In keeping with their 80’s themed marketing campaign, Stranger Things 2 has released a Friday the 13th-themed countdown teaser for their Friday, the 13th final trailer release on… you guessed it… Friday, October 13th.  

The teaser is pretty fun, and a spot-on copy of a Friday the 13th teaser from 1980, though a bit snappier.  We don’t have the attention spans we used to have, so it’s about half as long.  Still, we get some glimpses into what’s next for Hawkins, Indiana and all of the characters we’ve come to love.  We see Will’s mind being inspected, a crew of masked teenagers, Hopper getting some kind of serious scrub down (we can assume after being in the upside down?), and Joyce trying to kill someone or something with what looks like a shovel.  These, among the other images are all very intriguing, and definitely leave you wanting more.

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This is the second teaser this week that just gives us flashes of what’s coming.  The Nosebleed trailer that Netflix released on Wednesday gives us flashes of what’s happening in Eleven’s mind.  It’s mostly images of what’s already happened.  She’s talking, but you can’t quite make out what she’s saying.  Both of these teasers truly tease.  Good thing Friday the 13th is tomorrow.  Maybe we’ll get some answers, or at least some solid fodder for theories, tomorrow.

 Check out the Friday, the 13th countdown teaser.  And, look below for its source of inspiration from 1980. 

Stranger Things 2 premieres on Netflix October 27th. 

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