If you blinked yesterday, chances are you missed the short video Stranger Things shared on their youtube. It features a group of blurry TVs from Hawkins National Laboratory. If you pay close attention, a few of the TVs seem to pop in and out, showing off different images like a room with rainbows and a chessboard. The description read that they were having “technical difficulties” and that it would be “closed until further notice.” However, it also said that things would be back up and running at 9 am EST time tomorrow.

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And like clockwork, at 9 am EST this morning, we received another trailer for the highly anticipated fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. It is simply titled “Eleven, are you listening?’ with a description of 002/004. Now I am fairly certain that the description tells us that we will get two more trailers before the season launches. The first letting us know that Hopper (David Harbour) was alive had a description of 001/004. The second trailer seems to be pointing at Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) past.

What is surprising about this trailer is that in one minute, Stranger Things has me so unsettled and slightly terrified. It features shots of other children likely in Hawkins National Laboratory who would have lived alongside Eleven or are currently there. We even see Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine), who greets the children who call him Papa (hello season one nightmares) before asking Eleven if she is listening. At the end of the trailer, we see Eleven for just a brief moment who looks shocked after hearing Brenner’s voice.

So I have two rough theories on what might be happening here. The first is that these images are connected to Eleven’s past and she is digging around trying to find answers or any information that can help them in the future. Second, Dr. Brenner is actually still alive and maybe returning to the rainbow room along with a new group of children to brainwash and use for his terrible plans. If Eleven knows that this is happening, there is a chance she is trying to peer in and see, but of course, he is going to know that she is there.

As always, our theories can be debunked. And I am sure mine will because just when you think you understand what is going on, Stranger Things throws you a curveball or ten. We still don’t have a release date yet, but at least we know that we are going to get two more teasers. So are you ready to return to Hawkins, Indiana? Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think it means! The first three seasons are currently available to stream on Netflix!


New STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Trailer Brings Back an Old Friend



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