First and foremost, this is my official plea for Dave and Aubrey Appel to come decorate my house for Halloween. Last week, the Plainfield, Illinois couple’s video of their gravity-defying decorations went viral after Good Morning America featured them on their show. The front lawn scene pays homage to Netflix’s latest season of Stranger Things by bringing Max Mayfield’s (Sadie Sink) iconic scene to life.

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In the video, Dave and Aubrey explain that they aren’t ready to give away their behind the scene secrets, which is 100% okay with us. Some things are just meant to wow and amaze without the need for explanation. This isn’t the only piece of Stranger Things that can be spotted, either. The couple has spent close to 1,500 hours recreating Vecna’s (Jamie Campbell Bower) grandfather clock, the vines from Creel House, and so much more. If you look carefully, you will even spot their very own Chrissy (Grace Van Dien).

Unfortunately, not everyone is as excited as we are with Appel’s Stranger Things display. TMZ reported this morning that a neighbor had called the police this past weekend after a visitor parked in their driveway and went running up their lawn, prompting the Appels to turn off the decorations. However, it didn’t stay off for long. After checking in with neighbors and their City Manager James Capparelli, they felt the full support of their community, and Max went up again.

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However, there will be some changes to the Stranger Things display, including only being fully operational on weekend nights. Onlookers can still take a look during the day, but the lights will all be out. Also, Max will only be levitating as long as winds are below 10 MPH. If the winds climb higher, Max will hang out next to her stepbrother’s grave. If you are in the area, please check it out for us! Just make sure to be respectful and don’t ruin the magic.

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