Hello, fellow explorers of the Upside Down! The holiday season is nearly on us. If you or your friends and family are anything like us, then you are still dropping everything and spending hours pondering the latest season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. It took us all by storm, and we’ve got quite a long time to wait until the final season drops. But we’ve got some awesome gift ideas to help hold everyone over until then!

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The Hellfire Club Raglan

Season four brought forth one of the most beloved characters in Stranger Things history – Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). He was a mentor to Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and led the Hellfire Club on plenty of epic adventures. So what better way to rep your favorite Dungeon Master and club than with a Hellfire Club t-shirt? It makes for an epic shirt to wear anywhere and is the perfect cosplay item.

The Hellfire Club logo on a T-shirt featuring a devil, sword and dice.

Stranger Things

Funko Pops

We are huge fans of those beady-eyed little mini Funko Pops, and the Stranger Things collection is totally rad. There are tons of older ones from previous seasons, but the most recent ones are some of our favorites. We highly suggest checking out all of the store exclusives, including Target’s 8 Bit: Stranger Things four-pack, which includes El (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin).

Stranger Things 8 Bit Funko Pops feature El, Mike, Dustin and Lucas.

Stranger Things Funko Pop

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Stranger Things Monopoly

Everyone loves a friendly game of Monopoly. Now take that game and put a Stranger Things twist on it! The official Monopoly: Stranger Things edition is the perfect addition for the Upside Down explorer and game board enthusiast on your list. The game will take players to Hawkins and beyond with fun references and twists tied directly to the series.

Stranger Things Monopoly box and board.

Stranger Things Monopoly

Butcher Billy Collection

One of our favorite things to pop up with season four of Stranger Things was the collaboration with artist Butcher Billy. Each episode got its own poster art that blew our minds out of the water. Now, that collection is available in everything from t-shirts to hoodies to prints. Whether you get one for each episode or your favorite, these are guaranteed to be amazing. Check out the entire collection on the Netflix store page.

Billy Butcher Stranger Things collection.

Billy Butcher x Netflix Stranger Things Collection

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Stranger Things Vinyl

One of the best parts of Stranger Things is the music. The way the sweet tunes of the 80s are used to help add authenticity to the time period and bring scenes to life is pure magic. So what better gift than sharing the love for the show’s music? To help give that old-school feel, we highly suggest checking out the vinyls. They are great for collectibles and, honestly, one of the best ways to listen to music. We suggest this one that features music from the show and some of the best quotable moments.

Stranger Things Vinyl

Stranger Things

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