town hall meeting and question why they are just hearing about Eddie being a suspect. Powell tries to hold things down until Jason comes barrelling in. His friends pass out photos of this year’s Hellfire Club while Jason talks about watching Patrick’s death. It seems that he is changing his mind about the supernatural and demons. Eddie is clearly the leader of a cult and behind all of the deaths in Hawkins.

Erica (Priah Ferguson) explains that the Hellfire Club isn’t a cult. It’s just a place for nerds. As the photos circulate, Mike, Lucas and Dustin’s parents realize their boys are in the photo. But Jason continues his speech and asks the people of Hawkins to help hunt down Eddie and rid their town of this demon. Everyone, except the boys’ parents, gets up and start making their way out of the town hall, most likely on their way to hunt down Eddie.

One of my favorite parts of Stranger Things is how they mix science fiction horror with factual events from the 80s. While I wasn’t around for the Satanic Panic, I have read enough about people’s fear of Dungeons & Dragons and the chance it could be a cult. The way they portray this scene feels like it could have been pulled right from that time.

“Chapter Six: The Dive” returns to Suzie’s house, where Mike and the others have filled her in on what they need. Except they bend the truth quite a bit and leave out the “end of the world if El doesn’t get her powers back and poor Dustybun will die” bit. Instead, they tell her they are trying to win a game console for Dustin. Suzie is all for it, except she got in trouble for changing Dustin’s grades, and now she no longer has a computer. She doesn’t even have access to it anymore. However, Suzie has a plan that will get them what they need.

Suzie explaing to Argyle, Mike, Jonathan and Will that she no longer has a computer.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2022.

We return to Hawkins, where the Wheelers (Cara Buono and Joe Chrest), the Sinclairs (Karen Ceesay and Arnell Powell) and Mrs. Henderson (Catherine Curtin) rush home to the Wheeler’s house. They think the kids went to the movie and are panicking about what will happen when the top finds them. Erica breaks the news that they probably lied about where they were going.

Back at Skull Rock, Eddie gets everyone else up to date about what happened. It turns out that when Patrick was killed, the lights blew up at the Creel House. The surge of energy they experienced was when Vecna attacked. Everyone has an idea of how to kill him, but no one knows how to actually get to him. While they discuss theories, Dustin realizes he was right all along, but his compass is broken. After some scientific explanation, we understand that they must be near a gate, and it’s messing with the compass.

Dustin goes to head off in the direction of the gate, but Steve thinks they should wait. However, Eddie decides that he is willing to risk getting caught if it gives them the chance to clear his name. As a side note, his speech about Mordor was precisely the moment I fell in love with this character.

Back in Nevada, we see El and the other children participate in a new test. They need to force their opponent outside of their circle. 002 (Tristan Spohn) dominates the test until he faces off against El. Her friendly orderly wishes her luck. After some intense mind battling, she manages to not just move 002 out of his circle but throws him against the wall thanks to tapping into a powerful memory, just like the orderly suggested.

“Chapter Six: The Dive” shifts to Joyce, Murray and Yuri traveling through the frozen tundra towards his hideaway. They reach the church, the same church that Hopper had hidden in while trying to escape before. It’s a good thing that they crashed so close to their destination. Joyce and Murray come up with a plan to sneak into the prison, pretending that Murray is Yuri. It’s time to turn the Americans over for that fat cash.

Murray telling Yuri there plan to get into the prison.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2022.

They aren’t the only ones plotting. Back at the prison, Hopper and the guys are finishing up their final meals when they are taken back out to the pit. Enzo (Tom Wlaschiha) and Hopper end up in a fight which they drag the guards into. Instead of facing off against the monster, they get tossed back into their cells. But the fight wasn’t because Hopper hates Enzo. No, he had another job. To steal the lighter because the Demogorgon is afraid of fire. And Hopper now has the means to light that scary thing on fire. It’s great to see Hopper laugh for once this season.

Back at Suzie’s, the group gets their plan underway. Eden is nowhere to be found, so the kids are wreaking havoc around the house. This drives their dad (Mark Rowe) out of his office and downstairs to figure out what is happening. This leaves Suzie enough time to get in, use the computer to connect to the other one, find the address and get out of there. Now that they have what they need, Mike and the others are heading off to Nevada. And where was Eden this whole time? Hanging out with Argyle and the palm tree delight.

Back in Hawkins, the police find the kid’s car and head out to find them. At Lover’s Lake, Steve, Robin, Eddie and Nancy leave the kids behind and climb into the boat to check if the portal is under the lake. Dustin isn’t happy about being left behind, but they need people to watch over Max. Nancy thinks that Vecna is like the Demogorgon and left portals where it came out to attack.

“Chapter Six: The Dive” slips back to El in the simulation. While spending her free time in the Rainbow Room, she overhears screaming. She finds Dr. Brenner and some guards punishing the orderly that helped her. Afraid of being caught, she rushes back into the Rainbow Room, where a few of the other children meet her. 002 is angry that she showed him up, and they attack her, throwing her against walls and tossing her back and forth. The vision shifts, and she starts to see the one from episode one again. She awakes at the lab and tells Dr. Brenner that she killed everyone.

The episode draws to a close as we watch Steve and the gang row out to the middle of Lover’s Lake. There, Steve takes one for the team, jumps into the water, and finds the portal at the bottom. Everyone watches on and waits to see what happens while Dustin makes some silly jokes about Watergate. On the shore, they hear the cops getting closer and head off, running to draw their attention, but they are eventually caught.

When Steve comes back up, a tentacle from Vecna snatches him and pulls him back down and through the portal into the Upside Down. Nancy jumps into the water after him without a second thought, with Robin and Eddie following close behind. In the Upside Down, Steve faces off against some pretty gruesome monsters, and things aren’t looking good. But Steve’s fate is left unknown as the credits roll.

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Netflix, we’ve talked about this before. Cliffhangers should be illegal—especially Stranger Things cliffhangers. We need to know that Steve is okay. And while we have seen pictures of him and the other three in the Upside Down, this still worries me. It really worries me. What is going to happen to him and the others? And what are the cops going to do with Dustin, Lucas and Max? And will the California gang make it to Nevada in time? Why are we torturing El? And can Joyce and Murray save Hopper?

So many questions and only one more episode left in volume one. Let’s go!

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